Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered

  • Published on: 08 April 2018
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    Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered
  • Runtime : 8:43
  • time history humans funny space big bang 2018 2017 science wounder lifespan infographic kurzgesagt in a nutshell


  • Mancer99
    Mancer99   1 hours ago

    Does everyone actually get scared by knowing the universe will die, or am I a phycopath?

  • biggyjupiter
    biggyjupiter   6 hours ago

    Your videos deserve so much more appreciation

  • Large Duck
    Large Duck   2 days ago

    So I had been stressing myself out over whether or not I should ask out this super cute girl I’ve know for a while, and I decided to binge this channel to take my mind of things. I’m coming back to this today to say that I did ask her out and she actually said yes! To the team here (if you even read this, since the vid is kind of old) thank you sooo much

  • Andrew
    Andrew   2 days ago

    I’ll ask someone out... eventually😭

  • • I am a Funny YouTuber lol

    The internet was also invented which lead to memes Twitter and facebook so all in all we r not sure it was an good developmentWow kurzgesgt just roasted the entire meme community savage😂

    JOHN MACHELE   3 days ago

    This got to be the best channel in youtube.

  • Shawn Moore
    Shawn Moore   3 days ago

    We didn’t cause climate change. Just sayin

  • Jared garbonzo
    Jared garbonzo   3 days ago

    3:22 oof thats false, humans didn't start civilization 12 thousand years ago they restarted civilization after almost all of humanity and coastal cities were presumably destroyed by the asteroid that hit Greenland ended the last ice age and caused global flooding that is documented in almost every cultures that existed at that time around the world. All of this information is relatively new but the main scientists behind it are Graham Hancock and Randal Carlson. None of this has been added to history classes as of now, history being rewritten is a slow process even when the evidence is astounding. Also considering how long humans had been around it doesn't make sense that we as a species would have waited the amount of time we are taught right now to have started civilization.

  • Kopusu
    Kopusu   4 days ago


  • Erhan Arat
    Erhan Arat   5 days ago

    You could make a religion out of this. No...don't...

  • sidhant rana
    sidhant rana   5 days ago

    how do you know its that old , i mean what instruments did they use

  • Random Human
    Random Human   5 days ago

    Asking your crush out is now part of the external crisis

  • Thomas Pastor
    Thomas Pastor   6 days ago

    Six minutes and seven seconds ago, my brain imploded.

  • False Search
    False Search   6 days ago

    I love how Kurzgesagt managed to shorten a 19 minute video by bill wurtz by more than 50%

  • Retsonine
    Retsonine   1 weeks ago

    7:21 I know it's only a little change, and I know it wasn't specifically for me, but I genuinely appreciate it :D

  • Bhargav Chavda
    Bhargav Chavda   1 weeks ago

    If there will be no things left in the universe then universe will die right but before the big bang there was nothing in the universe right. Maybe the universe will not be dead forever

  • Pinkbubblegum
    Pinkbubblegum   1 weeks ago

    אני כל כך אוהבת את הערוץ הזה.יחד עם Crash course & The idea channel & Explained מסדר את הראש....Love this channel sooo much ❤🌺❤🌺❤🌺❤🌺💕

  • Monk’s World
    Monk’s World   1 weeks ago

    Maybe it’s the other way around ancient mayan calandras suggested that earth will end by 2012 but it dnt happen..some more ancient people thought that we will destroy our selves on earth but now we are here planning to become inhabitants of mars we may even colonise the entire solar system and leave it to other galaxies while the sun dies out while we thing the last stage of the universe is filled with black holes maybe the future generations who’ll be a galactic civilisation may know to construct worm holes out of black holes and they may exist in a new realm 🤔💣 am I high?

  • Arthur Araujo
    Arthur Araujo   1 weeks ago

    Well i dont care about the end of the world cause everything needs to end in a certain time no? So just live ur life until you can and do your best :)

  • Daniel
    Daniel   1 weeks ago

    LOL I tried going back more to the past in the video and hit the left key (rewind -5 seconds). (but it's the other way around cause the vid goes from present to past) T______TPsychologists be crowding

  • Navaliden N
    Navaliden N   1 weeks ago

    7:19 I feel as though this is a personal attack and am now depressed

  • Tommy Hansen
    Tommy Hansen   1 weeks ago

    now this is probably your best video yet, damn well made!

  • Noah Franco
    Noah Franco   1 weeks ago

    Wait wouldn’t there always be new stars being made though out the universe. Like when everything here goes dark wouldn’t there be light made somewhere else?

  • tony baloney
    tony baloney   1 weeks ago

    The internet is yin and yang. We share ideas with like minded people, but it also makes the abnormal seem normal. Example,,if I were a person that dreamed of eating another being and searched the internet I would find thousands of people who shared the same fantasy and those who wanted to be ate. It would seem that I'm just normal. Same for racist thoughts. Looking for others who hated people with,say, overbites would lead me to think many others felt the same. It works the same for good as well as bad, so take a careful look at the world before you eat your neighbors.

  • Abana nado
    Abana nado   1 weeks ago

    You guys implying that this is the only known theory for the end of the universe?