Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered

  • Published on: 08 April 2018
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    Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered
  • Runtime : 8:43
  • time history humans funny space big bang 2018 2017 science wounder lifespan infographic kurzgesagt in a nutshell


  • Jazen Valencia
    Jazen Valencia   3 hours ago

    Chat:Farming gave rise to religion and civilization and mega structures: Gobeckly Tepe has entered the chat.

  • I Is Game
    I Is Game   6 hours ago

    I’ve always had a THEORY about dark matter and I think it may be a cause for the whole universe’s circle of life

  • ryan hentges
    ryan hentges   7 hours ago

    I love this channel, you guys are awesome

  • Salex
    Salex   1 days ago

    Love that they changed the “please watch less tv” to the interwebz as the internet overtook tv after they made the original

  • Very Nice
    Very Nice   1 days ago

    I love how the seconds counted by the yellow square align with the video time

  • Santi Cheeks
    Santi Cheeks   1 days ago

    I didnt know it was possible for the universe to die

  • Ethan
    Ethan   2 days ago

    Gee, thanks for making me feel so insignificant. Again.Kurtzgesagt, you never fail to bring "modern" humans to this state of mind.

  • Alien
    Alien   3 days ago

    I found out a few weeks ago that you can never actually catch now. Time is always passing and before the microsecond of you doing something, now is already gone and what you did is already in the past. Boom

    ICE BLOX   4 days ago

    What if when everything goes dark one think “new” sparks again and makes the Big Bang and starts the cycle over again?

  • Funnybone Z
    Funnybone Z   5 days ago

    We shared the world with at least 5 other humans species, that blew my mind 🤯 imagine 2 others made it, what would the world be like? 🤯

  • Jake e Lee
    Jake e Lee   5 days ago

    Concentrate on the ticking clock.By the end of this video you will be depressed, I love these videos.

  • Anglomachian
    Anglomachian   5 days ago

    Does it even make sense to ask what came “before” the Big Bang?

  • Aa Li
    Aa Li   1 weeks ago

    like how there was always seconds ticking by in the background

  • the beans Art & Music

    Hey, is it still a waste if you are on the internet while you are working, because your job is so simple you can tune in to other things? :p

  • chris mcguire
    chris mcguire   1 weeks ago

    Just a correction, France has been using eagles long before 2017. Their usage was part of my MSc thesis, which I started in 2015. Even then it was old news.

  • Arunjit Ghosh
    Arunjit Ghosh   1 weeks ago


  • Kenneth Weber
    Kenneth Weber   1 weeks ago

    Den LINK (! haha) zu The legend of Zelda finde ich nice <3 2:18

  • Pi
    Pi   1 weeks ago

    0:48: "A kid born in the first year of the 21st centrury is 18 years old now" (as of 2018)Your video shows it as born in 2000, but that's still the 20th century. The 21st century starts with the 1.1.2001, not 1.1.2000.Just saying...EDIT: As i continued watching: Same mistake at 1:14, the 20th century started with 1901, not 1900.EDIT2: 2:50 You got that one right. ;)

  • Quintin Reiss
    Quintin Reiss   1 weeks ago

    Seriously? I just got rejected kurzgestant, now even you’re rubbing it in

  • 충희박
    충희박   1 weeks ago

    마음이 뭔가 이상해진다...

  • Aleks Mcclary
    Aleks Mcclary   1 weeks ago

    What really trips me out is that in the next few hundred years no one will even know who we were we will be legends myths of history if we aren’t doomed before than anyway. The people of the future will think we are primitive with our iPhones and bad tv broadcasting lol

  • The Fast Lane
    The Fast Lane   1 weeks ago

    We need a movie about an advanced civilisation trying to preserve the last star in the universe. I think it’s a pretty cool concept

  • Today
    Today   1 weeks ago

    1:49 Celino Jaramillo died 10 days after this video

  • Ninlo!!!
    Ninlo!!!   2 weeks ago

    I just want to go on record and say that I really sincerely appreciate these videos. They bring a lot to YouTube and the viewers

  • Helene Hedegaard
    Helene Hedegaard   2 weeks ago

    " the universe will die "" Dude that is freaking scary to think Of 😬

  • Joel Wilcox
    Joel Wilcox   2 weeks ago

    I was not expecting such a wholesome ending. Good stuff guys