Everything Wrong With You've Got Mail In AOL Minutes

  • Published on: 19 December 2019
  • You've Got Mail is a movie that lots of people love. I am not one of them. It's the worst. And no, it's not a Christmas movie either. But it IS a sinful movie, so we counted the sins.

    Next week: Christmas sins

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 17:25
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  • Ryan Lee Price
    Ryan Lee Price   1 days ago

    The Jimmy Stewart original is much better ("Shop Around the Corner"), has a tighter story line and is much better acted.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   4 days ago


  • Rob Funkhouser
    Rob Funkhouser   2 weeks ago

    Goddamn, I'm glad I never saw this movie. I love the 90's, but fuck this movie entirely and forever.

  • ThisNThat
    ThisNThat   2 weeks ago

    Aww, I liked this movie. This made me feel nostalgic.

  • James Smith
    James Smith   2 weeks ago

    Tom Hanks is the spokesman for the non profit I’m in and met him many times he’s so funny

  • zandile sibisi
    zandile sibisi   1 months ago

    At least we see them interacting in this one, Sleepless in Seattle 🤷

  • Adriana Ramirez Davila
    Adriana Ramirez Davila   1 months ago

    You need to take it easy on this movie. I mean, it’s not the greatest movie ever but it’s not as terrible as you make it sound, Jeremy!

  • Blogger Blogg
    Blogger Blogg   1 months ago

    15:25 you just quoted the greatest book of all time?! Douglas Adams is a genius!

  • Psy ERroR
    Psy ERroR   1 months ago

    I can't believe I ever liked you. That line about mayonnaise was cold and insulting. Mayonnaise is the best condiment and youre probably a mustard drinker.

  • Robert Law
    Robert Law   1 months ago

    You forgot to sin Tom Hanks photo-shopped hairline in the poster / video cover. That creeps me out every time I see it...

  • Amy Xoxo
    Amy Xoxo   1 months ago

    Joe did nothing wrong in this movie. He opened a store. He's a business man. Was he supposed to say f@ck it, I won't make money because some random owns s store that hardly anyone knows exists? Team Joe.

  • Amy Xoxo
    Amy Xoxo   1 months ago

    This is one of those movies I'll watch and say I don't like, but I actually like it. Btw it's ideal for when you're home sick and don't want anything serious. Just NyQuil and nonsense.

  • Drone View
    Drone View   2 months ago

    Jay Leno joke about this movie: "if you meet a woman online, she is going to look more like Nolan Ryan than Meg Ryan."

  • David Mcmahon
    David Mcmahon   2 months ago

    Yep, no Solitaire on my computer at work.  So I watch CInemaSins instead.   :-)

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds   2 months ago

    subtle bomb threats are the best kind of bomb threats.

  • Daniel Baldwin
    Daniel Baldwin   2 months ago

    Agreed. That ending would have made this movie much more exciting.

  • iPyromantic
    iPyromantic   2 months ago

    .... Is.... Is no one else astonished that he didn't sin the name of the store? Cuz, like, I know that's an obvious one, but when has something being obvious ever stopped him?

  • Ed Thomas
    Ed Thomas   2 months ago

    I remove all sins for the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.

  • drucilla733
    drucilla733   2 months ago

    What's funny (not in a haha way) is that this move highlights the real issue of box chain bookstores driving out independents in the 90s and early 2000s, but now, the chains and independents are sort of on the same side (in an enemy of my enemy is my friend way) because Amazon is using the same tactics that the chains originally used by deeply discounting their books. And they're doing it better...Support your local bookstore! Even if it's a chain!

  • Josny13
    Josny13   2 months ago

    0:47 I listen to this, literally as I'm playing solitaire in a small screen beside this video.3:54 Correction, "Thither" is a word.12:30 Right, like what are you gonna do? Call an ambulance? Ask her out? Might need help, but YOU certainly wouldn't do anything. If at most asking : "You okay?" then immediately regretting it as her explanation has nothing to do with you and you have no way to understand what she's going through.

  • Jeff Redmond
    Jeff Redmond   2 months ago

    The eternal handkerchief bit was the best!  Classic CinemaSins

  • On Your Left
    On Your Left   2 months ago

    My wife loves this movie, and you’ve now ruined it for me. Which is perfect, because now I’ll just laugh at the sins.

  • semmy sem
    semmy sem   2 months ago

    Dude please do everything wrong with BIG that movies fucked

  • Jason Juneau
    Jason Juneau   2 months ago

    "Knock knock""Who's there?""Go fuck yourselves"

  • Jonah Smith
    Jonah Smith   2 months ago

    Something came in the mail todayDeez nutz

  • Tessa Gordillo
    Tessa Gordillo   3 months ago

    Did it bother anyone else that the voice would say, "You've got mail" but the icon said "You have mail." 😂 just me?

  • Draiocht Tepes
    Draiocht Tepes   3 months ago

    "About as compatible as mashed potatoes and cereal" is a joke I'm gonna have to remember.

  • Val Storms
    Val Storms   3 months ago

    you dont use a handkerchief when sick dumbass

  • Maloy7800
    Maloy7800   3 months ago

    I found the solution to this channel's biggest problem. Set the playback speed to 0.5, and voila!!! Downside - it takes twice as long. But at least you don't have a feeling that your junkie roommate is back to haunt you.

  • darkSorceror
    darkSorceror   3 months ago

    4:18 Discount middle-aged John Oliver behind discount George Lucas

  • John Faggard
    John Faggard   3 months ago

    There’s nothing wrong with this movie.