Gamers React to Their Pets Dying in Minecraft *VERY SAD* (Pewdiepie, Pokimane, Jacksepticeye)

  • Published on: 14 December 2019
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    PETS DYING IN MINECRAFT. This is a pewdiepie minecraft compilations of youtubers losing pets in minecraft like Sven and Joergen. Youtubers like Pewdipie, pokimane, jackscepticeye, Fitz, GamerGirl, Symfuhny, DanTDM, Eystreem, and many more gamers and let's players loses pets in minecraft like dogs (wolves, wolf), cats, parrots, iron golems, water sheep, and much more.

  • Runtime : 10:32
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    ELLA & ILLA   51 minuts ago

    Bruh if someone kills any animal of mine I’m killing them and taking everything. No regrets.

  • Itz Pastel The Wolf
    Itz Pastel The Wolf   3 hours ago

    Im just like the first one i burried my pet dog in minecraft called Oreo :( R.I.P oreo

  • DizzyCloud444
    DizzyCloud444   3 hours ago

    The little girl: OmG ChErRy NuUceo of having a squeaky voice

  • PaulDavid Alava
    PaulDavid Alava   3 hours ago

    I don't really care for clickbaiter I scream AKA eystreem.

  • Fanzeds
    Fanzeds   12 hours ago

    I being sad about the first one😭 SAM😭😭😭

  • An3z Tia
    An3z Tia   14 hours ago

    I dont have a minecraft account

  • Elaine Ancajas
    Elaine Ancajas   22 hours ago

    Why delete my Minecraft account I do not that and I have no Microsoft account so ha😂🤣

  • stinks
    stinks   23 hours ago

    Fitz respect went even more downhill after me seeing this

  • Jeremy Aaron
    Jeremy Aaron   1 days ago

    No..Read moreCuzI dont play minecraft.Whatcha gonna do now. Huh?!

  • 3pic
    3pic   1 days ago

    my favourite part was when you took footage from youtubers with no permission

  • Pau Suan Khai
    Pau Suan Khai   1 days ago

    I don’t really use a sword, sure it can hit multiple things but you can also accidentally hit your pet. An axe is a single hit, also good for taking down wood, and does more damage

  • Rebecca DelaCruz
    Rebecca DelaCruz   1 days ago

    Rest In Peace Dinnerbone The Wolf 2019 - 2020Death By A Zoglin...Death In Blox City

  • popDggabe pDge
    popDggabe pDge   1 days ago

    Jacksepticeye could have just ran away so they would teleport to him. It makes me rage so hard. After playing Minecraft for so long and I still rage at stuff like this

  • Outlaw Hellhound
    Outlaw Hellhound   1 days ago

    The dude before pewdiepie had me weak the way he lost the second dog🤣

  • Laze X
    Laze X   2 days ago

    "Subscribe or I'll delete your Minecraft Account"Me who doesn't have a Minecraft Account : You have no power here

  • Thommy _007
    Thommy _007   2 days ago

    Stampy: I lost several Dogs and no one cared

  • domas 999
    domas 999   2 days ago

    Jack: sam come back. Sam: jack you murder come back here

  • Jawhny
    Jawhny   2 days ago

    i dont understand why jacksepticeye didnt fix the water

  • Daniel Holden
    Daniel Holden   2 days ago

    Ha jokes on you I haven't logged into minecraft

  • BreadNon
    BreadNon   2 days ago

    Mu favorite was jackespiteceye Pls don't delete my Minecraft account