Austin McBroom Ended The Ace Family.. Cole didn’t...

  • Published on: 15 October 2019
  • Calling out Cole Carrigan for his wreckless video on the ace family and Austin mcbroom.

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  • Runtime : 10:19
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  • Atozy
    Atozy   5 months ago

    Stayed up all night because this video by Cole didn’t sit right. Then found the post by Leslie and felt like I needed to show the truth since that other video was rapidly spreading mass misinformation that would only hurt the victims more... Justice will be served but that’s not the right way to do it.

  • Gabrielle Gauvreau
    Gabrielle Gauvreau   1 days ago

    Wow imagine the ace family kids Looking up their parents one day and these videos come up

  • Colleen Stockfleth
    Colleen Stockfleth   3 days ago

    Gay dude looks like whoah Vikeys twin brother!!! And hes a POS??? I think he/she just what's their 15 minutes of fame, doesn't matter how they get it? Any attention is good attention when your desperate & PATHETIC

  • water bear
    water bear   4 days ago

    75% of these comments are people claiming to have been raped multiple times.Ya'll full of shit.

  • the brand
    the brand   1 weeks ago

    Rape is a bitch and anyone who raped someone should die like a pig

  • Meme boy
    Meme boy   1 weeks ago

    You had red eyes like a demon for the rest of the video

  • gg mallika
    gg mallika   1 weeks ago

    why do his eyes have a reddish tint

  • Jag Girl
    Jag Girl   1 weeks ago

    Ace family drive me insane..But adorable kids...

  • Atomic Demon
    Atomic Demon   2 weeks ago

    In what wolrd does Austin McBroom have any legal power above any normal person

  • Jeremy Sawyer
    Jeremy Sawyer   2 weeks ago

    How much did you get Paid for this Carefully Bias Video ??

  • Josh M
    Josh M   3 weeks ago

    He sounds and looks like a want to be James Charles or Jeffery Star

  • SuitedFaces Poker
    SuitedFaces Poker   3 weeks ago

    Im convinced atozy has no real life friends because he is such a drama queen 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • NightQuin
    NightQuin   4 weeks ago

    That's so messed up what the hell?!

  • Emily Cade
    Emily Cade   1 months ago

    I thought Austin McBroom was a meme name cause his hair looks like a small broom.

  • KC Gro
    KC Gro   1 months ago

    Wait, so this asshole telling a story that isn't HIS to tell, decides he will go after the ACE family for 100grand. Keep 50grand for himself and let the girls who were R/assaulted divide it between themselves?? This asshole is only doing this for money. IF any of this R was true the girls would go to the police or in the very least go after the ACE family for their own amount of money, NOT pay some twat because he made a video about it. I CALL BULLSHIT and I really dislike this ACE family. So it is hard for me to say I don't believe anything this guy in the video is saying. WTF, makes him think he deserves to make any money because of something that may or may not have happened to his female friends?? These girls should get rid of this guy from their friend group ASAP. PURE BULLSHIT. Unless I see it on the news/a police report I call fake.

  • Ekram Mughisi
    Ekram Mughisi   1 months ago

    Guys stop you don’t have to say bad things about the ace family they are just living there life if you want to watch them then watch you don’t like them do not watch them they are just living there lives and everything the people post are liyes and the fact that they didn’t get marry is maybe the want to do a video about it go watch half of the YouTubers you will find half of them not married

  • Jermaine Evans
    Jermaine Evans   1 months ago

    Listen Austin is not an angel yes we all know that we all know that I said is a bitch ass asshole Scam but this is not one of them like I’m tired of menBeing lied on

    WONDER WILL   1 months ago

    Pyrocynical will finally get what he’s always secretly wanted... NO MORE OF THE SHOUTING OF “ ACE FAM-LAAAAAAAAYYY”!

  • Tyler Fernholz
    Tyler Fernholz   1 months ago

    You know he's lying because he doesn't look the camera head on

  • Q B-H
    Q B-H   1 months ago

    I feel like this video is going to age badly, when more and more of these sort of allegations come out about Austin. This video has a lot of victim blaming qualities and shows such a lack of empathy towards the alleged victim.

  • Rx Terps
    Rx Terps   1 months ago

    I like your channel but I absolutely hate how uncreative you are when it comes to merch,You literally just ripped off the anti-social club logo.

  • Nadine G
    Nadine G   1 months ago

    The only way I can watch this video is to hide the top half of the video because Cole's eyebrows are triggering my OCD.

  • MommaDeth
    MommaDeth   1 months ago

    Social media is a dangerous place. If you have a platform you better make sure those accusations are real and shouldn't be saying shit until you know it happened. This is complete bullshit. I may hate the ACE family but this is complete disgusting

  • T Rodrigo
    T Rodrigo   1 months ago

    What the hell is wrong with his lips?

  • Bumbl3bee
    Bumbl3bee   1 months ago

    Is this cole failed abortion or what

  • evilkitty2007
    evilkitty2007   1 months ago

    btw none of what he said in that video would ever be allowed in front of a jury...its all hearsay

  • Panta Rei 83
    Panta Rei 83   1 months ago

    Is it just me or are bat people getting more and more weird looking.. don't get me started on trans people

  • Life of Fire
    Life of Fire   1 months ago

    It’s really hard to go to the police, especially when the person who did shit to you is that famous. A lot of people don’t get taken seriously anyway. You’re probably gonna get called a clout chaser in this kind of situation. I’m not on Cole’s side, but I think your tweets had a few issues.

  • nvsbl2
    nvsbl2   1 months ago

    Not reporting it to police is NOT "dealing with it" her own way. Side note: I am so tired of seeing guys in drag

  • Azby
    Azby   1 months ago

    You can be a staunch advocate for rape victims without...this.

  • Uber Gigan
    Uber Gigan   2 months ago

    Hmmm why would a flamboyant person go out of thier way to destroy a family unit hmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • bejeweled- rox
    bejeweled- rox   2 months ago

    wtf does the ,,, blood prove? Yall know vag's dont bleed when you first have sex lmao

  • Adam does stuff
    Adam does stuff   2 months ago

    When your life is so miserable that you dress like a women and try to ruin other people's career.... I don't wanna live on this planet anymore...

  • JKVltra
    JKVltra   2 months ago

    I love all of the thots in the comments trying to guilt people into accepting the ol' "guilty until proven innocent" stance with "I was raped 1000 times and when I reported it the police beat me up and raped me every time!" damn guess we'll just throw away laws for women now based on your anecdotes.

  • Raidyn Williams
    Raidyn Williams   2 months ago

    Cole did he’s stupid anyway y’all I’m tired of seeing stupid videos like this like they just hating cause the ACE family is way better than them so bye haters you look likes roaches and clowns

  • Naya
    Naya   2 months ago

    I've been sexually assualted (I dislike the word r***) in my past when I was very young, it's no one else's story to share but your own, even if you are the family member of that person, you don't do that, let them tell their story in their own time and pace, support them as they'll need it, it's not always easyAnd to add, it's never easy to just go to the police, we were both minors at the time, my own parents thought I willingly at 13 had done this with this fucker at the time (he was my bf at the time), when I was 16, I finally admitted to myself that this happened to me, denied it for 3 years, and only finally cried about it last year because of medication I was on that made me so emotionless for years that I never understood what happened to me or could process enough to get the feelings out. He was 15, I was turning 14, 5 months after this happened. It was on his birthday saying it would be okay when it wasn't. Because we were both minors, nothing would benefit going to the police and my parents didn't want me to be in the media and deal with this at school (when I did anyway nevayse he told people I was a slut) and being so brainwashed, I thought sexual interactions and doing what the guy said was so normal, it was not. I'm 18 now, in a supporting, loving relationship and I know how to avoid manipulating guys. This poor girl had her story told by someone for money and called her a friend when really he was using her. Telling their story is so important to that person, as I've just told mine. It allows you to have some control over it, even tho you didn't before. But that is my own take on it, having control back over it and not feeling like I should be ashamed of it. I hope she's okay after all this or is at least being supported my true friends and loved ones.This is never easy to go through and I honestly hope she's in a better place than before.