Blind Pasta Sauce Taste Test

  • Published on: 04 November 2016
  • Today we find out what the best jarred pasta sauce brand is. GMM #1016!
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  • Runtime : 13:43
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  • Minerva Perez
    Minerva Perez   1 days ago

    I know this is an old video but im still commenting.... where the f is Classico?! Thats my go to if im getting reg jarred sauce

  • Natalie Hultgren
    Natalie Hultgren   6 days ago

    That awkward moment when link puts his finger in the air to join Rhett but immediately changes his mind in the intro.

  • You Deserve it
    You Deserve it   1 weeks ago

    I agree prego is the best and Emeralds reminds me of spaghettio's

  • Beau Cephus
    Beau Cephus   1 weeks ago

    Rao’s is definitely the best if you know what’s good. As others said they didn’t heat it or eat it on anything which changes it. So yes perhaps Prego is the best of the bunch if you’re sucking it cold through a plastic straw.

  • The Maverick Mind
    The Maverick Mind   1 weeks ago

    You should not eat the sauces cold. They should be cooked. The flavor is more powerful when it's cooked!

  • Elyse Kraus
    Elyse Kraus   2 weeks ago

    What surprised me in this video is The fast the drank like half a jar of sauce each round.

  • oza
    oza   2 weeks ago

    this tournement doesnt work without a losers bracket prego beat sauce or 2 that could beat the number 2

  • Big Huge
    Big Huge   2 weeks ago

    The best way to shop for pasta sauce is to avoid all that contain sugar. These are your Rinaldis, Ragus, etc. and they all have the same jarred sauce taste. Once you move onto the sauces like Botticelli that contain plum tomatoes and oil in their ingredients, then you're eating sauces you'd swear were homemade. however, beware; once you start buying the better sauces, you'll find it almost impossible to go back again.

  • Rob D
    Rob D   2 weeks ago

    Classic hillbillies. talk like one, act like like one and finally the intelligence of one. ... how about ACTUALLY COOKING the sauces and tasting them like they would be in real life .... you guys are funny but tube suckers first

  • Wyatt Lightsaber
    Wyatt Lightsaber   2 weeks ago

    You guys should do more tastes tests where you have no idea what you're tasting so when you do realize what it is you get that "wow factor", as seen in this episode

  • Evan Burk
    Evan Burk   2 weeks ago

    How about an alfredo sauce taste test, or will it pasta?

  • Moose
    Moose   2 weeks ago

    "Ive drinked your urine, but im not drinking after ya" - Rhett 2016

  • cash229
    cash229   2 weeks ago

    Rao’s should have won

  • Tamara Brooke Stumbo
    Tamara Brooke Stumbo   4 weeks ago

    Prego buyer and lover here & I'm super happy it won. I've always said it's the best, thanks for proving me right guys!

  • Anton Hess
    Anton Hess   4 weeks ago

    pasta taste test Barilla vs De Cecco end the rivalry haha

  • Ryan Miles
    Ryan Miles   1 months ago

    "Tastes like Indianapolis" as I sit in Indianapolis... I don't even know what Indianapolis tastes like

  • Martha Newsome
    Martha Newsome   1 months ago

    I'm now wondering how my daughter Annie tastes like?

  • Karim Aly
    Karim Aly   1 months ago

    I was cheering for prego all the way too!!! 😂

  • Noxus Reaper
    Noxus Reaper   1 months ago

    WHERE IS THE CLASSICO????? :/ classico is really good

  • imolazhpdom
    imolazhpdom   1 months ago

    Typical American tastebuds. Rao’s is by far the best of these and the closest to homemade authentic Italian sauces. I realize it’s subjective but damn...I guess I wouldn’t expect these guys to know good sauce though.

  • toneman335
    toneman335   1 months ago

    I am confused...why don't you just taste with a spoon instead of sucking through a tube?

  • MrBigdaddyrand
    MrBigdaddyrand   1 months ago

    😂😂😂 it made me so happy when link called ragu