100% J.B. Weld Cylinder Head? Seriously!!

  • Published on: 04 June 2017
  • YouTube commenters recommended I make an entire cylinder head of JB Weld. What a crazy idea--just what I like! Hope you enjoy the video!

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  • Runtime : 9:59
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  • Nippon Nostalgic TV
    Nippon Nostalgic TV   9 hours ago

    I'm watching and realising you hadn't thought to earth the plug and I was surprised when it fired up but could see it arcing to one of the head bolt washers.

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim   1 days ago

    Neat although it looks like it wouldn't have lasted much longer. I had a hole in a oil pan once on a old dodge dart I bought for $200 back in high school. I took the pan off, and put some JB weld on it, and pressed some screen door mesh into it, and aluminum foil over that. Never leaked a drop, and sold it like that 2 years later.

  • Choice777
    Choice777   2 days ago

    I want to see a cylinder head made of stone or concrete.

  • Brian Hind
    Brian Hind   2 days ago

    I laughed through the entire video! God! IT WAS GREAT!!!!! Thank you for your time, patience & ingenuity!I never bitch about the price of JB Weld.....& I have used LOTS of it over the years. I personally thought the head would split & bits & pieces would fly. Simply AMAZING demonstration! Great stuff as usual.

  • Welder Sandblaster
    Welder Sandblaster   2 days ago

    You should have run it to the point of failure, so we could see how long it would last. Maybe it would have lasted indefinitely, but we don't know for sure because you deprived us of that info.

  • Ryan Goodloe
    Ryan Goodloe   4 days ago

    Make a block out of jb weld and use both the head and the block.

  • Chris Lavery
    Chris Lavery   5 days ago

    this is just LifeOD for old guys and i love it

  • Andrew Lawrence
    Andrew Lawrence   6 days ago

    I used JBweld for my barbell ends that keep the weights from sliding inward and it didn't work well.

  • TheMattc999
    TheMattc999   6 days ago

    How much jb-weld do you think I'll need to make a set of Yates C3 heads? 🤔

  • Shawn Pepin
    Shawn Pepin   1 weeks ago

    30 bucks of jb weld and 2- 3 hours of time for a 10 dollar head... hmmm

  • Michael B.A
    Michael B.A   1 weeks ago

    Why don't you build the entire machine out of JB weld

  • Ben Martin
    Ben Martin   1 weeks ago

    Anyone come down to comments to see if anyone noticed how the lines looked like a dick

  • Tim
    Tim   1 weeks ago

    Great job man keep up the good work

  • Bart Price
    Bart Price   1 weeks ago

    Hmm. Will Sea Foam remove JB Weld from an engine?

  • Manuel Dasilva
    Manuel Dasilva   1 weeks ago

    I don't know why you just didn't let it run until it's failed

  • Jan Erik Kristiansen
    Jan Erik Kristiansen   1 weeks ago

    Do you still have that head?You should have all the parts you need now, so why not try to make some cooling groves on that head, add the JB weld piston and as the next step, create the cylinder, also with cooling grooves and measure how these hold up compared to the original ones.See if it can hold up for at least one cycle of cutting the grass on your lawn, a few more if it proves to be reliable.It is maybe stupid, but if it doesn't explode or show any kind of wear and cracks, it just proves that even JB weld can be used for fabrication.Up for the challenge? ^_^

  • DrHarryT
    DrHarryT   2 weeks ago

    Run it till it fails. After a few hundred hours, you can consider it a permanent solution.

  • Bill Hasenstein
    Bill Hasenstein   2 weeks ago

    Use a tap guide to get your holes started straight! They work great and they make them for drill bits too to get holes drilled straight

  • Dee Shiznittlebaum
    Dee Shiznittlebaum   2 weeks ago

    J.b. Weld is one of the finest, most durable products in the history of southern engineering and all related subjects.

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese   3 weeks ago

    I think you should get the reward of most considerate YouTuber.

  • stupidPeopleRBored
    stupidPeopleRBored   4 weeks ago

    put a steel retaining plate under the bolt heads, keep the original head on the shelf on display, and runit. bet that lasts plenty long

  • nic7nic
    nic7nic   4 weeks ago

    You can try an epoxy by Epotek. We use it for semiconductor, optics and space applications. They have to be cured in an oven which probably allows them to withstand very high temperatures as well. You could try Epotek EE149-6 for instance. https://www.epotek.com/site/component/products/products.html

  • aleks villalobos
    aleks villalobos   4 weeks ago

    Do this again but use steel wool in the JB weld it’s like rebar in concrete.

  • Dangerous Amoeba
    Dangerous Amoeba   4 weeks ago

    I wonder if you can cast an entire engine, cylinder piston, conrod and all out of JB weld.

  • Birch Family
    Birch Family   1 months ago

    Outstanding test! However JB weld is not conductive. I see an ark to the washer right next to the spark plug. You'd get a better test with a ground wire to spark plug.

  • rootbeer666
    rootbeer666   1 months ago

    You can see the spark plug arcing to the nearby bolt because it's not grounded properly. When using non-conductive heads you gotta wrap a ground wire around the spark plug.

  • Armand Le Roux
    Armand Le Roux   1 months ago

    That was a pretty cool video, well worth a subscription... I wanted to see a tear down just to see what it looked like. Or if I could last an hour... At least 15 minutes. Catastrophic failure is worth a couple views

  • Victor Otero
    Victor Otero   1 months ago

    the harder epoxy i kwnow its called Titanium putty HP,from the company Devcon.its a titanium filled epoxy that will give you a hard time to break it by hammer.but i never used jb weld.

  • sorryvision
    sorryvision   1 months ago

    Should have put II under Vacuum when it was curing