Greg's Medieval Surprise Performance!

  • Published on: 05 July 2016
  • Greg was out of town for a couple days before his birthday and we decided to throw him a little a surprise performance!

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  • Runtime : 11:59
  • gregs surprise birthday nigahiga ryan higa higatv medieval game of thrones greg of thrones


  • Fyzhiw
    Fyzhiw   1 days ago

    this is so precious

  • RTV Dominator
    RTV Dominator   1 weeks ago

    WE HOPE DERRICK'S KNEE GETS SOON BUDDY. I died at that part.They legit had the typo that made me laugh a hella lot during this quarantine.

  • quesarAHH
    quesarAHH   1 weeks ago

    “We hope Derrick’s *Knee gets soon, buddy*”I didn’t even notice that OG Greg line until like so many rewatches later

  • Vincent Zhang
    Vincent Zhang   1 weeks ago

    These guys are like rich and still went to Walmart respect

  • Win craft3000
    Win craft3000   2 weeks ago

    I swear this was a month ago, time goes TOO FASTTTT.

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen   2 weeks ago

    Plot Twist: Greg was the cameraman the whole entire time.

  • Thea Suante
    Thea Suante   3 weeks ago

    “we hope dereicks knee gets soon buddy” what?😂 11:15

  • Ankush Banerjee
    Ankush Banerjee   1 months ago

    From the thumbnail I thought he was in a wheel chair

  • Anna Ya
    Anna Ya   1 months ago

    7:55 That girl monica has nice clothes

  • ZZeto
    ZZeto   1 months ago

    “Time to edit” LOLOL gotem haaha

  • Cleo Alc
    Cleo Alc   2 months ago

    I really want an group of friends just like these.

  • Alpacam
    Alpacam   2 months ago

    “We hope derrick’s knee gets soon buddy”What

  • JCP Gaming
    JCP Gaming   2 months ago

    The perfect line to make us laugh 0:44 😆

  • MCRM
    MCRM   2 months ago

    the bestest friends you can get

  • ItsEllieson50
    ItsEllieson50   2 months ago

    11:31 Ryan: it’s time to edit I was dying of laughter 😆🤣

  • Randomation
    Randomation   2 months ago

    Little did sean know...This would happen to him 2 years later exept not because its not medival themed and hes leaving and that makes me sad so i going to go cry myself to sleep now goodnight rynie

  • Galaxyrara
    Galaxyrara   2 months ago

    i have exam in two days from now . i suppose to be studying but yeah i just ended up here and found this video .

  • An Nam Nguyen
    An Nam Nguyen   2 months ago

    I went to the tournament of kings in los Vegas