What $300 can get you (YIAY #464)

  • Published on: 01 March 2019
  • Thanks to Wish for sponsoring this video!
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  • Runtime : 6:35
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  • i_rosepetal
    i_rosepetal   1 weeks ago

    wish: good dealalso wish: you will get your order in about 10 weeks

  • Exio
    Exio   1 weeks ago

    Abortion of today's video is sponsored by Wish

  • Hey
    Hey   1 weeks ago

    "it's really good for finding unique items you've never thought of" like a fucking vibrator

  • Alan Smithee
    Alan Smithee   1 weeks ago

    Hamilton tickets are 200 dollars. Jack had the quantity set to 2 so it looked like more.Liar.

  • Alex Kilin.
    Alex Kilin.   2 weeks ago

    It can get you a trike (which if you dont know is a tricycle that drifts like hell)

  • ItsAidenn
    ItsAidenn   2 weeks ago

    #YIAYtube no sponsor no money

  • Watery Guffman
    Watery Guffman   2 weeks ago

    Bought it all from Wish. THAT'S dedication. The vid was 5 months in the making wow

  • 0M3G4 M4N
    0M3G4 M4N   3 weeks ago


  • Diego Mancilla
    Diego Mancilla   4 weeks ago

    I thought you said abortion of today's video instead of a portion

  • dogman
    dogman   1 months ago

    Wish products are bad quality

  • Arty Ivanenko
    Arty Ivanenko   1 months ago

    Those rich apps go free all the time, so everybody downlands them then

  • Fishum
    Fishum   1 months ago

    Wish can't even sponsor the whole video?

  • CytomPlayz
    CytomPlayz   1 months ago

    ur dogs look like the dogs from undertale

  • Christy Gunwaldsen
    Christy Gunwaldsen   1 months ago

    get your marijuana paraphernalia from wish. i got my favorite bubbler from wish for under $5. and even the most high tech beautiful bongs on there never go above like $30-40 tops. i will never pay for weed shit again lmao

  • Vivoxy
    Vivoxy   1 months ago

    I once bought markers from wish. the pink was purple. the green was orange the blue was yellow the red was green I don't fucking know and I waited 3 months for them to come in

  • Vivoxy
    Vivoxy   1 months ago


  • thedemonnextdoor
    thedemonnextdoor   1 months ago

    i like that jack counted shoes separately from human clothes.

  • Tucker Clement
    Tucker Clement   1 months ago

    Thanks wish, I’ve always wanted the shitty knock off version of the American item I want. What am I saying, I fucking get everything off wish

  • Lear Cooks
    Lear Cooks   1 months ago

    I gotta dislike because of wish

  • Tony
    Tony   1 months ago

    #yiaytube lots of weird shit

  • Tony
    Tony   1 months ago

    How much would a Mech cost from wish?

  • skinny720
    skinny720   1 months ago

    Those apps literally have to be money laundering, jesus christ

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm   1 months ago

    Wish's new slogan should be "i bet you wish you still had money"

  • Nathan Rose
    Nathan Rose   1 months ago

    Everything you see here, I bought straight from my phone. Even this whole house 5:12

  • Sour Drop
    Sour Drop   1 months ago

    Wish's products have the same low quality as Jack's dogs.