Cutting a Fans Headphones, then giving her AIRPODS

  • Published on: 23 November 2019
  • Cutting a Fans Headphones and giving her AirPods! Would you ever cut a friends earphones as a prank? Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want AIRPODS! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack!

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  • Runtime : 10:52
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  • Yamudes Bruh
    Yamudes Bruh   3 hours ago

    You reached 20 million so now you have to get a tri pod

  • Nevaeh Alves
    Nevaeh Alves   5 hours ago

    Ssniper wolf can I come visit your house it my dream to meat u.

  • Fire Horse Demon
    Fire Horse Demon   8 hours ago

    Idk what my favorite anime is. CUZ I NEVER WATCHED ANIME. I want to start watching anime though.....

  • Madison Carey
    Madison Carey   9 hours ago

    You already have 20 million subscribers! P.S. I am one of them

  • Haylee Rasiawan
    Haylee Rasiawan   11 hours ago

    I like how everyone egnored that sssniperwolf is shorter than her

  • Mamiizo B
    Mamiizo B   12 hours ago

    It looked like she wasn’t wearing pants when the car’s headlights shined on her legs

    ALYSSA WAY   13 hours ago

    i wish that i could meet u i have been subscribed for a long time i wish i could get air pods for my b-day

  • XxgracexDxX LOL
    XxgracexDxX LOL   13 hours ago

    Next up:Giving them corona virus then giving them a mask xD

  • Zoe Barnas
    Zoe Barnas   14 hours ago

    Next up on Terrible Things That Happen To People by SssniperwolfCutting off people's ears then giving them hearing aids

  • harrietyes
    harrietyes   17 hours ago

    lia: I feel like tripods are unreliableme: gives the stink eye to my tripod out of the corner of my eye

  • Teddy Love
    Teddy Love   1 days ago

    She is lucky not bc of the airpods I don'tlike them but that she could've been with you all evening 💞😨😅😭💓💓💞

  • ida ahola
    ida ahola   1 days ago

    Best anime is friking DANGANRONPA

  • DarkzVOID
    DarkzVOID   1 days ago

    Breaking people’s legs then buying them a wheel ChairKilling people then buying there grave

  • Luis Cervantes
    Luis Cervantes   1 days ago

    I think I digital is dating lia because lia said 'babe look it's a donut' and I heard behind the camera it was digital's voice 😱

  • kitty catT-T
    kitty catT-T   1 days ago

    Imagine just chilling with a youtuber that u have subed for 5 years and then they give u free airpods and get u eat with u LOL

  • Gacha deer
    Gacha deer   1 days ago

    Next up:cutting people’s hands off then giving them hand sanitizer

  • Miss Doja
    Miss Doja   1 days ago

    My hero academia! Read dem comics