SWITCHING Night Routines With My MUM!

  • Published on: 12 May 2019
  • SWITCHING Night Routines With My MUM!

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    ♡ Disclaimer - I am not trying to brag, all opinions are my own. I will state in the video and in the description if the video is sponsored by a brand or company.

    ♡ Where do you live? Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.
    ♡ How old are you? I am 18, my birthday is October 13th.
    ♡ What do you film on? Canon EOS 700d
    ♡ What do you edit on? iMovie.
    ♡ Will you do a meet up? BIG BEAUTY DAY OUT 2019!

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  • Amelia Salt
    Amelia Salt   4 days ago

    Anna this got nothing to do with this video but you should do the pregnancy test prank on your mum/ ps I love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jarrad
    Jarrad   2 weeks ago

    You’re not supposed to put the powder in the meat you’re meant to put in water mix it then put it in the meat

  • Zoe Rachel
    Zoe Rachel   1 months ago

    after christmas with that money im gonna get that shampoo and conditioner :)

  • M J x
    M J x   1 months ago

    I was watching your video and realised we have the same birthday

  • Alizah xx
    Alizah xx   1 months ago

    Love you loads Ana your vids are the best ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amelia Sutton
    Amelia Sutton   1 months ago

    Y does atacus aleays have warter or misses out

  • Maja Magdalena
    Maja Magdalena   1 months ago

    Your mother should actually consider making a YouTube channel. She funny 😂

  • ItsDanielle
    ItsDanielle   1 months ago

    You’ve been using it for a month but hardly any of it is gone...?

  • fitzwop gooch
    fitzwop gooch   2 months ago

    this made me drool when you were making the dinner :)

  • Nara Walker
    Nara Walker   2 months ago

    Just me or did that pan still have loades of soap in IT??

  • lara wiles
    lara wiles   2 months ago

    I have the same razor as you but blue I also use function of beauty

  • Caden Crouch
    Caden Crouch   2 months ago

    Why don’t you do and opsit day you your evening routine in at the morning and and do every thing opsit so I’ve you plans to go to the shops at lunch time you go at midnight

  • Josh James
    Josh James   3 months ago

    How come ur bro and mum have massive foreheads but urs is normal

  • dream • 잠재의 ࿐ྂ

    i love all of you!! your family is adorable!! all three of you are soooo cuteee 🥺🧸🥺🧸🥺🧸🥺

  • Deborah Savage
    Deborah Savage   3 months ago

    I have got that shampoo and conditioner it was quite expensive but it was the best because It lasts me ages and it worked so good

  • Sam Barnes
    Sam Barnes   3 months ago

    Is it just me or is her hair a tinge of pink

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer   3 months ago

    Was sooo excited to get that shampoo and conditioner but was sooo expensive £23-£36 is far to much !!! Oh my Lordy

  • Millie Mae
    Millie Mae   3 months ago

    Anyone else really want that shampoo but it’s 30 POUNDS!!!!

  • Niyah Muir
    Niyah Muir   3 months ago

    Why does you mum have no eye brows

  • Karen Diaz
    Karen Diaz   3 months ago

    Why do you use femresh like what is it I always see it in the shops

  • Felicity Dracup
    Felicity Dracup   3 months ago

    I have function of beauty and it is amazing and would definitely recommend 10/10 👩🏼😁

  • Hollie Clayton
    Hollie Clayton   3 months ago

    I think you should do a switching night routines with your Aticus

  • Myah Rose
    Myah Rose   3 months ago

    Can anyone help me get to 70 subscribers please xxxx

  • Poppy_may.x
    Poppy_may.x   3 months ago

    2:47 Aticus just standing there 😂😂

  • Alishba Waleed
    Alishba Waleed   3 months ago

    You should use the ogx coconut shampoo it’s really nice all the ogx products are good