Learning Tik Tok Dances From Larray & Addison Rae

  • Published on: 22 May 2020
  • We Quarantined for 2 weeks prior to filming this video to ensure we were all healthy and safe:) We filmed this video in a private residence with only the 4 of us. We made sure we didn't put anyone else's health at risk. Stay safe & happy, love you all!!!!!

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  • Runtime : 14:58


  • Ava Gates
    Ava Gates   11 seconds ago

    when addi was teaching him to throw it back around 8:52 he was starin a lil bit

  • Alissa Calderon
    Alissa Calderon   13 seconds ago

    Grayson: I wanna look like that when I do it Addison: are you Complementing me Later Grayson:why am I getting nervous Addison:Neervouss 😂

  • em playz roblox
    em playz roblox   15 seconds ago

    Is is just me or would graddison (Grayson and Addison) be the cutest couple

  • Soy Bonito
    Soy Bonito   3 minuts ago

    TBH Addison and Grayson would be pretty cute couple...❤️😍💕💘

  • Angy
    Angy   18 minuts ago

    13:32 I CANT

  • Angy
    Angy   23 minuts ago

    nobody: addison:“what’s happening? sHiMi ShImI”

  • Mr. wiNdSHieLD wIpER GuY

    The way Grayson said “Addison” at 5:38 and her reaction lolEdit : guys I don’t ship them in any way, I just thought her reaction was hilarious

  • julia cuthy
    julia cuthy   33 minuts ago

    addison pulled OUT that uca hunnyyyyy yes maaam

  • Chenoa Engels
    Chenoa Engels   40 minuts ago

    Ethan looks like he's holding in a fart when he's swaying his hips

  • May Eatonne
    May Eatonne   41 minuts ago

    This is my favorite vid on the internet no competition

  • blah blah blah
    blah blah blah   44 minuts ago

    Can u see what's writen on his pants 😨😱😰💩

    HOTTISHISTIC ooch Pi   51 minuts ago

    These kids remain simple. They have nothing to do. Anything is something. Call it standing around. Today we do this and tomorrow we that.

  • Tessa S
    Tessa S   52 minuts ago

    Why does she keep squealing

  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark   1 hours ago

    kinda ship addison and grayson tho

    RR ROYCE   1 hours ago

    why they bring larry tho

  • Zainab Siddiqui
    Zainab Siddiqui   1 hours ago

    5:37 whats wrong w addison why is she just sitting there ignoring gray...

  • Shiva Sasqia
    Shiva Sasqia   1 hours ago

    No one:Gray's pants: stop looking at my dick

  • Ale Cantu
    Ale Cantu   1 hours ago

    can the rumors stop of them getting together maybe she was flirting but I don’t think Grayson was interested .

  • Vanessa Hermosillo
    Vanessa Hermosillo   1 hours ago

    This is the one time we get to see ethan look really gay no offense

  • Amaya Haynes
    Amaya Haynes   1 hours ago

    A little part of me dies every time Ethan says " Larry" 😂😂

  • Sienna Lilly
    Sienna Lilly   1 hours ago

    I think Grayson and Addison are cute together just a thought 😂

  • Theo Nolan
    Theo Nolan   2 hours ago


  • Theo Nolan
    Theo Nolan   2 hours ago


  • Darren O’Toole
    Darren O’Toole   2 hours ago

    Nah not going to lie this is the most funniest video I've ever seen its literally two adults trying to act like there good dancers

  • Averie Flips
    Averie Flips   2 hours ago

    IT CAN BE THE NEW SISTER SQUAD! (but not named the sister squad)