• Published on: 14 December 2018
  • While Ethan was shleep I wrapped pretty much EVERYTHING that he owns lol..

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  • Runtime : 20:5
  • Dolan Twins


  • Bobby McNabb
    Bobby McNabb   1 days ago

    did you guys see how cute Grayson was 1:58

  • Ruby Martin
    Ruby Martin   2 days ago

    Im such a heavy sleeper lol my dad mows the lan out side my bedroom window and I never wake up

  • Mari Akhvlediani
    Mari Akhvlediani   3 days ago

    Awww Grayson is so cutee 🥺❤️ when he said "santa came" it made my day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aleah Walsh
    Aleah Walsh   6 days ago

    Its sort of like the grinch who stole Christmas, instead its the greyson who stole and wrapped Ethans stuff😂😂😂❤❤

  • lily christy
    lily christy   6 days ago

    graysons wearing the same christmas thing ryland adams did for there house tour lmao

  • Dasha Vitiaz
    Dasha Vitiaz   1 weeks ago

    Grayson pranks: sweet and niceEthan pranks: evil and cruel

  • Annie
    Annie   1 weeks ago

    It would have been really funny if out of all of these, you actually gave him a gift

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 weeks ago

    Lol Santa came! Santa came! Santa came

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 weeks ago

    Lol "Santa clause is coming to town *flips hat*"

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 weeks ago

    Lol everything you say is cheesy

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 weeks ago

    Lol that seems like it'd be pretty difficult

  • Kimberly Nuno
    Kimberly Nuno   1 weeks ago

    Grayson: "half used bottle of lotion"oh. 😳

  • Amelia Ward
    Amelia Ward   1 weeks ago

    he should have wrapped Ethan in bed lol

  • Ella Warsaw
    Ella Warsaw   1 weeks ago

    Grayson:"This is the first time I rapped a half used bottle of lotion"Me:"well I hope so"😂

  • Haley Ehle
    Haley Ehle   2 weeks ago

    But unwrapping stuff is so fun though! I wouldn’t be that mad

  • Alexis Ashikwe
    Alexis Ashikwe   2 weeks ago

    If someone ever tried doing this prank to me they would probably be wrapping for a good 2 days... I may or may not be a little bit of a hoarder.

  • Shubhangi Ghosh
    Shubhangi Ghosh   2 weeks ago

    Grayson's such a cutieee❤️ "Santa came bro Santa came""i didn't do it santa did it"😂😂

  • Vinos Mosa
    Vinos Mosa   2 weeks ago

    19:28 HOW did he not laugh??!!! The way Gray said "Gotcha bitch hahahhh" was so funny😭

  • Doah Yahya
    Doah Yahya   2 weeks ago

    You are a naughty naughty boy Grayson. i don't think santa would like this!!

  • Annie Tuohy
    Annie Tuohy   2 weeks ago

    No one: Grayson: ho, ho, ho mother f***er

  • Bhuvi Bhuvi
    Bhuvi Bhuvi   2 weeks ago

    I feel bad for Grayson instead of Ethan.Do u agree??

  • Dolan Twins Editzzz
    Dolan Twins Editzzz   3 weeks ago

    Can we just like sit down and talk about Grayson. So his pranks are so adorable I’m not kidding! Remember when he got Ethan a bouncy house for a prank and begged Ethan to let him in it! Like AWW

  • Vee
    Vee   4 weeks ago

    This is just a video of Grayson being adorable!

  • Anne Marie Richards
    Anne Marie Richards   1 months ago

    I love how the first words that Ethan say to Grayson as he frantically shakes him awake are "are you okay"Such a caring brother😂

  • Cece Skinner
    Cece Skinner   1 months ago

    this video has big 'chandler-and-joey-in-the-one-where-everyone's-late' energy