USA vs Canada - 2018 CONCACAF Championship Final

  • Published on: 27 October 2018
  • Ticket to France already confirmed...Now let's lift the damn trophy!
  • Runtime : 1:41:


  • Rosie birrell
    Rosie birrell   1 months ago

    Ok I like Labbe and zadorsky (pride) but the Canadian team do play rough

  • Quan Dinh
    Quan Dinh   1 months ago

    I love Chapman of Canada ... she's a very good player...

  • Hong Cong Phan
    Hong Cong Phan   1 months ago

    Sinclair can't cover every where,need someone more effective with her.However,they are matched opponents.Alex Morgan's still the 'cutest'.

  • Von Dor
    Von Dor   2 months ago

    hoopoe16 you need a better connection to record and stream these games.

  • big loc
    big loc   4 months ago

    Hey I found your channel thank you for this and all I use to follow and subscribe to this channel but lost it,😂😂😅

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh   4 months ago


  • adkins
    adkins   6 months ago

    14.38-14.47 That showed how good Julie Ertz is

  • VilifyExile
    VilifyExile   7 months ago

    36:18 Everybody gangster till Tobin gets angry

  • Quan Dinh
    Quan Dinh   7 months ago

    Canada has a very good goalkeeper.... They should havebeen slow down a bit...

  • Quan Dinh
    Quan Dinh   7 months ago

    Canada plays really good...Japan doesn't know how to playsoccer...

  • Alvina Betsy
    Alvina Betsy   7 months ago

    Can someone teach Chapman and Flemming how to play football or soccer???

  • Mrbubbles 5654
    Mrbubbles 5654   8 months ago

    I play soccer and someone kicked the ball and it hit me in the face. And people on the other team Laughed and I am only 9

  • Volodymyr Ivanchenko
    Volodymyr Ivanchenko   8 months ago

    Crappy video, SGHAME! they skip a lot of frames, it is impossible to watch. If you want this video in HD simply watch this:

  • Brent Walker
    Brent Walker   8 months ago

    Pretty sad how few people attended this match. It was a very tight well-played game but Canada was playing rugby rather than soccer.

  • nurlita lita
    nurlita lita   8 months ago

    Nice is My favorite alex morgan so Amazing And super beautiful 💋💋💋💋💕💕💕😘😘😘

  • tastysandwhich
    tastysandwhich   9 months ago

    Wow they really need a better line judge or VAR. That second goal was clearly not legit.

  • Alpha Kake
    Alpha Kake   10 months ago

    Usa are going to play France in the world cup final. I am sure

  • indoctus41
    indoctus41   11 months ago

    The US has a good football program for MEN, lots of money for the programs, and a large population to fill the ranks. However when up against the best men's teams, they failed to even make it into the final 32 in the last World Cup. It shows you that sometimes money can't make you good.

  • Teklu G
    Teklu G   11 months ago

    Iam sorry I see poor delivery and poor defence.that is why they lose .they are excellent as awhile .but if the defence is weak and there is no perfect delivery there will be no goal .need to take this lessons if we want to be the champions .if all are ambitious to make a goal and there is less delivery it will be impossible to win .generously delivering the boal in time and perfectly enables to win .I hope they will be the champions if the defence is strong and delivery is there .Alex is there for the goal .thanks to Alex we get more excited in the world champion.she is the best in the world .

  • dan tran
    dan tran   11 months ago

    Can't wait for 2019 WC in France!!!! Thank you WNT, thank you since 1999, China. Go USA!!!!

  • Fancy Pelusa
    Fancy Pelusa   1 years ago

    Really good performance by the U.S - Can't stand the male commentator though.

  • vandy12121
    vandy12121   1 years ago

    As the United States go to the final the before game was against Jamaica

  • Bea Agranel
    Bea Agranel   1 years ago

    Hi, could you upload the video of USWNT vs Mexico 4/10/18?

  • Maharajkumar Swamidoss

    dunn can paly in any damn position in any damn given time. versetile player she is. must be asarter for sure to get the maximum out put from her gill.