France v USA - FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

  • Published on: 28 June 2019
  • USA progressed to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ semi-finals, setting up a meeting with England, after recording a victory over hosts France.

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  • Runtime : 2:11
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  • tetew
    tetew   3 days ago

    Kaya di PS njir

  • Don A
    Don A   1 weeks ago

    France. Our Greatest Ally ever. 🇺🇸 🇫🇷

  • go movie
    go movie   1 weeks ago

    I'm american but I appreciate the france team to because they both have effort for their teams 💖🇫🇷🇺🇸💖

  • Uhgood x Life
    Uhgood x Life   2 weeks ago

    The defense from both teams deserved a highlight too .. Dunn was defending one of the toughest players in the game ! Props to both teams.. this game had me at the edge of my seat

  • Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan   4 weeks ago


  • Mark Ganus
    Mark Ganus   1 months ago

    this "french" team is full of cannibals

  • David Robbeloth
    David Robbeloth   1 months ago

    a sell out at a woman's soccer match? I must speak with the elders

  • FiLiP
    FiLiP   2 months ago

    If there was a match: America men vs America Women I think America Women would win no problem

    WIELECH   2 months ago

    nie wiedziałem że można grać gorzej niż graj w ekstraklasie...

  • matea 369
    matea 369   2 months ago

    the French defense was awful

  • John Adam
    John Adam   2 months ago


  • akhil j
    akhil j   2 months ago

    Kids football is more interesting than this.... adorable

  • SethPlayzGames
    SethPlayzGames   2 months ago


  • Luis G
    Luis G   2 months ago

    Rapinoe is French race (so basically a French girl made USA defeat France)

  • ted norberto
    ted norberto   4 months ago

    "And France fall short, yet AGAIN!" COME ON!! GAWD!

  • Nicola Xue
    Nicola Xue   4 months ago

    France lost in this final.🍓🍓🎂

  • Phil Drake
    Phil Drake   4 months ago

    Women play footbal are you kidding me? They're all unfamiliar to me don't know anyone of them.

    DREAM BIG!   5 months ago

    The USWNT players are so confident in their skills--it's written all over their faces.

  • NiZzy
    NiZzy   5 months ago


  • skillz91745
    skillz91745   5 months ago

    Something no1 has mentioned: that header by Renard was on Rapinoe. She was fronting Renard, and the other U.S. players seen Rapinoe fronting Frances center back. Then when the free kick was played, Rapinoe was nowhere to be found.

    MARCENARIA ARJ   5 months ago

    I'm brazilian but this team is very good and congratulations girls

  • M T
    M T   6 months ago

    I love USA ❤️ from Japan

  • Dick Yang
    Dick Yang   6 months ago

    only if team usa guys were that bad ass

  • Arth
    Arth   6 months ago

    hmmmm quel dommage que Frank ait perdu :( mais félicitations aux Etats-Unis pour la meilleure coupe de football féminin ;)

  • Richard
    Richard   6 months ago

    That bloke Rapinoe is good.

  • Louise Glassner
    Louise Glassner   6 months ago

    L’arbitre a même pas vérifié la VAR alors qu’il y avait main dans la surface 🤬

  • Vortex Bronkart
    Vortex Bronkart   6 months ago

    Je suis degouter😭 il y avait main dans la surface. On perd toul temps en quart de final. L équipe de France à fait un bon boulot. Je suis fière de tenir pour elle . Je les adore on a une Bonne équipe de france féminine . Courage les fille .😣vive l équipe de France féminine ⚽️