Walking with people that got longer legs than you.

  • Published on: 10 June 2019
  • One step = 68.5 of yours.
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  • Runtime : 3:17
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  • Clint Norris
    Clint Norris   5 hours ago

    I can totally relate to this being 6'4. People a look ways yelling at me to slow down

  • Kazuto Shiba
    Kazuto Shiba   7 hours ago

    The dislikes are probably from the people who laugh so hard that their eyes starting to get blur and hit the wrong button 😂

  • TheArmada
    TheArmada   8 hours ago


  • TheArmada
    TheArmada   8 hours ago

    Caleb you still play destiny 2 or nah

  • F.b.i agent
    F.b.i agent   10 hours ago

    Ik this is random but what if you made a joke video on umg? That would be hilarious.

  • finnthehu
    finnthehu   12 hours ago

    Lol you probably main Orochi noob

  • Emma Gould
    Emma Gould   12 hours ago

    Try doing the pacer test against your best guy friend that is 6ft and you are 5’0

  • KpopIsMyDrug
    KpopIsMyDrug   15 hours ago

    Anybody scrolling through the comments that got long legs?

  • Rohanna F
    Rohanna F   17 hours ago

    I'm the person with the long legs

  • Gary King
    Gary King   20 hours ago

    Hey now. I've been waiting tables for years. I walk fast. I can't 'not' walk fast. I'm not even 6' tall.....

  • Sierra A
    Sierra A   21 hours ago

    Can u split this lyft bru😂

  • rockyraquel
    rockyraquel   1 days ago

    I am always the shortest so now I perpetually walk fast to make up for it. I speed walk as a normal speed now in order to make up for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m walking so hard and fast I’m just not going anywhere...

  • Kelly
    Kelly   1 days ago

    I'ma just call a Lyft bro 😭

  • Harlequin1540
    Harlequin1540   1 days ago

    That was the most enjoyable sponsored message i've ever seen on youtube. Bless you, man. Keep doin your thing.

  • Julian Young
    Julian Young   1 days ago

    I feel like he literal doodoo water at for honor

  • blairzo
    blairzo   1 days ago

    1 min 20 til the video starts Fuck off

  • Just The99
    Just The99   1 days ago

    The background music and sound effects be killing me

  • ThatOneGuyKaboom
    ThatOneGuyKaboom   2 days ago

    You should interact with your fans more like in the first minute. It's entertaining. Do like a q & a or storytime or something because you're cool irl like that

  • quibily
    quibily   2 days ago

    My husband is a foot taller than I am, and this is my life every day.... "Are you on top of a car??" Lots of funny gems in the background at the end.

  • Hawanatu B
    Hawanatu B   2 days ago

    “Man hold on this private jet is in my way, man mOoOoVEe mOOoOvVvVEeE “

  • oscar gonzalez
    oscar gonzalez   2 days ago

    P.E Teacher: Ok come on, lets start running in the field.Me: SLOW DOWN! PLEASE I CAN'T MOVE THAT FAST!!!