Paleo Profile - Sea Scorpions

  • Published on: 14 September 2016
  • Today we examine the amazingly bizarre group of prehistoric arthropods, the Eurypterids or sea scorpions of the Paleozoic. We answer questions like: Where they really scorpions? How large did they get? And what are they exactly?

    A lot of illustrations used in the video belong to Satoshi Kawasaki, great thank you to him for illustrating many obscure animals

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  • Runtime : 12:18
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  • Darrylizer1
    Darrylizer1   1 days ago

    They are fearsome atavistic nightmare from the planet's dawn. In other words they creep me out.

  • Bible Man
    Bible Man   1 weeks ago

    I very much find scorpions nice to look at and the same with sea scorpions, however i cant finish this video after you flashed that spider.

  • JJbeastko
    JJbeastko   2 weeks ago

    What is the name of the show that some of the images are from

  • knightkrawler
    knightkrawler   2 weeks ago

    I'm imagining myself eating with that hole between me legs.

  • knightkrawler
    knightkrawler   2 weeks ago

    Diverse? They're disgusting bugs, the lot of them!

  • Esmond Lo Yi
    Esmond Lo Yi   3 weeks ago

    Pterygotus is my favorite ancien sea scorpion

  • Dima Leoniv
    Dima Leoniv   3 weeks ago

    5:27 the moments you'are watching it for.

  • JediSpectre117
    JediSpectre117   3 weeks ago

    Scotland has Arthoplura and this thing "Hebertopterrace" and what is chosen as it's national Prehistoric animal... a bloody fish less than 5 cm's in size

  • Aymen DZ
    Aymen DZ   4 weeks ago

    This video is anxiety inducing

  • Lo Suchus
    Lo Suchus   1 months ago

    Saw this video in my recommendations and literally did jazz hands with excitement

  • Skeletal Bonehead
    Skeletal Bonehead   1 months ago

    Y’know Trey, I like you and all, and I know this is an old video. But you can’t be showing us close ups of spiders and scorpions like that. Some of us arachnophobes like myself are here having near heart attacks whenever you flash one onscreen.

  • attovishnu
    attovishnu   1 months ago

    Pill bug (Armadillidiidae) is probably one of the last true eurypterids.

  • nils
    nils   1 months ago

    i've been searching for this drawing of something like "if trilobites were first on land" or something. I cant fricking find it can someone please help me. It's this depiction of alternative lifeforms on land, drawn by some older paleontologist/artist i think. It's driving me insane please help

  • The Grey Kitten
    The Grey Kitten   1 months ago

    They keep evolving

  • Mr Byson
    Mr Byson   2 months ago

    Surch for a girlfriend Man !!

  • Julien Robin
    Julien Robin   2 months ago

    This is not a videoYou're a voiced text blogger with jpeg pictures.

  • Elias
    Elias   2 months ago

    i love that the captions keep calling them as europe turds

  • lasal134
    lasal134   2 months ago

    Hah! now WE're the popular ones!!

  • Uisce Beatha
    Uisce Beatha   2 months ago

    Walking near streamMe: why do I hear boss music?

  • Brolic Tendencies
    Brolic Tendencies   2 months ago

    scientists = Eurypterid's every one else = sea scorpion Ark survival evolved player = OMG sleepy lobsters

  • Max
    Max   2 months ago

    Dont speak London. ©

  • Jack Alope
    Jack Alope   2 months ago

    "Resembled cat sized spiders and were in fact once mistaken for one." Me half listening For a cat?

  • eng3d
    eng3d   2 months ago

    Paleo diet: I won't eat that

  • Bluecho4
    Bluecho4   2 months ago

    To be fair, humans tend to cower in fear of modern day tiny scorpions.(Fun fact: I originally typed "to be fear ", before quickly changing it. A simple typo, but it would have been apt given the context.)

  • RVR121
    RVR121   2 months ago

    Deep star 6 the 1989 film has one as the undersea monster that takes part in wiping out a deep sea mining operation :3

  • Pogostix
    Pogostix   2 months ago

    Can you imagine though like. You're a time traveler enjoying a nice day on the beach (actually I dunno if the beach was habitable back then? I probably knew this once and have forgotten, hmmm) and then suddenly AN UNSTOPPABLE WAVE OF SHLOADS OF GIANT FREAKY SEA SCORPIONS INTENT ON MATING. I'd poop bricks man. Really mess up the historical record when someone found a fossilized coprolite-brick with all the Eurypterids.