Paleo Profile - Sea Scorpions

  • Published on: 14 September 2016
  • Today we examine the amazingly bizarre group of prehistoric arthropods, the Eurypterids or sea scorpions of the Paleozoic. We answer questions like: Where they really scorpions? How large did they get? And what are they exactly?

    A lot of illustrations used in the video belong to Satoshi Kawasaki, great thank you to him for illustrating many obscure animals

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  • Runtime : 12:18
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  • Rub3n
    Rub3n   11 hours ago

    I play Ark and I HATE THE EURYPTERID

  • Marine. Jet
    Marine. Jet   1 days ago

    maybe they molt and mate in the same place so the newly borns can eat the molted shell and have more calcium (crayfish do it to their own shells, so this doesn't seem to farfeched)

  • Derp Serious
    Derp Serious   2 days ago

    0:46 Before there was Tentacle Porn, there was Prehistoric Scorpion Porn :)

  • nunezr27399
    nunezr27399   4 days ago

    Hears Whip ScorpionExcuse me a what now!?????

  • Monochrome Grief
    Monochrome Grief   5 days ago

    I dont know how I end up here, but thanks. That was very informative and interesting

  • Alex Benavidez
    Alex Benavidez   5 days ago

    You getting those body comparison pics with the bikini girls from fetish sites or something ?They're so unecessarily and suspiciously erotic lmao

  • wolfiehampton
    wolfiehampton   1 weeks ago

    I want a compilation of trey’s weird things like “suck it vertebrates*

  • Splint Cell
    Splint Cell   1 weeks ago

    Humans are next to experience mass extinction.

  • Weird fish
    Weird fish   1 weeks ago

    Everyone else: 2 years or 1 moth agoMe: has entered the chat

  • Kory B
    Kory B   1 weeks ago

    I want to know more about the adaptation of internal gps in animals. Can you cover how bees find their way home, how these or extant crabs (also modern whales, monarch butterflies, grunions) know when / where to find these safe sies and how these traits would've evolved? I'm in bioscience and I've heard it brought up over and over but never heard how it happened!TREY the Explainer can explain anything <3

  • Kiido11
    Kiido11   2 weeks ago

    0:47Of course it had to be Japanese...

  • Vegard T
    Vegard T   2 weeks ago

    Do they taste like crab?

  • Luke Roberts
    Luke Roberts   2 weeks ago

    Well if their is cat cafés then we should get eurypterid cafés, imagine stroking that exoskeleton

  • carnage6ar
    carnage6ar   2 weeks ago

    scorpions have all those eyes but never see the bottom of my shoe coming

  • Event Hʘriךּon
    Event Hʘriךּon   2 weeks ago

    im SO glad they are extict. An i never say it for anyone as i love zoology. but damn...

  • Lost Space
    Lost Space   3 weeks ago

    Is it just me or would anyone else want to eat one? I bet they are just big ass crabs pretty much

  • Lasse Henriksen
    Lasse Henriksen   3 weeks ago

    what was that doc about this guy traveling back in time and building prehistoric park thing...

  • Frances Lambert
    Frances Lambert   3 weeks ago

    Europe turds?Style Maria?Rip turds?I think someone needs to check the CC option, and speak clearly instead of slurring their words.

  • Ash Dark
    Ash Dark   3 weeks ago

    I turned on captions and everytime he said the sea scorpions scientific name, the captions would type "Europe nerds" "Europe turrets" "Europe turds" try it, if you hate europe but i dont because i was just trying to find out what videos are saying without using sound.

  • Lou Sensei
    Lou Sensei   3 weeks ago

    The human size comparisons though😷

  • luke strawwalker
    luke strawwalker   1 months ago

    The real question is, what did they taste like after boiling and serving with drawn butter and lemon?? Later! OL J R :)

  • comrade
    comrade   1 months ago

    These cunts inflict so much torpor, well they do give good black pearls.

  • Gerry Johnson
    Gerry Johnson   1 months ago

    At 2:14 did you say we at one time had 3 eyes?

  • TheCrazyShin Godzilla
    TheCrazyShin Godzilla   1 months ago

    The armored walking manatee is now one my new favorite prehistoric animals thanks from helping me learn about this animal i

  • T Prime
    T Prime   1 months ago

    Just realized. Emperor scorpions have been making gains at the gym.