Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

  • Published on: 03 February 2014
  • How will the Universe die?

    Everybody dies. The universe too? Well, probably. What are the current theories about the end of everything? And how creepy exactly are these theories? (Spoiler: very creepy). But there might be hope...

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    Will the Universe Die?

    Three Ways to Destroy the Universe

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  • Runtime : 6:17
  • Space something death universe funny life forever black hole hole sun the sun big bang big rip big crunch big bounce heat death Armageddon (Event) time human future past science infographic flat design kurzgesagt everything Ultimate Fate Of The Universe (Literature Subject) einstein


  • Satyam Kumar
    Satyam Kumar   15 minuts ago

    Kurzgesagt: And you thought you were lonely.Me: am i a joke to you

    LAMMET   54 minuts ago

    FBI is watching you

  • Pratham Patni
    Pratham Patni   7 hours ago

    'One day the universe will die"Thanks to remind me......

  • Natorithm
    Natorithm   10 hours ago

    I’m gonna summon my god, and I quote from a book for my god it states, “If they are ever to be set free the Universe would disappear.”FIGHT MY GOD MERE MORTAL BEINGS, now all I need to do is take 10 minutes to get far enough away from others, 20 for it to be set up the spell, and 10 more to finish the spell. Then a big flash and POOF

  • Shuva Khakurel
    Shuva Khakurel   10 hours ago

    Why is this video on my recommended list in 2020? Makes me wonder.

  • ghost
    ghost   12 hours ago

    let's hope 2020 doesn't find this video

  • LTUYoda
    LTUYoda   15 hours ago

    I thought this is gonna be a tutorial. I'm disappointed

  • Night Orcid
    Night Orcid   15 hours ago

    If everything is dead forever, no living beings would go threw pain or suffering.

  • Night Orcid
    Night Orcid   15 hours ago

    Saying the universe is expanding is saying there is an end to it. There can't just be a point where it just.. stops, like the end of a map on a game, right? @~@

  • Barrack Obama
    Barrack Obama   15 hours ago

    I just like how his acc page shows the earth but in almost all his video's he destroys it.

    NOTHiNG   18 hours ago


  • Troevan
    Troevan   21 hours ago

    maybe we aren't the first big bang we might be the 6th or the 5283582th

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice   21 hours ago

    So if the universe is destroyed and it will just come back does that mean there was a universe before ours

  • Sorukho
    Sorukho   1 days ago


  • The real Zom
    The real Zom   1 days ago

    Anyone here from al Qaida or any other terrorist group after looking at the title?

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum   1 days ago

    This video is giving off dark energy, I don't like it.

  • Fluffy.
    Fluffy.   1 days ago

    "the universe will day one day because of people having a TikTok account"