For Honor Season 12 All Combat Translations

  • Published on: 28 January 2020
  • Sorry it's late. Also, keep an eye out for any corrections on some hella old lines that are only being recognized now, especially Highlander.

    Here's my Icelandic friend, Blabbermouth:

    Here's Kurashiki's art page. She makes a lot of For Honor art:

    Of course, a big thanks to Pillxel and 没有暴徒只有恐怖分子; sadly, they don't have anything to advertise.

    Songs (respectively):
    Destiny 2 OST: Riven’s Heart
    Destiny 2 OST: The Vault 3rd Phase Theme
    Destiny 2 OST: The Fanatic Theme
  • Runtime : 10:3


  • TheMajorN
    TheMajorN   4 months ago

    4 Things: 1. For those who might be asking about Zhanhu's responsive dialogue, he says very many things, too many for this video. I will save that for a separate video for the convenience of you not having to skip to the end of a video for one character's responsive dialogue that the rest of the characters don't have.2. Yes, the video is, in fact, just above 10 minutes. I guarantee this wasn’t intentional, but God forbid the voice lines and executions of 26 characters makes content just over 10 minutes long. Like bruh I even trimmed the executions down as to not take up unnecessary space. 3. Feat lines will all be compiled into a different video because I had to time crunch before I headed back to college to make this video and couldn’t find anyone to record feats with, though you saw Moron Abound in the jormungandr clips, he had to leave shortly after.4. This is the Season 12 translation video. Which means it doesn’t include season 13’s executions.That is all, thank you

  • BlaZzen blaze
    BlaZzen blaze   21 hours ago

    i love how warden describes his moveset in his most popular voiceline

  • Titus Tavares
    Titus Tavares   1 days ago

    Dunmaglass basically means “don’t fuck with me”

  • Francesco Monti
    Francesco Monti   1 days ago

    By the way vortiger speaks In a very weird way.For example in the "ad profundis" thing he uses an archaic accusative that is so rare especially for a knight.Actually he should have said "ad profundos" but maybe it would have sounded bad... Who knows...And come to think of it "tenebris" could also be translated with "through the darkness".

  • zFg Ragnarok
    zFg Ragnarok   3 days ago

    People are gooning on this guy for the video being just barely over 10 minutes so what if he makes money off the video he out effort and research into it leave him be like wtf

  • Zerito Kun
    Zerito Kun   5 days ago

    For those who wants itKnights Faction: Warden: 0:17 Conqueror: 0:27 Peacekeeper: 0:35 Lawbringer: 0:48 Centurion: 1:14 Gladiator: 1:44 Black Prior: 2:25Vikings Faction: Raider: 2:44 Warlord: 3:15 Berserker: 3:37 Valkyrie: 3:48 Highlander: 4:14 Shaman: 4:56 Jormungandr: 5:10Samurais Faction: Kensei: 5:41 Orochi: 6:43 Nobushi: 6:54 Shinobi: 7:02 Aramusha: 7:20 Shugoki: 7:29 Hitokiri: 7:43Wu Lin's Faction: Tiandi: 8:13 Jiang Jun: 8:43 Nuxia: 8:58 Shaolin: 9:11 Zhanhu: 9:29

  • Ryn Chn
    Ryn Chn   5 days ago

    Good video, dislike for that Chinese translator tho

  • Peepee
    Peepee   5 days ago

    Shaman: is literally a cannibal and feasts on your fleshAlso shaman: your kin is cursed!

  • tarpay砂糖
    tarpay砂糖   6 days ago

    7:34 Am i the only one whos hearing the fat weeb boi saying: "*I TOUGHT you got cheese!!*"

  • tarpay砂糖
    tarpay砂糖   6 days ago

    7:34 Am i the only one whos hearing the fat weeb boi saying: "*I TOUGHT you got cheese!!*"

  • tarpay砂糖
    tarpay砂糖   6 days ago

    3:53 i always hear "get rekted" and its so annoying

  • Tadeáš Duchek
    Tadeáš Duchek   6 days ago

    Is the voice actor of kensei the same as the voice actor for Dio in Jojo's A jojo reffrence ikr

  • The Nobroshi
    The Nobroshi   6 days ago

    Everyone: Die!Shinobi: holy shit i got a critical hit lmao

  • david zheng
    david zheng   1 weeks ago

    Nuxia’s quote “I’ll send you to hell” is funnier in Chinese. It’s kinda like “here’s a free ride (to hell)” but more cocky.

  • Sean Dagenais
    Sean Dagenais   1 weeks ago

    at least they used realistic voices and not english voices

  • 32_V4XA1R
    32_V4XA1R   1 weeks ago

    7:50 sorry for your hard dedication, but you made a mistake, I’m fluent Japanese and English, and hitokiri, 人斬り (human cutter) they said “我は神” warewa kami Which means “ I am god” As an Japanese Asian, I appreciate the accurate translation to Japanese.

  • Tate Robinson
    Tate Robinson   1 weeks ago

    What language do the Vikings speak. It looks like very old English but I don’t know.

    EVAN LASKEY   1 weeks ago

    Tell me that's not the music from last wish on heart run

  • Jesse Pants
    Jesse Pants   1 weeks ago

    As an Icelandic person I've always heard the Jormungandr's Jotunn Surge on exhausted enemies as "Hyggðu þig" not "Leggðu þig" as most of the Vikings in the game speak in a very old Icelandic manner. And 'Leggðu þig' is far from being that.

  • Danilo832
    Danilo832   1 weeks ago

    Be honest and say how many times did you wacthed video.

  • Fried nRoasted
    Fried nRoasted   1 weeks ago

    Its funny how Orochi wants to have an honorable fight but he forgets that most players that play him light spams

  • Soldier Plant
    Soldier Plant   1 weeks ago

    Is that only me.....Or are Shaolin little bit sassy?

  • CashMoney
    CashMoney   1 weeks ago

    ok... but like... WHAT LANGUAGE ARE THEY SPEAKING?????????????

  • KillZone 2k
    KillZone 2k   1 weeks ago

    3:55 if you listen closely you can hear oof when she hits his balls

  • Warrren Huang
    Warrren Huang   1 weeks ago

    If it's aggressive it's either:GermanorVALHALLA

  • Testo Boi
    Testo Boi   1 weeks ago

    8:46 I have a theory that JJ talks to himself.

  • Red Shadow
    Red Shadow   1 weeks ago

    4:33 I cannot be the only one who didn’t think this was actually a word and just a noise he made

  • Cactusmanofdestiny
    Cactusmanofdestiny   1 weeks ago

    Huh, didn’t think that shaman was telling me to eat shit all these days.

  • A typical Bush
    A typical Bush   1 weeks ago

    Female Jorgan sounds normal and actually sounds like she’s saying something but the male is just screaming at you

  • UGM13
    UGM13   1 weeks ago

    Kensei: Lets have an honorable fight...Shaman: E A T S H I T

  • Ethan Bohnen
    Ethan Bohnen   1 weeks ago

    Huh, nobody's mentioning the fact that he used Heart of Riven from LW Raid as background. I'm a fan!

  • Birdywise
    Birdywise   2 weeks ago

    It's ironic that the samurai always say "let's have a honorable fight." Yet they are the least honorable faction in the entire game. And yes I am including the Chinese in that statement. But for real, its freaking awesome that they do these! It's probably something that you wouldn't notice if it wasnt in the game. But it just sounds so awesome.