Soul | Official Teaser Trailer

  • Published on: 07 November 2019
  • Next summer, Joe Gardner will discover his brilliant, passionate self. Watch the new trailer for Disney & Pixar’s Soul now.

    About Soul:
    Directed by two-time Academy Award®-winner Pete Docter, co-directed by Kemp Powers and produced by Academy Award®-nominee Dana Murray, Disney and Pixar’s “Soul” opens in theaters on June 19, 2020. According to Docter, the idea for the story is 23 years in the making. “It started with my son—he’s 23 now—but the instant he was born, he already had a personality,” says Docter. “Where did that come from? I thought your personality developed through your interaction with the world. And yet, it was pretty clear that we’re all born with a very unique, specific sense of who we are.”

    “Soul” introduces Joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher whose true passion is playing jazz. “I think Joe is having that crisis that all artists have,” says Powers. “He’s increasingly feeling like his lifelong dream of being a jazz musician is not going to pan out and he’s asking himself ‘Why am I here? What am I meant to be doing?’ Joe personifies those questions.”

    In the film, just when Joe thinks his dream might be in reach, a single unexpected step sends him to a fantastical place where he’s is forced to think again about what it truly means to have soul. That’s where he meets and ultimately teams up with 22, a soul who doesn’t think life on Earth is all it’s cracked up to be. Jamie Foxx lends his voice to Joe, while Tina Fey voices 22. “The comedy comes naturally,” says Murray. “But the subtle emotion that reveals the truth to the characters is really something special.”

    Hashtag: #PixarSoul
  • Runtime : 1:31
  • Pixar Disney Disney Pixar Pixar Movie Animation


  • The Other Dude
    The Other Dude   3 minuts ago

    Pixars first black main character!?"Well yes! But actually no..."

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith   16 minuts ago

    Don't you just love how her legs appear out of nowhere

  • Meme Man Memes
    Meme Man Memes   23 minuts ago

    If we could cyberbully the Sonic designers into a redesign, we can do the same with Soul.

  • Michael P
    Michael P   24 minuts ago

    Oh my goodness. Let me get a box a kleenex NOW! The same creators as UP and COCO, I'm sure the story is going to be great.I hope the blue blob characters are not the main focus. The animation of the characters in the beginning are terrific!

  • memebot
    memebot   25 minuts ago

    I got emoji movie vibes towards the end and I don’t like it

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog   35 minuts ago

    It’s like the Will Smith pigeon spy movie all over again

  • VJR 22_6
    VJR 22_6   1 hours ago

    Oh good my fear of dying turned into a cute bright animated movie

  • real _ saaim
    real _ saaim   1 hours ago

    uhhhhh I don’t think kids should watch this bec what happen there do that like in real life..

  • kokohai
    kokohai   1 hours ago

    Imagine having beautiful character and environmental design, very realistic yet stylized animation, and then tossing that to look like every other mediocre children’s animated film.

  • Nickkhan
    Nickkhan   2 hours ago

    Ill just wait till it goes on Disney plus

  • Fikri Fadillah
    Fikri Fadillah   2 hours ago

    0:45 why the biker made it through the hole and not him?

  • exoticpianoman
    exoticpianoman   2 hours ago

    I already look forward to this movie only by the theme + that Animation drawing of Ella Fitzgerald / Oscar Peterson / Nina Simone and Thelonious Monk! @00:29

  • Yank Chnk
    Yank Chnk   3 hours ago

    0:23 When your watching hentai but then you hear your mom coming up from the basement

  • Reamore
    Reamore   3 hours ago

    Ironic how he turns blue like sadness in inside out because this is just sad

  • Tallboy teej
    Tallboy teej   3 hours ago

    I feel like turning him into a little booger was such a lazy move. I’d rather him retain his figure just maybe make him ghost like. Loved the beginning half but c’mon. Even coco had way more interesting after life character designs!

  • The Diamond Complex
    The Diamond Complex   3 hours ago

    I was excited for this movie! Until...The comments were freaking out because the black man turned blue.

  • Robert Hunter
    Robert Hunter   4 hours ago

    First half, I loved, but then- That part... happened...

  • Kayla Anderson
    Kayla Anderson   4 hours ago

    To all the people saying that Soul is a copy of Inside Out, we do not know that. We have very little information about the movie so we do not know what it will be like. I am just saying that we need to see most of the movie before calling it a copy of Inside Out.

  • Milkdromedis
    Milkdromedis   5 hours ago

    The first half of this trailer looks amazing, until it turns into another watered down uninspiring looking sequel

  • Tanzim Ifas
    Tanzim Ifas   6 hours ago

    Budget: 100 million Box office: $0.00

  • That sad Bish
    That sad Bish   7 hours ago

    It looks really goodBut at the same timeI’m like what.....

  • Dumble man
    Dumble man   7 hours ago

    You had me in th first half not gonna lie

  • antoine villeneuve
    antoine villeneuve   7 hours ago

    Hopefully the first part of the trailer represents the majority of the film.

  • Sindi Cullhaj
    Sindi Cullhaj   8 hours ago

    They had us in the first half I'm not gonna lie...

  • Galaxiam
    Galaxiam   8 hours ago

    Seeing the trailer i think theres going to be a good sountrack

  • Jack Bashed
    Jack Bashed   8 hours ago

    Why’s everyone hating on the blue soul? It’s the basis of the movie? What would you want instead

  • Galaxiam
    Galaxiam   8 hours ago

    I love this animating style

  • Sabrina ASL
    Sabrina ASL   8 hours ago

    So how much u think Disney/Pixar paid AJR to use overture for this trailer?

  • Galaxiam
    Galaxiam   8 hours ago

    The film as the begining of the trailer with a good story could be interesting

  • FizzyLake 3771
    FizzyLake 3771   8 hours ago

    This is definitely gonna have some super sad moment, like up

  • King328
    King328   9 hours ago

    Glad to see Pixar creating the movie for “That time I got reincarnated as a slime”, crazy direction they’re taking it in.

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina   9 hours ago

    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Blobsounds familiar