Why Britain Sucks At Product Placement

  • Published on: 04 January 2016
  • Britain has some of the strongest product placement rules in the world - and it means YouTube vloggers have to declare their advertising before you click on the video. Why? And what did it mean for our version of The Price is Right?

    Thank you to Rob (http://twitter.com/readwriteerase) for stepping in as camera operator at the very last moment, despite the terrible weather and his being a bit ill!

    SEE MORE OVER ON THE PARK BENCH: 18 minutes of Matt and Tom talking about the economics of YouTube, and why there isn't a Patreon link here: https://youtu.be/w04WmOzK4UY
  • Runtime : 5:18
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  • Peter D Morrison
    Peter D Morrison   2 days ago

    Is it a coincidence that Britain has the best TV in the world?

  • Mimhere
    Mimhere   4 days ago

    So that’s why shirts characters wore were sometimes blurred out in American sitcoms here in the UK

  • Ashtón
    Ashtón   6 days ago

    I would really love to live in Britain. The amount of ads on television in the United States is absolutely terrible

  • Coast
    Coast   1 weeks ago

    I know its totally off topic, but did anyone notice Tom is at the place where Piccadilly from Modern Warfare is based off?

  • gwen ezao
    gwen ezao   1 weeks ago

    Ahh yes death stranding brought to you my the life elixer that is monster energy

  • super myst
    super myst   2 weeks ago

    I broke my Nintendo Switch sent it to argos where I got it and they sent me a new one lost all my data as they lost it

  • Rory Key
    Rory Key   2 weeks ago

    I wish our government would regulate advertising.

  • Pav 1
    Pav 1   3 weeks ago

    I have not seen a comment section with so much product placement before... make your comments stand out with grammerly

  • ok
    ok   3 weeks ago

    It’s funny how British TV doesn’t like ads because it’s tacky but the shows are abysmal

  • pako pepe fdez
    pako pepe fdez   3 weeks ago

    Now make a video about how USA healthy is now because all those 50's 60's 70's 80's advertisement.

  • somenglishguy
    somenglishguy   3 weeks ago

    That clip from Hawaii 5-0 was unbelievably cringey.

  • Fiona P
    Fiona P   3 weeks ago

    I live in Australia. And we 'enjoy ' ( if I can say that) both worlds. We have commercial TV. Which begun here roughly around 1956. And we have ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Formerly known as Australian Broadcasting Commission) it was originally financed by consumer licence fees but that was abolished in 1973. And now it's financed through government grants. And I wish on our commercial tv stations there was considerably a lot less production placement. In particular on News and Current Affairs programs ( As this can and does lead to advertisers dictating what can and what will not be talked about on these shows) Plus the amount of ads we're bombarded with on commercial tv drives me up the wall. It's just ridiculous. And it's worse if you watch commercial tv on your mobile device.Product Placement. Are programs and movies made to entertain us? And really inform us? Or are they made to sell you stuff? I kind of agree with The BBC stand on banning Product Placement........ ☮️⚛️

  • Zontar
    Zontar   4 weeks ago

    Wait how do you ban product placement in children's shows when any of those shows, including British ones, are half hour ads with a story?

  • El Has Music
    El Has Music   1 months ago

    Explain why YouTube is letting people make videos into adverts when they are not advertising anything.

  • WeedStream
    WeedStream   1 months ago

    Enemy by the busEnemy by the busEnemy by the bus

  • X Wilson
    X Wilson   1 months ago

    Well I guess they can't watch Stranger Things

  • Sniper 2000
    Sniper 2000   1 months ago

    Britain made the right decision and if you want to see the difference watch kitchen nightmares British version has more content and no flashback unlike American version.

  • Kanal Q
    Kanal Q   1 months ago

    I think it isn't a bad idea to restrict ads in TV programs, but it needs to be done slightly differently...

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen   1 months ago

    Germany is the same as Britain in everything mentioned here except we didn’t have the bbc.

  • Abubakr Siddique
    Abubakr Siddique   1 months ago

    I still don't get what you're trying to do with your channel - keep it up!

  • Guillermo Suárez Pérez

    I find it really good that they don't allow advertisements during children's programmes. It's basically brainwashing them and turning them into crazy consumerists

  • lmaonade
    lmaonade   1 months ago

    I live near Alexandra Palace I wish I could’ve seen you!!!

  • Everett
    Everett   1 months ago

    2:35 random stree light blink.

  • Ryan
    Ryan   1 months ago

    These rules are a total joke and a government overreach. Can’t believe people are actually defending this in the comments.

  • Guiep
    Guiep   1 months ago

    2:31For a moment I thought Tom was gonna do the news.

  • Ranudar
    Ranudar   1 months ago

    Sounds like a good thing. Why is there so much product in James Bond movies though?

  • Filipe Batista
    Filipe Batista   1 months ago

    I throughly enjoyed the video, don’t get me wrong, but the best part by far is the Americans on the comments trying to justify the way American TV is. Laughable

  • Frankie Bedek
    Frankie Bedek   1 months ago

    Should be titled ‘why the UK is good with product placement’. All these rules seem logical.

  • WaxxyOne
    WaxxyOne   1 months ago

    This must be the reason for the "other brands are available" jokes I sometimes see in the British panel shows I watch on YouTube.

  • Taina Elisabeth
    Taina Elisabeth   1 months ago

    4:54 “We don’t do those horrible product placements... at least on television anyway” while a bus with an advertisement drives past is some top-notch accidental comedy.

  • Lucy Splendid
    Lucy Splendid   1 months ago

    This is the one thing I love about Britain.