South Carolina Primary Has Native Son Stephen Colbert All Fired Up

  • Published on: 14 February 2020
  • With the Democratic presidential candidates turning their attention to South Carolina ahead of that state's primary, proud Charlestonian Stephen Colbert plans to be all over this election like shrimp on grits. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert

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  • Runtime : 8:7
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  • S J
    S J   1 months ago

    5:31 that joke didn’t age well 😖

  • Mai Phan
    Mai Phan   1 months ago

    Gone to hell bernie and stephen colbert ,tooooo old bernie ,to be wicked stephen Get lost both of you bernie ,stephen

  • no one
    no one   2 months ago

    Unimportant Hollywood people

  • kavyamj
    kavyamj   2 months ago

    In the thumbnail, Stephen looks like Beck

  • Pink Freud
    Pink Freud   2 months ago

    Taiwan actually named the disease first. Not sure why WHO re-named it?🤔Maybe to give it a more objective,less subjective, scientific name?So as to discourage location blame & long term tarnishing of initial outbreak territory. Which, I suppose,does seem fair. After all, Britain would hate it if their zoonotic disease, CJD, had been called "Mad Englishman Disease" or "Doncaster Dementia Disease" or "Herefordshire Heifer's Disease" or "Pickering Prion Disease" or "Merseyside Mad Cow Disease".

  • Mallory Calloway
    Mallory Calloway   2 months ago

    North Carolina come on an raise up take your shirt off and twist 'round your head. (spin it like a helicopter) Don't be hatin' on your big brother.

  • Chance
    Chance   2 months ago

    What city in Arizona 😂😂😂

  • B Ubaldi
    B Ubaldi   2 months ago

    I haven't watched Colbert for three years. Is that a belly behind that single button blazer? Where is the svelte man I used to watch on Comedy Central?

  • Scott
    Scott   3 months ago

    Trump’s gonna get Bernt.

  • John
    John   3 months ago

    Wow, I haven't watched Steven in awhile after boycotting him, but did he get stale? I could have sworn he was a lot more dynamic and funny. Hm

  • Jack D
    Jack D   3 months ago

    If NV was any predictor, Bernie is gonna crush the black and Latino vote to surprised Pikachu faces to people like Colbert.

  • John Baker
    John Baker   3 months ago

    "To buy pepper." I had to pause, to finish laughing.

  • The CMM Guy LLC.
    The CMM Guy LLC.   3 months ago

    checking back in, Nevada just voted and it is Sanders in a landslide. The DNC is now telling us they will overturn our votes, volunteer work and campaign contributions by ignoring the vote and choosing a status quo candidate with superdelegates. The illusion we live in a Democracy will collapse entirely in 10 days.

  • Che Li
    Che Li   3 months ago

    The people for Bernie.

  • tilly gregory
    tilly gregory   3 months ago

    hand me a biscuit is what they would say in London Stephen

  • Tele Court
    Tele Court   3 months ago

    Please contact sen cruz for the online shamandalete

  • Devin Stator
    Devin Stator   3 months ago

    My favourite scene in the Joker is when the talk show host gets shot in the head.

  • zBijs
    zBijs   3 months ago

    This episode crossed the line between the Unfortunate and Trumpian. 50,000 sick, and 2,000 dead people man. Good material for jokes, huh? Next time when you're out of ideas, make some jokes about Hiroshima, and the Holocaust.

  • tattoofthesun
    tattoofthesun   3 months ago

    Dude you can’t go on vacation at the same time Seth and Trevor I can’t live without your humor making the news bearable

  • LaGuerre19
    LaGuerre19   3 months ago

    Billionaires are sociopaths. It is immoral to hoard so much money when people starve, go without homes and clean water and food and warmth and love.No billionaires. Bernie 2020!

  • generalxanos
    generalxanos   3 months ago

    Um, yeahhhh. Cause Coronavirus will die from the BLISTERING heat in April. You know, in Springtime/temperatures where viruses thrive. It's the reason why hospitals keep their facilities nice and chilly, to reduce the rate of spread among viruses, molds, and bacteria. A good idea right now would be to cut funding to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We should totally do that to all the illegals in the United States. When USAMRID (United States Army Medical Research into Infectious Diseases) gets overwhelmed because Trump blew their wad on a wall we'll have to climb to escape the plague, then those cheapo EU people will have save all of us with the World Health Organization. That'll save us a lot of Money.tHe lOgiC oF tRUMP. It is mystifying, it is hypnotic in the way watching a train grind a car to bits, and it is TERRIFYING.Not only were we the people failed by party-line asskissing Senators, but by the President's own cabinet. We should have been hearing the screams of "HOLD HIS ARMS!" "HE'S SQUIRMING!" "DAMMIT JIM, THAT'S MY ARM!" "HOW DO THESE STRAIGHTJACKETS WORK? WHO DESIGNED THIS INFERNAL CONTRAPTION?" "Mother heard a noise and insisted I investigate. What's going on?" "INVESTIGATE? SURE, WHO ARE WE DIGGING UP DIRT ON NOW?"

  • Office Contact
    Office Contact   3 months ago

    Bernie will cause down ballot tickets to lose. Vote Biden and save the house and senate.

    BIG CAMOTE   3 months ago

    Bernie will drop dead forever he ever becomes president.

  • Damian Taylor
    Damian Taylor   3 months ago

    Bernie is the only candidate against superdelegates. The rest are hypocrites

  • Ryan Tyler
    Ryan Tyler   3 months ago

    I'm just preparing for another four years of watching Alec Baldwin on SNL to distract me from another four years of a mass-kidnapper in the White House, because given how ridiculous the Democratic primaries have gotten, and the huge number of idiots in this country, as much as I hate to say it, I doubt that guy will get unseated.

  • Mo9000
    Mo9000   3 months ago

    Meth-Gator 2020

  • Coletha Albert
    Coletha Albert   3 months ago

    I see that he dropped Obama's representation on the floor, guess Obama nor Michelle are interested in coming onto the show any longer huh😎😎😎🤤 When is Trump coming on since you are throwing him a fundraising dinner😎 right?? Is Trump still greenlighting all your jokes?? Yeah. We. Know.

  • ntorok
    ntorok   3 months ago

    Covid-19 sounds like something Trump invented in a middle of the night Tweet.

  • ForCryinOutLoud O'Neill

    Let's take a serious look at African American support (NBC/WSJ poll - Feb 18th):"Biden continues to lead among African American Democratic primary voters, but his support has declined from 52 percent in January to 38 percent now, while Sanders' backing among these voters has remained steady in the 20s. Bloomberg's support among African Americans has doubled from 9 percent last month to 18 percent now. "Biden's support with African Americans is under assault," said McInturff, the GOP pollster. When the Democratic field is reduced to just Sanders and Bloomberg, Sanders holds a 20-point national lead, 57 percent to 37 percent. And Sanders also holds a double-digit lead over Buttigieg in a hypothetical two-person race, 54 percent to 38 percent."So Biden's support by African American voters has DRASTICALLY dropped, Bernie's is steadily rising and if Bernie were to face off against either Bloomberg or Pete (because honestly, let's face it, Biden is NOT in this race anymore), he has a HUGE lead over both of them.STOP trying to play off or ignore exactly how fucking good Bernie is doing in this god damn race. Jaysus. What is WRONG with American democrats? As someone from outside your country looking in, this is just pathetic watching how god damn BIAS you all are against Bernie and how DESPERATE you are to try and convince people he couldn't POSSIBLY be the front runner, couldn't POSSIBLY win, or beat Trump. Open your eyes. He is winning in ALL of your polls. He is drawing the largest crowds. He is actually convincing a higher percentage of the 18-29 year old demographic to get out there and VOTE than did in the previous two elections (and unsurprisingly, they're voting for HIM). Unlike all the other candidates, he is running on policies that would HELP you people - policies that NUMEROUS countries around the world use and THRIVE on, so STOP with the scare tactics that it's communism (it ISN'T), or socialism (it ISN'T) - democratic socialism is something completely different, and frankly that so many of you don't actually UNDERSTAND that shows how LACKING the funding for your education system has been in the past DECADES. Something Bernie will INVEST in. Jaysus. Come ON people! Stop voting for the status quo. NOTHING will change under Warren, under Biden, under Klobuchar - and things will get HORRIBLY worse under Bloomberg or Pete.It's frankly disgusting that the media is not talking about Pete faking African American support, or talking about his plans to force high school students into a year of service after they graduate - because that's what you need, people forced into the military to boost your numbers. But no one is talking about that.