Taking Our Greyhound To The Beach For The First Time

  • Published on: 01 August 2019
  • Although I really appreciate everyone’s suggestions about off leash dog beaches in southern CA, please understand that Bunny was born and bred to race, was registered to race and spent at least some portion of her life on a racing tack. She is a sighthound, she will take off whenever she sees something to chase and will not respond to commands,
    it is her nature. We can train her to the best of our ability but part of adopting a rescue greyhound is agreeing that your dog will never be off leash unless they are in a fully fenced in environment (or are on a leash). They are very different dogs in that sense and no matter how much we would love to let her run on a beach, even an off leash dog beach, safety already comes first and foremost with her. Even well trained former racing Greys can have this as a safety issue, and we would never let her run free unless we were in a fully fenced in environment. I hope you all can understand why this is the safest and best way currently in our state for her to enjoy the beach and if you are curious about rescue greyhoudsntonjist have a quick look on the internet. They are wonderful companions but do require some extra safety measures due to their ... well sighthoundedness lol.

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  • Runtime : 14:58
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  • Starshine Truth
    Starshine Truth   1 days ago

    her boyfriend makes me angry when he told kermit to shutup.... i would never allow that. Poor kermit. I dont trust her dude AT ALL.

  • Abigail Lopez
    Abigail Lopez   4 days ago

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Julien: HOW DOES THAT THICC BUTT FIT IN THE TENT

  • AngieBearTV
    AngieBearTV   5 days ago

    It’s so upsetting knowing no one will look at me the way Jenna looks at Bunny 🥺💞. So cute tho.

  • Sophocles
    Sophocles   5 days ago

    I sit in magic box with loud brother. When I leave box, i sit in food bag and try to eat my food, but mommy said no. She let me eat snack though. We leave bag and go see loud water. Loud water says hi. Back in magic box, brother is loud. Box made home come back. Sister and small brother happy. I happy. I like loud water. I hope box brings it back.

  • Cryofeenix
    Cryofeenix   6 days ago

    I just realized which beach you guys are at! I didnt know it was an on-leash dog beach, also its really amazing seeing bunny then v now

  • Piper Lawson
    Piper Lawson   6 days ago

    Bunny theme song would be " Time of my life"

  • Piper Lawson
    Piper Lawson   6 days ago

    I feel like Kermit theme song is "Take Me Away" by Scotty Sire

  • PepperRaysMlp
    PepperRaysMlp   6 days ago

    Who thought that Kermit would be a role model 😂

  • aliensare real
    aliensare real   6 days ago

    Jenna and Julien: it's freezing out it's like 75°Me, a northerner, riding a moose standing next to my snow hut: then get a blanket

  • jeweleryt
    jeweleryt   1 weeks ago

    When I die I want to be reincarnated as one of Jenna's dogs

  • Omarigeno
    Omarigeno   1 weeks ago

    The ocean is made of Kermit's tears from each time he cried while at the beach.

  • Molly Smith
    Molly Smith   1 weeks ago

    Jenna: Look at this nice beach energyAlso Jenna to Kermit: Stop it, Whatever you're doing, CHILL OUT

  • Aimee Ginez
    Aimee Ginez   1 weeks ago

    The idea that Kermit is bunny’s emotional support dog is endlessly funny to me

  • Lia Coursey
    Lia Coursey   1 weeks ago

    Some people: go to the mountainsOther people: go fishingMe: watches people go on vacation

  • Shelby Dively
    Shelby Dively   1 weeks ago

    Bunny is making the best progress ever. She did so much just in this video that she wouldn’t even think of when they first adopted her. She used stairs, she played in the sand, she playing in the water, she went on a very long car ride, and she sat in a pop up tent. She’s the best lil Seinfeld fan

  • Shelby Dively
    Shelby Dively   1 weeks ago

    Bunny: I am yes! Kermit is making the fun noise again! Kermit: Am only rat good enough for mommy and big man to take to beach with horse (cry) mom please love me look I am crying so hard for you Peach: DAD ARE YOU GONNA HAVE FOOD I WILL BE SCARED OF BEACH FOR HORSE YOU ARE VERY WELCOME I LOVE YOU CAN I HAVE FOOD Marble: I do not like horse. Big idiot horse does not listen to me

  • cheezy chkn strips
    cheezy chkn strips   1 weeks ago

    Even though cirmit is older then bunny cirmit acts like a uncontrollable 2 year old and horse acts like a responseable adult

  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez   1 weeks ago

    Jenna: leaves houseDogs: party in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DogInFlowers i love flammingo

    I emetaly liked the video and I saw all the dislikes and who ever did all those sucks like why did you watch it if you were going to disliked it like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😠

  • Eric Chiesa
    Eric Chiesa   2 weeks ago

    We have 2 greyhounds we take them to the high school football field and they love the track. Its squishy and they will sprint if you want to see her run.

  • 150 subs with no vids?

    Cement and büññÿ are those two siblings that gang up on their parents Paesh and the dead one are the siblings who are too scared to argue with eachother

  • Theresa Roberge
    Theresa Roberge   2 weeks ago

    Bunny: 😄🤩🤨🤩Kermit: 🙄😔☹🥺😥🥶

  • kmcguth
    kmcguth   2 weeks ago

    I think that we are the owners of Bunny's brother. His name is Butch and his racing name was Butch Probert. He looks exactly like Bunny and he seems to be about the same age.

  • Kaeleigh Ray
    Kaeleigh Ray   2 weeks ago

    What kind of dollars)leashes are those that difuse the pressure of the lead. I have these for my young horse but would love it for my Bernese who pulls a lot. She's old so she can't drag me along, but she does a good job at choking herself on q regular collar/leash. Usually use a harness but her long coat gets Tangled in it.

  • Kymber Funk
    Kymber Funk   2 weeks ago

    Rename the video “Pisces goes to the beach”

  • Stephanie Safir
    Stephanie Safir   2 weeks ago

    "i love the sound of the ocean when the ocean barks" - jenna marbles.

  • Nicole Lain342
    Nicole Lain342   3 weeks ago

    There should be a Jenna app where you can just play the voice of Jenna just saying encouraging things Because I would totally get that app

  • Collette Wright
    Collette Wright   3 weeks ago

    My boyfriend described kermit as a "squeaky weasel" and I think that is 100% accurate