NO TIME TO DIE Land Rover New Defender

  • Published on: 13 November 2019
  • NO TIME TO DIE is the first movie to feature Land Rover’s New Defender it was announced today. The New Defender, will appear in a chase sequence and has been tested by the 007 expert stunt team in the most extreme off-road conditions, demonstrating its unstoppable nature. Footage captured during filming of the upcoming movie gives a unique, behind-the-scenes view of stunt coordinator Lee Morrison and stunt driver Jessica Hawkins at work.
  • Runtime : 42
  • James Bond 007 No Time To Die Jaguar Land Rover Land Rover Jessica Hawkins stunts Lee Morrison Off-road


  • anthony smith
    anthony smith   2 months ago

    Best advert ever for a defender, never wanted a defender so bad

  • Chris Lynch
    Chris Lynch   3 months ago

    Still cant beat a yota / lexus 😘

  • the 4cats
    the 4cats   3 months ago

    forza horizon 4 : no time 2 die

  • Ronove
    Ronove   3 months ago

    The new defender looks like it was designed by a soy boy with gay hairdressers in mind.

  • Impermanence
    Impermanence   3 months ago


  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera   3 months ago


  • lastlondon
    lastlondon   3 months ago

    Trailer: "unstoppable"LR Defender: my brand's signature "Check Engine" light is on

  • Cherry Stone
    Cherry Stone   3 months ago

    ‘’Everybody been eagerly waiting for’’

  • Justin B
    Justin B   3 months ago

    Steering wheel is on the wrong side. Why?

  • Joe 68
    Joe 68   3 months ago

    Yeah yeah yeah, give it a year and limp mode will be activated...

  • elliot330
    elliot330   3 months ago

    I’m amazed it didn’t break down.

  • Grechkin 26
    Grechkin 26   3 months ago

    Why are the numbers on the car Russian ?

  • Wheaten Zoomies
    Wheaten Zoomies   3 months ago

    Land Rover Pretender, not Defender and Jane Blonde not James Bond. Everybody chasing equality, but only equality with those who have more, because the ones they want to be work harder or are smarter than them. Equivalence is not a right, go out and earn it. Dont go out and hold your hand out whilst you cry!

    HEAT SEEKER   3 months ago

    WOW, Bond is about empowering woman now? ffs.

  • Phil Hughes
    Phil Hughes   3 months ago

    As the owner of two LR's including a 130 I am looking forward to seeing a car that is fit for Climate Change and the climate Crisis we are all facing, with zero carbon emissions. Come on LR you can do better than this.

  • Lan G
    Lan G   4 months ago

    In the 27th 007, James Bond will be replaced by a product placement for a self driving Land Rover.

  • VinylAn
    VinylAn   4 months ago

    А почему такой дурацкий русский номер HI 4341 2с 97rus? Регион московский - но таких номеров небывает.Написали бы тогда на номере сразу PUT1N 97rus или N0V1CH0K 97rus

  • ihatecocaine
    ihatecocaine   5 months ago

    Was it filmed in Russia? The plate is russian

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund   5 months ago

    I look forward to seeing it in the film.

  • Zoltan Kraynik
    Zoltan Kraynik   6 months ago

    Always loved James Bond! Of course I have my favorite James Bond but they are all amazing! “No time to die” looks like a blockbuster hit for James Bond fans so get set for Feb, 2020 release, I can’t wait!

  • Crazy prayingmantis
    Crazy prayingmantis   6 months ago

    Land Rovers are for picking the kids up from school.Shame on you for getting the tyres dirty like that