Singers Most Embarrassing Moments of all time CRINGE, Celebrities most embarrassing moments

  • Published on: 05 June 2018
  • Singers Most Embarrassing Moments of all time.
    Selena Gomez - Lip sync fails
    Britney Spears - Lip sync fails
    Mariah Carey - Lip sync fails
    Pink - Fell off stage
    Meghan Trainor - Fell
    Iggy - Fell of stage

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    Singers Lip Sync Fails, Singers Most Embarrassing Moments

    Singers Most Fail Lip Sync Moments
  • Runtime : 10:45
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  • Sho Franz
    Sho Franz   53 minuts ago

    Beyonce kept singing.. my girlfriend hair accidentally got caught on my watch and she stopped talking to me for hours.. best day of my life.

  • John Michael Deocades

    MC is much worst here. How dare she betrayed her fans? Of all the loves and supports coming from her so called LAMBS? Shame on her.

  • lgbtq _queen
    lgbtq _queen   3 hours ago

    Katie: plays recorderI cAnT PlAy tHe FlUtE

  • Fran Meyer
    Fran Meyer   3 hours ago

    Beyoncé wait I think u dropped this 👑

  • Mr Sid
    Mr Sid   4 hours ago

    Katy Perry’s one made me laugh not cringe XD

  • Sleepy Weeb
    Sleepy Weeb   5 hours ago

    In the Katy Perry one, the recording is a flute. I know that for sure because I play one. Nice try tho Katy

  • Bean Burritos spare
    Bean Burritos spare   8 hours ago

    The only embarrassing thing about katy failing is she called a recorder a flute!

  • Mata Bata
    Mata Bata   11 hours ago

    That with Katy Perry was epic

  • Oceaxn C:
    Oceaxn C:   15 hours ago

    Much respect to Beyoncé,Pink,and Ariana Grande and Seinfeld needs to give Ke$ha that hug rn

  • Stella Sims
    Stella Sims   17 hours ago

    I hope Katy Perry realizes that’s not a flute it’s a recorder

  • Indian Boyz
    Indian Boyz   18 hours ago

    Everybody: Falling and slipping on stage Kanye: Hitting his head on a sign

  • Yee-to- The-haw
    Yee-to- The-haw   20 hours ago

    Kanye walks into a pole "OMG ARE YOU OKAY?"I walk into a pole Friends: Die laughing

    SPIDEY   23 hours ago

    According to my calculations Steve Harvey is not a singer

  • Toby Crane
    Toby Crane   1 days ago

    She’s good at playing the skin

  • w0bbl3r
    w0bbl3r   1 days ago

    Seinfeld saw that legal trap coming, didn't he?"Give me a hug?", "Ok", hugs. Next day "He raped me". Seinfeld arrested for raping some blonde ugly bimbo

  • ram2791
    ram2791   1 days ago

    Adam Sandler is the problem there. He is an arrogant unfunny, truly terrible human being

  • Hantono Shi
    Hantono Shi   1 days ago

    Beyonce really showed how professional she was. Amazing

  • rip panda
    rip panda   1 days ago

    Beyonce: to pull me back again Me: They are pulling somthing

  • Moon Amethyst
    Moon Amethyst   1 days ago

    Katy Perry got exposed that’s so embarrassing I feel her pain xd

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf   1 days ago

    Katie parry: so I lied I can’t play the flute. Me: that’s not even a flute that’s a recorder....

  • amai.
    amai.   2 days ago

    katy thats a recorder...

  • Perizia K
    Perizia K   2 days ago


  • Random Unicorn
    Random Unicorn   2 days ago

    Mariah Carey just does not give a fuck about her career no more

  • pool cheater
    pool cheater   2 days ago

    12m people came here to see artists failures , laugh at them and go to work daily 😂 including me