Wild โ€˜N Out Cast Reacts To Deleted Scenes & Sh*t You Didnโ€™t See ๐ŸŽฌ ๐Ÿ˜‚ Wild Reacts

  • Published on: 19 August 2019
  • Peep the Wild โ€˜N Out cast reacting to some of their best or worst deleted scenes, that didnโ€™t make it off the cutting room floor. ๐ŸŽฌ

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    Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.
  • Runtime : 11:3
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  • Sandy Fils
    Sandy Fils   5 hours ago

    ๐Ÿ˜Karlous Miller's chemistry e/ Justin's & Jess Hilariuos. So sweet๐Ÿ‘& genuine.

  • iam.aniyamarie
    iam.aniyamarie   23 hours ago

    Anyone else think Emanuel Hudson and his brother look totally different from "why you asking questions " ?

  • Rene Sanchez
    Rene Sanchez   1 days ago

    Your ass is so lame but why do u always have to take the blame

  • NoLimitLolo
    NoLimitLolo   1 days ago

    I canโ€™t tell if on the show the crowds audio is increased or in this the crowds audio is decreased

  • Jay Hines
    Jay Hines   1 days ago

    Emmanuel's laugh ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ’€

  • Jay Hines
    Jay Hines   1 days ago

    Cortez and Big Mac talking about Nick's braids๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ’€

  • Jay Hines
    Jay Hines   1 days ago

    B Simone and Vee are so funny together

  • Poco Lamana
    Poco Lamana   3 days ago

    I agree with Karlous they know nothing about poetry

  • Luis Mateo
    Luis Mateo   3 days ago

    1:17-1:20 only reason her shit ain't pick is cuz she ain't funny at all.

  • Rachel Campbell
    Rachel Campbell   3 days ago

    That's why I love justina and DC because they always come with a bang you guys always have the vybe

  • Maddie's World
    Maddie's World   4 days ago

    Dc and valentine act like bro and sis to be real with you

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez   5 days ago

    Wow Christina actually sounds like a very nice person. I thought she would be super ghetto and mean, but she is sweet.

  • yoni Halevi
    yoni Halevi   5 days ago

    Got to give respect to Charlie clips, his roasts are fire. Better than DC. By far!

  • adwoa Ansong
    adwoa Ansong   5 days ago

    Big mac: Justina looks like the trailer park version of legally blondCrotez: thats not funny man sheโ€™s gonna see thatBig mac: ๐Ÿ’€

  • Heart Ratings
    Heart Ratings   5 days ago

    Now i see how they put fake audience laughing loud

  • Andrรฉ A. Avalos

    Karlos cool but why he act so entitled. Does Nick owe him a check or did he lost a bet? tf

  • Theoriginal SM
    Theoriginal SM   5 days ago

    Cortez got that hat on to hide that mega mind head

  • demitri grant
    demitri grant   6 days ago

    Karlos: I am immune to them cutting my-Editor: cut it...

  • Beam H.
    Beam H.   6 days ago

    These niggas seem lowkey jealous

  • bignig34
    bignig34   6 days ago

    Damn why they throwin Eazy E under the bus like that the fuck

  • we stan
    we stan   6 days ago

    canโ€™t be just me that loves Chicoโ€™s laugh doe ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Jana Folks
    Jana Folks   6 days ago

    They roasting better in this video then they were in the clips they watched

  • Nay Writes
    Nay Writes   6 days ago

    Justina madd funny like nigha be quiet they pay us ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • linda johnson
    linda johnson   1 weeks ago

    I came here thinking I would see the azelia banks scenes