Travel INSIDE a Black Hole

  • Published on: 07 March 2012
  • Black holes, light speed travel, and the center of the universe!
    Watch Numberphile discuss a "Googol":


    All music by Jake Chudnow:

    Einstein Ring (a special type of gravitational lensing):

    Earth orbiting black hole (gif):

    Visual distortion caused by massive gravity:

    What would it be like to travel into a black hole? (text):

    INTO A BLACK HOLE (with videos):

    Black Hole view from behind:



    more on the dumbhole:

    what it would look like to approach the speed of light:

    pinhole camera demo of "seeing behind yourself":

    More on visual changes while approaching lightspeed:

    Where is the center of the universe?

    Expansion layer demo:
  • Runtime : 10:45
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  • Adam Bay
    Adam Bay   45 minuts ago

    Why do I remember him saying, that youd see the end of the universe due to the faster going time after you passed the event horizon

  • Biggo Memero
    Biggo Memero   5 hours ago

    The galaxy isn’t really in danger of the black holes succ

  • supreme_ showerhead
    supreme_ showerhead   6 hours ago

    The only thing that can go through a black hole is something that has a mass of 0 such as light

  • perfect penguin
    perfect penguin   10 hours ago

    this video is almost a decade old.feel old yet? i know i doi remember watching this 7 years agovsause really fueled my passion for space exploration that i still have todaythanks, micheal

  • Mohammad Mujahid
    Mohammad Mujahid   11 hours ago

    what if there was a black hole that could suck another black hole

  • haha funny yes
    haha funny yes   13 hours ago

    I sometimes fall down a space rabbit hole and don't even realise I clicked on a vsauce video until I hear "HEY VSACUSE, MICHAEL HERE!"

  • Mohan Dhote
    Mohan Dhote   17 hours ago

    Felt so horrific watching this video, that I freaked out when my phone rang..

  • Bon Jame
    Bon Jame   18 hours ago

    What I want to know is could we tell the difference of a black hole and a wormhole

  • chang yang
    chang yang   20 hours ago

    Why can’t you be my science teacher? I’m stuck with a teacher that sits at his desk and copies work sheets and answers off the internet. Seriously though, everyone who had him before just told me to get the answer online because all his book work and test are online. And Yes all we do in that class is sit quietly, read a book and jot down the answer. We’ve been doing this since first quarter!!! The first semester is about to end and we’re still doing it!!! I keep telling my counselor that that class is a hinderance to my education but we can’t change it because it’s a year long class! I just want out of that class, that’s all I want. I’ll deal with the hell that is first period if I have too but I just want a class where I can learn things.

  • Yahyah Odin
    Yahyah Odin   23 hours ago

    Imagine having a black hole as a mirror just to see the back of your head.

  • JaZieeX
    JaZieeX   23 hours ago

    Not really it's just a warp, of time or anything and everything.

  • Riley Dobson
    Riley Dobson   1 days ago

    "A spinning black hole"This fucker knew they span before we knew they span

  • S a m r a
    S a m r a   1 days ago

    Once when I was in 2nd grade My dad taught me how to make a black whole and I went to school thinking I had the most power ever

  • Alex Little
    Alex Little   1 days ago

    It could take you to a parallel universe where bananas are blue and sheep have tentacles

  • Colton Guillen
    Colton Guillen   1 days ago

    The photon sphere is like a skybox around the black hole

  • H3liX Lazar
    H3liX Lazar   1 days ago

    A black hole. HMMMMM sounds a lot like my soul

  • Winged Foox
    Winged Foox   1 days ago

    If you want to ask what you see if you go fastAsk sonic

  • sadoko
    sadoko   1 days ago

    I just watched this video, thinking its just some random 2019/2018 vid. BUT jez imagine if science knew that much about the universe, what will happen in 2020?

  • Endivine
    Endivine   1 days ago

    Hey, guy! Change russian name of this video to Путешествие внутрь черной дыры. There is mistake

  • fortniteguy 3213
    fortniteguy 3213   1 days ago

    Micheal: are we there yetMicheals mom: what really is "there"

  • Metacomet
    Metacomet   1 days ago

    I was using "dumbhole" in an entirely different way.

  • Colton Glass
    Colton Glass   1 days ago

    Real question. At 4:50 if you looked at your hand would you be able to see it or would nothing visible be there?

  • TruthB Told
    TruthB Told   2 days ago

    No thank you. I have already been to San Francisco.

  • mari does stuff
    mari does stuff   2 days ago

    "if you compressed earth down to the size of a peanut you would have a-"me: nut hole"the effect is even n u t t i e r "me: Nut Hole

  • ILikeGamesToo - King of Discord

    So Dumbholes... in 400 years, YouTubers can create a dumb hole around their mics so they can screech without causing human suffering.