Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #9

  • Published on: 07 December 2019
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  • Runtime : 13:18
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  • Daisy Fraser
    Daisy Fraser   9 hours ago

    Yes! Jamie finally found Danny with his poking stick! 😂

  • Carina Zamora
    Carina Zamora   1 days ago

    Jamie: “I don’t think there’s anything in the video ...” sad spoon noises

  • Lily Cornelison
    Lily Cornelison   4 days ago

    Turns out Danny was hiding in the bean bag chair that he stabbed with the GIANT SPOON!DANNY WHERE ARE YOU!? Oh I am just DEAD IN A BEAN BAG CHAIR!

  • bigkbone73
    bigkbone73   4 days ago

    i have saw all the plan sight videos so im re watching them

  • RIP QwAzy
    RIP QwAzy   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else watching during quarantine?No ok I guess I’m the only one😞(bores)

  • G S
    G S   1 weeks ago

    Jamie is pissed, But the vids do be gettin money doe.

  • Harshith
    Harshith   1 weeks ago

    Danny in 2050: So there’s this thing called Time Travel

  • you need sum jejus
    you need sum jejus   1 weeks ago

    i love how every episode jamie's poking stick just gets more and more interesting

  • Fox
    Fox   1 weeks ago

    2030Danny: so there’s this thing called a space shuttle

  • dell conagher
    dell conagher   1 weeks ago

    I found the hint in the video im not going to tell

  • Olivia DeBate
    Olivia DeBate   1 weeks ago

    Am waiting for Jamie to hit something really hard and Jamie hears ahhhhhhhh hahaha

  • Natã Valério
    Natã Valério   1 weeks ago

    that mention of the curtain was just freaking lucky

  • Jahna Banana
    Jahna Banana   1 weeks ago

    Maybe I overthink, but "hang this on this fridge" and he didn't go straight to their fridge?

  • Sonali Patel
    Sonali Patel   1 weeks ago

    "- ARE THOSE DONUTS"literally me if somebody is missing but for the search party there is donuts 😂😂

  • PZ333 PZ333
    PZ333 PZ333   1 weeks ago

    3000:so there’s this thing called going out of the dimension

  • 1N3V1T4BL3
    1N3V1T4BL3   1 weeks ago

    Jamie: Don’t mind me!Jamie: Demolishes the studio therefore wrecking a video

  • Archivalrhino 0
    Archivalrhino 0   1 weeks ago

    Sooo they were making an actual video... REAL VS GUMMY

  • Nightblood
    Nightblood   1 weeks ago

    thats rough his mom called him nuts

  • PugFaceMcGee
    PugFaceMcGee   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice the red herring in the ad?

  • Pand-aa
    Pand-aa   1 weeks ago

    7:57 Would this count as a break in since he got in danny’s car and stole stuff?

  • Gacha TessaWolfy
    Gacha TessaWolfy   1 weeks ago

    Everyone else: *talks about the video*. Me: * Admires the girls nails in the flootomia video*

  • Goatman Brigantz
    Goatman Brigantz   1 weeks ago

    I have to say, Jamie should feel blessed that Danny got him to call his mom