tik toks that are actually relatable

  • Published on: 31 December 2019
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    Btw I made this video with my phone

    tik toks that are actually relatable
    relatable tiktok
    tiktok memes
    tiktok funny moments

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  • Meliy Edits...
    Meliy Edits...   1 months ago

    No one:I dont know who u are but that was so relatable, thank you

  • PikatheDog
    PikatheDog   3 hours ago

    0:00 Literally me and my mom O_o

  • Joelle Miner
    Joelle Miner   6 hours ago

    1:06 is me all time but all of themπŸ˜‚

  • Itz That Gal
    Itz That Gal   7 hours ago

    6:16 OMG I ❀ Lava Boy and Water Girl!

  • Ethan Hebert
    Ethan Hebert   7 hours ago

    0:22 she just looks like the type of person to scream and cry like that when getting her hair brushed

  • Hfhd Dhheje
    Hfhd Dhheje   10 hours ago

    8:45 why the hell are her eyes so big

  • Dalie Kila
    Dalie Kila   12 hours ago

    8:17 Why would you sleep with a printer?

  • Deniz Baran Akdeniz
    Deniz Baran Akdeniz   13 hours ago

    The one from @nicole_rohrer is so relatable that it made me laugh for like 30 minutes at night

  • Daniela Gomez
    Daniela Gomez   13 hours ago

    3:44 is literally me all the time at school

  • Daniela Gomez
    Daniela Gomez   13 hours ago

    omg my tv sound like the noise it made when he pressed the button

  • Panduhh
    Panduhh   17 hours ago

    I hate when my sibs leave the dooropen

  • darkQueen 60
    darkQueen 60   17 hours ago

    I believe the relatable what is the sleepwalking one where you can't sleep at your friend's

  • Aura
    Aura   18 hours ago

    See yall in 2028 when this is in our reccomended

  • Kg -
    Kg -   19 hours ago

    these are literally the most unfunny videos on the internet. i’m genuinely impressed that i found something that didn’t make me produce any emotion whatsoever like this

  • Ella Preena
    Ella Preena   19 hours ago

    2:41 is the only reason this video got a like from me ..Literally to all my Asians ..YOU’LL RELATE

  • Bevsworld04
    Bevsworld04   22 hours ago

    7:36 wait... I thought this was the other way around...

  • Hana Winter
    Hana Winter   1 days ago

    "The walk of shame to return all the cups to the sink"me running looking and yelling at people "LOOK AT ALL THE CUPS I COLLECTED"

  • Gacha Mix
    Gacha Mix   1 days ago

    The tik tok that starts at 6:02 is so relatable πŸ˜‚

  • rosey heart
    rosey heart   1 days ago

    Nobody:Me in the shower winning arguments in my mind where in real life I would be to scared to beat someone because of getting suspended or arrested: ha ha....ha! πŸ˜…

  • zarai ortis
    zarai ortis   1 days ago

    i scrolled through half of the video man

  • Sebi Nagy
    Sebi Nagy   1 days ago

    No one:Me:Closing the fridge door to see if the light turns off.What am i doing with my life.....😏

  • Tamisha
    Tamisha   1 days ago

    Why am I the paranoid one in the shower

    SEA HOBO   1 days ago

    Literally no one:...........That one kid who fake falls 24/7: GuYs thAt WaS tOTalY oN accident isn’t that so funny?

  • Xoxo.Gracie 07
    Xoxo.Gracie 07   1 days ago

    8:21 πŸ˜‚βœ‹πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’―

    JOHNNY GATORBALL   1 days ago

    When ever I'm home aloneAnd I'm suppose to be asleepAnd my mom comes into my roomI always laugh I can't stop it