The Bully Gets Humiliated In Front Of His Schoolmates

  • Published on: 14 August 2018
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  • Runtime : 2:23
  • school fight scenes


  • John Bosco
    John Bosco   8 months ago

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  • Willoughby 1888
    Willoughby 1888   4 weeks ago

    "Good" people need to use their god-given audacity. We're not sheep and we don't need to keep our mouth's closed. That's what the bullies are counting on. They take it as a sign of weakness too. That emboldens them even more. But, in the final analysis, good people just don't enjoy causing problems and only want peace. Good people need to awaken to show everyone exactly Who's causing the problems. Make sure that there's a crowd of other good people around and you can face right up to a bully. They're mostly scared rabbits that are just trying to act bold anyways. Talk to the other good people and make a plan to ALL defend the one who steps up to the plate and defends them self from the creepy bullies. Then after the instigator gets their 'just deserts' you can offer to become friendly with them. But always be on guard dealing with them. They can pick other friend to hang out with. Bullies who get 'spanked' will sometimes not become humbled and they will hold secret grudges.

  • zachary brown
    zachary brown   2 months ago

    Ya I’m pretty sure we have seen stranger things

  • Joseph Edwards
    Joseph Edwards   3 months ago

    It's stranger things is my favorite series to watch

    GALAXY DEVIL   4 months ago

    Isn’t that richie from ‘IT’ ?? :O

  • ashy dashy
    ashy dashy   4 months ago

    This why eleven is the best character in a Netflix show

  • ashy dashy
    ashy dashy   4 months ago

    This is stranger things season one the memorial for will scene

  • liamfooty9 games
    liamfooty9 games   4 months ago

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  • the nichos boy
    the nichos boy   5 months ago

    Man this stranger things and it's fun seeing the bully get what he deserves