Trying To Survive 48 Hours In The MOST EXTREME Wild

  • Published on: 22 December 2019
  • We took the very little survival skills that we had and put them to the ULTIMATE test.
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  • Runtime : 28:33
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  • emma O
    emma O   1 hours ago

    nick looks so annoyed with ethan.😂

  • Ma'Kaiya Dyer
    Ma'Kaiya Dyer   8 hours ago

    I know I'm going to seem like a hate comment, but are they gay?

  • Ma'Kaiya Dyer
    Ma'Kaiya Dyer   8 hours ago

    The mustache. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂🤣

  • Joshua Romero
    Joshua Romero   13 hours ago

    Nick fears bats..... 3 months later Corona Virus blows up

  • Charlotte Brown
    Charlotte Brown   16 hours ago

    the worlds biggest spider was in Australia. nearly the size of a wheelbarrow. search up “charlotte spider australia”

  • jourdan stoeppelwerth
    jourdan stoeppelwerth   18 hours ago

    I've literally never been as attracted to these guys as I was with them bearded...

  • Young Steezy
    Young Steezy   1 days ago

    Me being in quarantine and the helper saying there’s bats 😮 😂

  • Anna Johnsob
    Anna Johnsob   1 days ago

    Ethan: are w- we- gonna drink this?..😦😂😂😂

  • Gaelen Baty
    Gaelen Baty   1 days ago

    If you guys don't like the Huntsman spider than you guys won't like the African rain spider which has a leg span up to 4 inches. so.... you guys haven't seen anything.

  • EliTe Pythonツ
    EliTe Pythonツ   1 days ago

    When they said they didn’t eat anything I was eating food

  • Dad with the milk
    Dad with the milk   1 days ago

    pause at 24:17 i really thought that was a snake on the ground

  • Estrella Lina
    Estrella Lina   1 days ago

    brooo that needs to be a saying now: " yall need lose some ticks in the fuzz okay!"

  • GG Lalo- 790
    GG Lalo- 790   1 days ago

    They could’ve made shoes out of the tire

  • Jasmine Albrecht
    Jasmine Albrecht   1 days ago

    im sorry. no hate. but bro, when he said you guys dont understand how big the spiders were i was cracking up because i have legit waken up to this stuff for 15 years. i just found it so funny that like you see them all tough adn muscley and stuff and then you see them on the verge of tears over a spider. hahaha

  • Cookie Dj
    Cookie Dj   1 days ago

    Animal- HahahaEthan- Shut the fuck u

  • Abigail Halverson
    Abigail Halverson   1 days ago

    ethan: yo im not even kidding if a snake was sizzlin towards me rn i wouldnt even be able to move

  • Mel Balmer
    Mel Balmer   2 days ago

    I live in Australia and it’s pretty gnarly

  • A Name
    A Name   2 days ago

    Omg both of there beards died on my birthday

  • Gracie ODonnell
    Gracie ODonnell   2 days ago

    I definitely didn’t cry when I got their merch 🤭😂

    FAST ILZY   2 days ago

    The first time I see them with full grown beard wtf they look so old

  • ameliaa
    ameliaa   2 days ago

    my arachnophobia 😭

  • Stereo Hearts
    Stereo Hearts   2 days ago

    Australians like me when seeing this video:Lol.

  • As You Wish.
    As You Wish.   2 days ago

    I’ve said it 100 times and I’ll say it again😭

  • MUSHromio
    MUSHromio   3 days ago

    foot fetish peeps click here... 11:59 and here..... 14:58

  • Ozzie Mozzie
    Ozzie Mozzie   3 days ago

    Grayson beating up mooshroom ~mooshroom~ OucH

  • I am Gigi
    I am Gigi   3 days ago