Foreigner or Not?

  • Published on: 03 August 2017
  • Visitors from all over the world walk by our studio on Hollywood Blvd every day. Over the course of our years working here, Jimmy has developed a knack for determining who is a foreigner and who is not so Cousin Sal grabs pedestrians off the street and Jimmy guesses based solely on their appearance.

    Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Guillermo

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    Foreigner or Not?
  • Runtime : 6:2
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  • Jerzy Feliks
    Jerzy Feliks   5 days ago

    I don't know what it is but I knew the last guy is a German. I'm Polish, call it a sixth sense ;)

  • Flip Em
    Flip Em   1 weeks ago

    WTF? This guy just keeps touching the pies with his right thumb and to make matters worse he scratches his left eye with his right Thumb then sticks that same thumb right on the pie he gives the last guy. Not to mention that the Thumb has also been touching the microphone and who knows if the mic has even been cleaned.

  • TW
    TW   1 weeks ago

    Is he actually serious? He doesn’t know the French flag? That is sad. What are they teaching you over their.

  • Frieda Lynn
    Frieda Lynn   1 weeks ago

    He understands English so he must be an American.... Umm sorry to destroy your dream but in Europe nearly everybody can speak English 😂

  • Nicholina Plange
    Nicholina Plange   1 weeks ago

    Boy behind who kept closing the case when Sal left it open deserves a pie too!!! 🤗

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy:1. "He's smart." - > "foreigner"2. "non foreigner"3. "He's smart" - > "foreigner"😂👌Edit: And he doesn't know the French and German flag. I get it now.

  • tapsobatv
    tapsobatv   1 weeks ago

    why the dude giving the pie making his fingers touching it health inspection hello

  • 95Grumple
    95Grumple   2 weeks ago

    how did I know that guy was German?

  • smithryansmith
    smithryansmith   2 weeks ago

    notice how the german guy signals 2 with his fingers 5:10

  • gayathri prakash
    gayathri prakash   3 weeks ago

    Does he know people other than Americans speak English too?

  • Salma Hamza
    Salma Hamza   3 weeks ago

    Jimmy thinks that if a person understand English then they're American 😑😏

  • Jamie
    Jamie   3 weeks ago

    bro u didn't know the french flag tf u doing

  • Mahi Sanak
    Mahi Sanak   3 weeks ago

    3:58 is no one talking about the kid who closing the door...

  • Mostafa
    Mostafa   4 weeks ago

    all of the american girl are beautiful or this is only my opinion? :-|

  • helloasroma
    helloasroma   1 months ago

    Legit thought that third guy was from Mississippi or sumthin' lol

  • Mohamed Sidi
    Mohamed Sidi   1 months ago

    Behind camera shows woman seems actress playing a role of journalist at the punisher who sow her ?

  • carla
    carla   1 months ago

    From the first second I knew he was German

  • fifth force
    fifth force   1 months ago

    Shirt from Walmart not made in china .I think not

  • abidamn
    abidamn   1 months ago

    That American girl with the white shoe certainly never skipped leg day.

  • Keisha Calixte
    Keisha Calixte   1 months ago

    Who cares if he doesn’t know the French or German Flag!! He lives in America and host a TV show In American. He’s rich he doesn’t need to know the flags,.

  • Sebastian Eck
    Sebastian Eck   1 months ago

    The Swabian (Matt) bought a 3$ outfit from walmart... That is a real power swabian move haha

  • Marilu Carvallo
    Marilu Carvallo   1 months ago

    I challenge Jimmy to play this game in my country.🤣🤣🤣

  • Article 69
    Article 69   1 months ago

    wow Jimmy you dont know the flag of a nuclear power, very smart

  • Blué Fontaine
    Blué Fontaine   1 months ago

    Nuts, ryte. My real name Vic; or on ps4 EuroCrook .💣💣💣🎩🧃

  • Blué Fontaine
    Blué Fontaine   1 months ago

    Yo JimBo, shat about yo’ cousin’s outfit my, g?

  • Trevor Malaza
    Trevor Malaza   1 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel, much love from South Africa 🇿🇦we Love your show.

  • FAQ ٠
    FAQ ٠   1 months ago

    Looks like Zlatan ibrahimovich

  • Nenad
    Nenad   1 months ago

    LOL, this ist probably the most ironic interview in which one Jimmy ask a random people are they a foreigners... but interesting fact about America is that famous sailor Franco Columbus discovered it in 1492 and back in the time in territory that nowadays its called America lived only indians. Today every man who integrated in golden era to America from Italia, Spain, Cuba, Armenia, Poland, Serbia, Mexico and many other countries, lived couple of generations in that same fcking America call himself a true American. There is no nationality American and everybody need to know that..I mean WTF? Sorry for bad English I haven't used it a long time, but you get the point.

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds   1 months ago

    Bizarrely, here in Europe, only Americans wear “fanny packs”.

  • N. Zhiv
    N. Zhiv   1 months ago

    I guessed the German guy right away. The French guy I knew was European, bit couldn't pinpoint the country.

  • Sunny Ray
    Sunny Ray   1 months ago

    That German dude would be so good to have a pint of beer with. Looks like a fun guy.