NBA's Top 60 Blocks | 2018-19 NBA Season | #NBABlockWeek

  • Published on: 24 August 2019
  • Take a look at the top 60 blocks from the 2018-19 NBA Season! #NBABlockWeek

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  • Runtime : 14:59
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  • 무왕전기
    무왕전기   3 months ago

    진짜 블락을 저렇게 해대는 괴물들 서식하는 리그인데.... 그런데도 경기당 팀평균득점이 100점 내외인거 보면.....진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ대박이다...신계 맞네..

  • Lon Ner
    Lon Ner   4 months ago

    8:13 are we gonna skip pass what he just said

  • Brayden M
    Brayden M   5 months ago

    For me nothing is more satisfying than blocking a shot and not giving them a chance

  • jani rk
    jani rk   5 months ago

    hopefully my bookie never figures out that i literally just follow picks from

  • PrinWard
    PrinWard   5 months ago

    Dude its been years since i saw kenneth faried blocked someone

  • Logan Last Name
    Logan Last Name   5 months ago

    I love seeing me some good swats. Get that shot outta here.

  • RR W
    RR W   5 months ago

    Giannis blocks like 10 😳👌🏾

  • RenaTo
    RenaTo   7 months ago

    The goat vampireeee

  • Nicholas Yu
    Nicholas Yu   7 months ago

    A block is the most demoralizing play in basketball and my favorite play to watch. A whole stadium, millions at home, and now you're immortalized on youtube. One second you think you're going to bring the crowd to their feet by throwing it down, the next you're getting nonstop texts all night from your friends roasting you. I'm not talking about the chasedown blocks where you didn't see it coming. I'm talking mano y mano, two dudes sizing each other up battling it out for air supremacy meeting at the apex above the rim. I'd rather have my ankles broken by a shifty ball handler than to have my shot cradled in the air. Or worse, have someone block you with such force they use the ball to push you off balance so you fall flat on your back. 4:57 Miles Turner on Marvin Williams...My favorite of this entire mix tape.

  • gabriel ss
    gabriel ss   7 months ago

    Amazing footwork by okogie against harden

  • Jose TT
    Jose TT   7 months ago

    I was going to leave a like...but Jarrett Allen blocked it :(

  • Dusty151
    Dusty151   7 months ago

    I wish Miles Bridges was on a different team. Sorry Charlotte fan.

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7   7 months ago

    NBA regular season is months away.08-27-19.

  • Tyson Rees
    Tyson Rees   7 months ago

    Is it just me or are some of these chase down blocks fouls? Don't get me wrong, I'm kind of glad they aren't, but so many of them end with the blocker landing on the dude going for the layup/dunk. What exactly is the rule there? The offensive player no longer has the ball so the contact is allowed?

  • chuck jacobs
    chuck jacobs   7 months ago

    Wendell Carter Jr blocks wherr really impressive... He blocks with both hands.. dat shit is sooooo hard to do.

  • Danley Borgo
    Danley Borgo   7 months ago

    Jarret Allen is seriously underrated if you ask me

  • DaevonTheSavage
    DaevonTheSavage   7 months ago

    Jarrett Allen is a future DPOY winner. Mark this down

  • Chram Collin
    Chram Collin   7 months ago

    6:11 that mini heart attack When Paul George Lands Pls dont.

  • Esteban Mercado
    Esteban Mercado   7 months ago

    Jared Allen was born to block The King Lebron James, n that last shot to be become history already written for many years to come.

  • Shehbaz Singh
    Shehbaz Singh   7 months ago

    So this means Jarrett gonna block whole NBA before he retires

  • _ Liquid_Tomato
    _ Liquid_Tomato   7 months ago

    What about Kelly Oubre blocking James Harden's corner 3?

  • Jon
    Jon   7 months ago

    I love the one at 9:17, because if you watch again Deandre Jordan actually pushed him forward to make that block. Lebron wasn't ready for him to jump forward like that.

  • yash advani
    yash advani   7 months ago

    didnt lebron say nobody can guard me in the post except for Shaq? hmmmmmmmmm

  • IntermediateGamer
    IntermediateGamer   7 months ago

    Y’all forgot to include Mitchell Robinson’s block on hardens step back 3, twice. Lol

  • Will Van Voorhis
    Will Van Voorhis   7 months ago

    Wonder if they gave both Green and Leonard a block on number 7...

  • L.J. de Paepe
    L.J. de Paepe   7 months ago

    Block 5 on Griffin also plays earlier.... not too profi.

  • Jason
    Jason   7 months ago

    1) Mitchell Robinson should be on here wayyy more.2) Number 51 is a top 10 block, he was literally laying down in the paint and then got up in time to block Grants shot into the 3rd row. What a shame.

  • Michael Lorenzo
    Michael Lorenzo   7 months ago

    Is the NBA's rating going down too??? 2,000 new categories of 'Top' videos during this month alone...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I know half of the clips in this one are in 10 other videos...

  • iBeButler
    iBeButler   7 months ago

    The block by Josh Okogie on James Harden should have been higher, imo. Locked him down and stuffed him as the shot clock expired. You don't see that happen to Harden very often.