• Published on: 08 October 2019
  • really amazing music by;

    thanks for the help Dan, great to be making videos again --
  • Runtime : 9:23


  • Blue 32
    Blue 32   30 minuts ago

    This vid is like watching a recovering alcoholic take a quick sneaky shot in the garage while no one is watching. I'm sure well see you again soon bro ha ha ha.

  • Joe Waters
    Joe Waters   1 hours ago

    Can you make a vlog about surfing in LA? Progress, learning curves, favourite breaks, boards, etc.

  • Lotropico Music
    Lotropico Music   2 hours ago

    good on you Caisey! If you keen to surf some waves sorrounded by jungle. Let me know. P.S. im not from Australia mate!

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman   3 hours ago

    Ahhohhh, Casey is going to become a lazy beach bum...but hey whatever is good for him 👍

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman   3 hours ago

    Miss the grimy NYC's too bright out there for good shots ; ))

  • learn RPR
    learn RPR   4 hours ago

    New video released on my channel, vlogging

  • Hapa
    Hapa   4 hours ago

    Does he chew? Looks like he chews!

  • Lindsey K
    Lindsey K   4 hours ago

    Glad you're finally finding some balance in life. Enjoy!

  • bladezero25
    bladezero25   5 hours ago

    What happened to all the failed companies and the CNN thing?

  • Rene Nu
    Rene Nu   5 hours ago

    Happy for you in you new chapter. Always love your vids. I watched your past vlogs many times. Miss Q&A opening and mail time. Can’t wait to see what you create next. Good luck! I will be watching.

  • Runninghorse Gallop
    Runninghorse Gallop   6 hours ago

    Addiction to work.. yes it is a thing. Glad you have some relaxing time now. Congrats on the move!

  • Sammy Chan
    Sammy Chan   7 hours ago

    I don't know why my feeling is so happy when I watch it - And I always think about GTA V "Los Santos". Thank Casey

  • Im Moose
    Im Moose   8 hours ago

    Bro in New York everything’s fast space so Casey feels young and in Cali he still feels young but likes to take it slow and chillllll

  • Mihir Gaidhani
    Mihir Gaidhani   8 hours ago

    someone please send casey a stanford/UCLA hoodie!!

  • Preston H
    Preston H   8 hours ago

    Love it, Casey! Right on brother!

  • Eric Torres
    Eric Torres   9 hours ago

    Production quality on point! ✊😎

  • Monique Welker
    Monique Welker   9 hours ago

    Amazing what sunshine + the ocean does to your mood. I truly believe it's medicine for the soul.

  • Elias Solis
    Elias Solis   9 hours ago

    Casey Please Make more enjoyable videos.

  • Ra S
    Ra S   9 hours ago

    I LOVED this video! Thank you for being so real with us <3 I also love the incredible shots of LA! So gorgeous.

  • Johnny Q
    Johnny Q   9 hours ago

    Life is only good for you in LA because you have money.

  • Ethan R6SIEGE
    Ethan R6SIEGE   10 hours ago

    Yo casey, why were you at the U of I a few days ago (of october 16th)

  • Alberto Guadarrama
    Alberto Guadarrama   10 hours ago

    Minute 7:51 is all that really, really matters in life you see once upon a time I did the exact same move from Chicago to the OC in Ca.& I am never going back, I refuse to be miserable in that perspective again and with that said I will live the rest of my years like minute 7:51 mentioned on here! Casey You never have to shovel snow again! And oh BTW Surfs up dude!!

  • 阿風
    阿風   10 hours ago

    Hahahaha Dan is so cute 3:35