The Island of Huge Hamsters and Giant Owls

  • Published on: 05 March 2019
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    Back in the late Miocene epoch, there was an island--or maybe a group of islands-- in the Mediterranean Sea that was populated with fantastic giant beasts. It’s a lesson in the very strange, but very real, powers of natural selection.

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  • Runtime : 12:45
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  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese   4 days ago

    One island makes you larger. One island makes you small. And the one where you spent your summers doesn't do anything at all. Thanks! ;) 𝓡𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲 𝓣𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲.

  • Burn Angel
    Burn Angel   5 days ago

    Well I'm not surprised that animals both big and small coexisted there. If there's an enviroment that can support a lot of life, and few predators to pressure the animals, of course they'd diversify as much as they can, filling as much niches as possible.

  • olivia hamilton
    olivia hamilton   1 weeks ago

    7:35 "so this suggests that the GarganoaYEETUS" Okay I'll leave...

  • David Ev
    David Ev   1 weeks ago

    Cali is #1. Smartest and most interesting person on this channel. We all love u

  • Googlar
    Googlar   2 weeks ago

    Double the wingspan does not equal "twice the size". If body proportions are the same, double the wing-span means that they're considerably larger than twice the size.

  • Celina K
    Celina K   2 weeks ago

    7:17 wizard owl or new pokemon10:05 horn crown

  • bokura kyo mo ikiteru

    so when animal become giant, its natural environment evolution but when human become giant, it's nephilim? kinda discrimination here.. hmmmmmmm.. ^^

  • SSFandomLove
    SSFandomLove   2 weeks ago

    I would love to see this lady host more videos. Her clear pronunciations and tone are so pleasant to listen to 💖

  • Tammy Smith
    Tammy Smith   2 weeks ago

    This proves adaptation, not evolution. No new information was being added to its dna, instead it was decreased or altered so the animal could survive in it's new environment.

  • Chromosome
    Chromosome   2 weeks ago

    when she said "arrived recently" i thought like few years or decade ago, then she said 8 million ago,

  • Yakarot Sennin
    Yakarot Sennin   3 weeks ago

    So...You either die prey, or live long enough to become a predator.

  • LittleMiss Logic
    LittleMiss Logic   3 weeks ago

    Hedgies are carnivores AND HAVE THE TEETH OF PREDATORS. NOT THOSE OF RODENTS. just a add on

  • Mary Ellen Rose
    Mary Ellen Rose   4 weeks ago

    I know it’s cool to use metric but at least half your audience has no clue and I’m not learning now.

  • Louis S.
    Louis S.   1 months ago

    When you realize foster's rule applies to all species. Aren't Bigfoot giant apes in isolation? lol

  • Esta Medley
    Esta Medley   1 months ago

    How about if you're going to do this you convert some of your kilograms to pounds and ounces that way old people can keep up

  • Yux.T N.
    Yux.T N.   1 months ago

    your channel should collaborate with atlaspro

  • Chase Charland
    Chase Charland   1 months ago

    I'd like to "tinker with her body plan" Raaar 😆

  • Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher   1 months ago

    They always say, "Strange and bizarre animals or species of that distant past." That's silly. They're only strange and bizarre TO US. Millions of years from now, lions and tigers and giraffes and anteaters and owls and sloths will be "strange and bizarre" to whatever intelligent species may succeed us.

  • Jose Hernandez Martinez

    Hoplitomeryx looks like a monster from a fantasy game. Evolution is so weird and fascinating.

  • Zhouyang You
    Zhouyang You   1 months ago

    Foster's Rule or the Island Rule has many exceptions like Sri Lanka elephants and Kodiak bears. Many scientists like Shai Meiri doubt the generality of the Island Rule.

  • Doodle Dog
    Doodle Dog   1 months ago

    busts through wall Country music you say?Also for some reason when she said a dormouse weighing a kg, a dormouse the size of a full grown golden retriever popped into my head and now im scared

  • indighoul
    indighoul   1 months ago

    fantastic beats and where to find them 3 be like

  • Kristy Burgess
    Kristy Burgess   1 months ago

    Personally I blame it all on scrat (from ice age)! 😂

  • Mouse
    Mouse   1 months ago

    maybe gargano becomes island again because of global warming.

  • Jurjen Miller
    Jurjen Miller   2 months ago

    Why does it keep showing a picture of an opossum when she says hedgehog?

  • mrv
    mrv   2 months ago

    I want a giant hamster. Please speak about evolution of cactus!

  • Eric Chapman
    Eric Chapman   2 months ago

    cool video... never knew they could get bigger

  • never mind
    never mind   2 months ago

    Fifty -pound geese sound delicious.

  • DarkBoby
    DarkBoby   2 months ago

    Why not name this episode "The Island of Chonky Bois"?

  • PoshLifeforME
    PoshLifeforME   2 months ago

    Insular dwarfism is a hologram? Stuff gets stretched or compacted with what ever the science of projection must obey.