Failed Assassinations — History Hijinks

  • Published on: 22 May 2020
  • If videogames have taught me anything, it's that an assassin can solve a lot of problems. But sometimes plans fall apart, and sometimes it's for the absolute DUMBEST reasons.

    SOURCES & Further Reading: "A History of Venice" by Norwich, "Rebellion" by Ackroyd, "The Poison King" by Mayor

    This video was edited by Sophia Ricciardi AKA "Indigo".
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  • Runtime : 10:18
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  • PhazonOmega
    PhazonOmega   35 minuts ago

    Mithridates taught Maple everything she knows about not getting hurt, and so maxing out defense.

  • Arvex
    Arvex   59 minuts ago

    I was originally just here for Red's Trope Talk series, but have started branching out to the other content on this channel. I do not regret that choice.

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig   2 hours ago

    Mithradates: "Little did he know I've been developing a resistance to Iocane powder."

  • C Melton
    C Melton   3 hours ago

    Dang right, DO NOT mess with a nonna

  • grungeguy97
    grungeguy97   3 hours ago

    Qin-Shi Huangdi: losing sanity on mercury pills "Teach me your ways, Mithridates!"Mithridates: "Sorry but I'm still another century from being born. Maybe try constructing a river of liquid mercury in your tomb cause that would be metal af"

  • Wolf Boy
    Wolf Boy   6 hours ago

    blue please do a video on Wojtek

  • all bright sun for all

    No blue don't meme on mithridates. The guy was a real lad. Descend of Persia and Alexander the alright. Created the medicine that was in use fir the longest time mithriditum i think. He was great. Created one of the biggest collection of poisens and antidote and some of his techniques and knowledge where part of the creation of modern toxolige.

  • Sahil Dahal
    Sahil Dahal   8 hours ago

    OLGA OF KIEV! She basically pulled a Daenerys and killed everyone who wronged her.

  • Jens Kosch
    Jens Kosch   10 hours ago

    If you do next one please cover Jing Ke's attempt to kill the first chinese emperor with a map, a blade and maybe second thoughts ...

  • Absolutely Barbaric
    Absolutely Barbaric   10 hours ago

    Mithridates remains one my favourite historical figures. Too clever by half, totally not addicted to poisons. I have to wonder how he would have reacted to Datura.

  • Kaiyo
    Kaiyo   11 hours ago

    This is more going towards RED and im only commenting here because its more recent but i was wondering if yall would do military books or military stories they don't necessarily need to be based on fact like the book ' the things they carried' which is fiction and based on some fact but would yall think about doing a sarcastic interpretation of that I know from some experience of the military they would like humor in their in own field

  • Soul Mechanics
    Soul Mechanics   12 hours ago

    Huh.. He's good. Unfortunately, I am Blue. He will need an alias.

  • Yaoi
    Yaoi   12 hours ago

    Mithridates dad: dies of Poison Mithridates seven years later: pathetic

  • John Porteous
    John Porteous   13 hours ago

    Lincoln: Survives an attempt on his lifeAlso Lincoln: Assassinated anyway

  • Harry Su
    Harry Su   14 hours ago

    the assassination of emperor Qin Shi huang di by Jing Ke is one i would put on this list

  • Heather Moore
    Heather Moore   14 hours ago

    "Parliament was closed for MOST of the year because of plague... HA mood"

  • Xander Z
    Xander Z   20 hours ago

    Talk about the business plot and how Smedley Butler shut down a coup before it could happen

  • Oof
    Oof   21 hours ago

    I'm related (fairly distantly tho) to Sir Everard Digby who was a part of the gunpowder plot and the one of the only people to plead guilty so he could tell his family goodbye and have a little speech abt his actions

  • Just Me Jovin
    Just Me Jovin   1 days ago

    A correction - Fawkes was tortured for 2 days before he admitted his own name and a week before he gave up the names of his co-conspirators. By that time the plotters were already arrested.

  • Kayson Oleen
    Kayson Oleen   1 days ago

    ahh, wouldn’t be a Blue video without Venice

  • LofiOctopus
    LofiOctopus   1 days ago

    are we ever going to get part 2 of the mabinogi? first one had me wheezing and don't worry about the pronunciations, as a Welshman i cant even pronounce half of them

  • Cat. Tang
    Cat. Tang   1 days ago

    There is a sketch from Horrible histories which they did Guy Fawkes day which is a spoof of Ocean 11 😂

  • Zac Caz
    Zac Caz   1 days ago

    You're alright don't come to Parliament tomorrow, wait why are you calling the cops?

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom   1 days ago

    Mithradates: "Little did he know I've been developing a resistance to Iocane powder."

  • Hypnotic Cow
    Hypnotic Cow   1 days ago

    As a scot, nobody ever really explained guy fawks night to me, we just burn a dummy of him in a bonfire and set of fireworks

  • Hip2besquare 6
    Hip2besquare 6   1 days ago

    There is a historical event i call the big stab you’ll never guess which one it is

  • art
    art   1 days ago

    i put the “success” in “assassin”...wait

  • Dragon_Lord
    Dragon_Lord   1 days ago

    The guy who failed to kill Pinochet with a rocket launcher was also quite hilarious

  • Poke Navelle
    Poke Navelle   1 days ago

    Umm what happened to the journey to the west

  • Hat-Eating-Cthulu-Goat

    My "favorite" failed assassination has to be the time Georg Elser, a carpenter worked for months to plant a self-made bomb at a restaurant where Hitler was going to hold a rally. He planted the bomb, which exploded exactly as he had planned, nobody had anticipated there being a bomb, but Hitler survived. He had left 13 minutes before the explosion because his flight had been canceled and the next train to Berlin was leaving way earlier. The flight was canceled due to extreme fog, if the weather had been ok that day, Hitler would have died in 1939. I think about Georg Elser a lot.