The Making of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Video – The Beginning

  • Published on: 14 March 2017
  • Director Hidemaro Fujibayshi discusses the process and journey of creating The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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  • Runtime : 10:3
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  • Noah R
    Noah R   19 hours ago

    I just got a Switch 3 weeks ago and got this game and this video is showing me so many things you can do that I never thought of. Fantastic game design

  • なか
    なか   5 days ago

    日☆本☆人☆ど☆こ☆( ^q^ )

  • Sandy Ross
    Sandy Ross   6 days ago

    Being from the UK, the English dub's American voice actors occasionally doing English accents could be quite funny at times, some of them were pretty good, but I would sometimes just read the subtitles to myself in my head in the voice of a real old person.

  • Derpy Cloud
    Derpy Cloud   6 days ago

    I have this game on my Wii U and I still don't have a shirt! I want that shirt!

    PRETZEL KING   1 weeks ago

    YouTube recommended this to me and got me excited thinking it was botw 2 stuff :(

  • Hanappe
    Hanappe   1 weeks ago


  • Ki Bo
    Ki Bo   1 weeks ago


  • Isabella M
    Isabella M   2 weeks ago

    Thank you for making the greatest game in history! You are all geniuses. Such an enchanting world that I can get lost in for years and years and years. You truly out did yourselves.

  • Mikasa Ackermann
    Mikasa Ackermann   2 weeks ago

    these weird down-syndrome-looking asian Japanese gremlins may look unassuming, but man oh man are they a bunch of geniuses.

  • Judd
    Judd   2 weeks ago

    çok pahalı fiyatlar düşürün azcık

  • dieglo90
    dieglo90   2 weeks ago

    8:33 8 languages, 2 types of spanish and NO portuguese... I love so much Nintendo, but this is not reciprocal with Brazil, Portugal... Could be only subs

  • Astro Gamer
    Astro Gamer   3 weeks ago

    wait they started at 2013?! then how did they know which console to add it on like cuz botw is a game with the best graphics right ?

  • Candice Tan
    Candice Tan   3 weeks ago

    I hate how botw is such a good game that I can't recover from it, other rpg/open world look so bad compared to botw :') best open world rpg so far that I've played. And my biggest wow moment was shield surfing. Like, the devs actually thought of everything, including getting down hills fast while making it fun

  • J. Jasso
    J. Jasso   3 weeks ago

    I bought a Switch for my BOTW.... Looks like now I'm going to have to buy a Switch Pro for my BOTW2.

  • Steven Schuster
    Steven Schuster   3 weeks ago

    Unreal game. I played the original etc... im 40. This game is next level, possibly the best game ive played. I wish I didnt have responsibilities.

  • RejectedGG
    RejectedGG   3 weeks ago

    Is this supposed to be an Anime Version of The game?

  • Muaaz Akbar
    Muaaz Akbar   3 weeks ago

    I use to think of ocarina of time when I was littleAnd than I saw windwaker HD I liked itThen I saw breath of the wildI now love the legend of zelda

  • ben sher
    ben sher   3 weeks ago

    If only this company would make pro evo soccer...

  • EliasEv
    EliasEv   4 weeks ago

    release botw 2 already aonuma. pls

  • リック
    リック   4 weeks ago


  • CyberBuilds
    CyberBuilds   1 months ago

    bro I have never played a Zelda game before this, and this was the best game I have ever played 10/10

  • 赤ひつじ
    赤ひつじ   1 months ago


  • Alex Osorio
    Alex Osorio   1 months ago

    My favourite game by far keep it up guys good job

  • beanbun
    beanbun   1 months ago

    i can't-THREE YEARS.THREE. i lost all my save data in which i finished all the dlc 😔 this actually just gives me back the sinking feeling to when the sd card was destroyed

  • Alex lamarche
    Alex lamarche   1 months ago

    Got this in my recommendations and I just saw the logo and thought it was a second trailer for botw2...

  • Q Drops
    Q Drops   1 months ago

    I'm going on 50 this year, Breath of the wild is my top 1 game of all time!

  • 2020H5
    2020H5   1 months ago

    Press F for Legends who made Botw.

  • Mtl Mkshp
    Mtl Mkshp   1 months ago

    Nintendo best developer games in the world

  • Sohjin
    Sohjin   1 months ago

    This is the only game that has impressed me on Switch. Nothing else comes close. What gives Nintendo?

    FORCE VERTE   1 months ago

    I just buy ZELDA BOTW before the quarantine in France ... Maybe the best investment in my life.

  • Matt
    Matt   1 months ago

    This was in my recommended and for a split second I thought it was the sequel. Frick the YouTube algorithm