The Making of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Video – The Beginning

  • Published on: 14 March 2017
  • Director Hidemaro Fujibayshi discusses the process and journey of creating The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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  • Runtime : 10:3
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  • h sammons33
    h sammons33   1 weeks ago

    Hands down.. By far.. The best game ever created. My favorite game of all time. So glad they took so much time and effort into creating the best open world game in existence. I can't wait for the sequel😁

  • Thiago Tomé
    Thiago Tomé   2 weeks ago

    Comentário em Português: Não sei como vocêis conseguiram fazer o jogo então pouco tempo, porque o jogo e imenso, os gráficos são lindos , tem muita quests e sem contar na sua idéia de pegar a liberdade do primeiro zelda, de poder ter nada e mesmo assim ir pro boss final ,Nintendo vocêis fizeram um ótimo trabalho parabéns continue assim!!

  • Ben Thayer
    Ben Thayer   3 weeks ago

    I'm kinda sad that they didn't go through with the alien abduction/battle bit. Would've been a nice touch...

  • Joshua_da_best
    Joshua_da_best   3 weeks ago

    DARN IT I THOUGHT THIS TALKED ABOUT SEQUEL the thumbnail cunfused me but its my fault since i clicked fast

  • shadow-x-v
    shadow-x-v   3 weeks ago

    I truly liked the world of breath of the wild and the gameplay . But I find the story aspect of the game is lacking , unlike the old Zelda games .

  • Walk Pedia
    Walk Pedia   3 weeks ago

    Every game developer should play this game.

  • karis T
    karis T   3 weeks ago

    When they start talking about the lightening I tense up such a frustrating but interesting part of the game!

    SARRAH THEDERP   4 weeks ago

    Peterpan: Who are you?Botw link: im you, but better. and blue

  • Mattgb plays
    Mattgb plays   4 weeks ago

    I wish they had a version of this In English so I didn’t have to read sub titles

  • Saucy
    Saucy   1 months ago

    How come I’m only seeing this now

  • Awsesome Tech
    Awsesome Tech   1 months ago

    the release date was to align with the Switch release date Why can they not just admit that. Nintendo internal marketing is always frustrating.

  • CrimsonNerd
    CrimsonNerd   1 months ago

    I’ve been coming up with ideas for a new Zelda game. Mine has a massive emphasis on sword duels. Think of a mix of For Honor, Twilight Princess and the Jedi Knight games. I’ve even thought about having Ganondorf as your companion, similar to the King of Red Lions, in which he assists you so he may have a powerful opponent to fight.

  • XD R4GE
    XD R4GE   1 months ago

    The Nintendo switch came out on my birthday

  • Green Envy
    Green Envy   1 months ago

    Whoever decided breakable weapons needed to happen should be FIRED.

  • Benji 0399
    Benji 0399   1 months ago

    Just the fact that there are so many ways to make some Wood burn is really cool

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts   1 months ago

    It's a great game I loved it. But I bought it a week ago and already defeated the devine beasts and ganon. I get the it's a lot to collect but the story itself is soooooo short. Four main dungeons? I prefer the style of a link to the past, and ocarina of time. Lots of large dungeons.

  • Loki
    Loki   1 months ago

    Dungeons, more diverse monsters, harder boss fights, after game content

  • Loki
    Loki   1 months ago

    5:04 imagine accidentally starting a massive forest fire lol

  • Bryan BD
    Bryan BD   1 months ago

    Still haven’t played this game yet.

  • WhoTNT
    WhoTNT   1 months ago

    PLEASR PLEASE don't spoil all the hard work of the level designers and texture artists of the new BOTW by setting the gamma to the same levels as the first game. I bought the game for the Wii U but stopped playing because of the low FPS in the villages. I recently started playing it again on PC using CEMU and the game looks so much more amazing at 60fps and reduced gamma levels. It's just like a Ghibli animation now. I honestly feel sorry for the people that played this amazing game on the Switch or Wii U.

  • Paige McNally
    Paige McNally   1 months ago

    also can i please be a developer/artist? those are my two favorite jobs! :D thanks

  • Paige McNally
    Paige McNally   1 months ago

    hidemaro i can help you with botw2 i have very good ideas!

  • Yoshi Gaming
    Yoshi Gaming   2 months ago

    The wait was long (although i wasnt there for that wait because i wasnt a zelda fan but am now) but it was worth it...BOTW2: existsMe: AhAhh, here we go again.

  • Mark Bell
    Mark Bell   2 months ago

    Breath of the wild is an awesome game! I started master mode and got most of the shrines.

  • Zatera
    Zatera   2 months ago

    i dont understand... i keep putting 2 everytime i see botw and then throwing money at the screen but nothings happening

  • Leonardo Saviane
    Leonardo Saviane   2 months ago

    Since for the chapter tooks them 4 years, do you think that for BOTW2 will take less time? for example, 3 year?

  • fafonmek
    fafonmek   2 months ago

    The most extraordinary game!!

  • Jon Adol
    Jon Adol   2 months ago

    This deserves a million likes