• Published on: 11 April 2019
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  • Runtime : 5:16
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  • lego
    lego   14 hours ago

    Play GTA V as Trevor. You have a brother you have yet to meet.

  • Samuel Shimabukuro
    Samuel Shimabukuro   1 days ago

    Everytime I watch this trashI sit in silence not thinking about Smashi say to myself a question quite hardI told even asked my boy LeonardShould I make a haiku? Or maybe a lingerie?I just wanna bend the rules for theBut do not worry, do not be letI spent my whole time writing a couplet

  • Chiaki!¡
    Chiaki!¡   2 days ago

    1:30 well uh... you’re not gonna like what’s coming-

  • Hungry boi
    Hungry boi   3 days ago

    Roses are redViolets are blueFaces like you should be locked in the zooBut don’t be mad I’m in their tooBut not in the cage but laughing at you

  • Muscular Trash
    Muscular Trash   3 days ago

    You should of done mine Roses are redGrass is greenerWhen I think of you I play with my weiner

  • Alpe OlPa
    Alpe OlPa   3 days ago

    2:26My blood is redMy eyeliner's blackAre you sure about that?'Cus they back

  • CrazyComedyKid
    CrazyComedyKid   3 days ago

    Roses are redKaren took the kidsSomeone stole my answerAnd got in the vid3:10

  • Sinai Calvario
    Sinai Calvario   4 days ago

    roses are red,life has no meaning,the voices in my head,are constantly screaming.

  • Nemory Lemur
    Nemory Lemur   5 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Still waiting for the Shrek 5 trailerHave you heard anything new?

  • oofed for eternity
    oofed for eternity   1 weeks ago

    Roses are redViolets are blueI have an iPhone 11So it sucks to be you

  • Hieu Phan
    Hieu Phan   1 weeks ago

    1:30 she wound up dead 😂😄😀🙂🙁😟☹️😢😭😭

  • john mongan
    john mongan   1 weeks ago

    Roses are red I hate the the name Lance come here baby momma and let me put my hand in your pants

  • PoyoKnight
    PoyoKnight   1 weeks ago

    Rose's are redViolets are blueI have a gunGet in the van

  • Jada Brown
    Jada Brown   1 weeks ago

    Roses are red,Violets are blue,Get too close,And Imma shoot you. Get on my level :3

  • RubyIsWeird111
    RubyIsWeird111   1 weeks ago

    Roses are red…Violets are blue…I get diharea when I think of you

  • Scorp Gaming
    Scorp Gaming   1 weeks ago

    Roses are redRoses are redRoses are redI have alzheimerRoses are redRoses are redRoses are redRoses are redI have... rosesThat are red

  • Ferris Buchanan
    Ferris Buchanan   1 weeks ago

    Blood is red So is that barDo u know what I want?I wanna be dead 💀

  • JustRichard
    JustRichard   1 weeks ago

    Roses are redBeers are in the barShut the fuck upNow get in the cum jar!

  • AvocadoLord
    AvocadoLord   1 weeks ago

    One more time. One more time. ONE MORE TIME. ONE MORE TIME!

  • Jessie Duckk
    Jessie Duckk   2 weeks ago

    I was watching this and a few hours later My Chemical Romance came back

  • Eli Roe
    Eli Roe   2 weeks ago

    Roses ere red. Life has no meaning. The voice in my head is violently screaming

  • Enderman The end
    Enderman The end   2 weeks ago

    Roses r redMy soul is blackI will be dead If no roses r red r back

  • sammy 126
    sammy 126   2 weeks ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I see you when you sleep 🤫

  • jimin park
    jimin park   2 weeks ago

    #YAIYroseRoses are red Violets are not blueI don’t know how to rhymeBut how about you

    NATHAN REEBENACKER   2 weeks ago

    roses are redsviolets are blueI made somethin in the toiletits a stinky poopoo

  • MosaiTemp
    MosaiTemp   2 weeks ago

    Late but:Rose's are redViolets aren't greenMe and the boys at 3 amLooking for BEANS

  • YLI Sim
    YLI Sim   2 weeks ago

    1:31 “can’t wait to see how that plays out” lol she fricken dies

    STREME SPOATS   2 weeks ago

    Roses are red Voilets are blue I am shit And so are you