᚛ᚈᚑᚋ ᚄᚉᚑᚈᚈ᚜ and ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜

  • Published on: 22 October 2018
  • Ogham is an old Irish script made by carving notches into stones. It fell out of use more than a millennium ago - but it's an interesting exception to a linguistics and computer-science rule that I'd never even realised existed. Let's talk about the Ogham Space Mark.

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   12 months ago

    An alternate title for this video was "The Space That Isn't A Space", but that's a bit more difficult to translate into Ogham. Thanks again to all the team at the British Museum!

  • Myname is Myname is
    Myname is Myname is   3 days ago

    Yeh 👍🏻I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking bout , thanks for the recommendation YouTube 🤨

  • Wu Li
    Wu Li   6 days ago

    What's missing from this picture becomes a whole lot more compelling, when you realize it can substitute for anything it contains. Even our modern digital computers, would never work if it were not for engineers carefully accounting for how the holes the electrons occupy moving around on their own, without the electrons.

  • Josh Shire
    Josh Shire   1 weeks ago

    I have recently discovered your channel and I love it! I've been trying to stop myself from ploughing through all of your videos too quickly, so I don't run out. Thank you!

  • Nishimiya Yuzuru
    Nishimiya Yuzuru   1 weeks ago

    That means we can dechiper the meaning behind _|__|__|I|_|__|_L_

  • Quill Maurer
    Quill Maurer   2 weeks ago

    Wouldn't it be basically the same thing as an underline? In normal underlined or strikeout text, the underline continues through spaces and across line breaks, not behaving as a character. I'd think the stemline, which itself isn't a character, could behave similar.

  • Tom Staunton
    Tom Staunton   3 weeks ago

    I remember they taught us to read these in primary school over here in Ireland.Don't remember any of it though

  • Russ Crawford
    Russ Crawford   3 weeks ago

    Why would a sub-Roman Irish rock carver care about computer-science rules? ... he'd have started with a bigger rock ... do we have any examples of this in the 400 or so lithics available to us right now? ... if not, then we never realized it existed because it doesn't exist, not in Ogham ... this isn't about linguistics, it's about convenience ...

  • TheChannelling
    TheChannelling   3 weeks ago

    Have you ever done a video on how we tried to recover the pronunciation of dead languages?

  • Bobby Siecker
    Bobby Siecker   3 weeks ago


  • TorA
    TorA   3 weeks ago

    Does devanagari have spaces?

  • Skiper Nipper
    Skiper Nipper   3 weeks ago

    Look at Serbian rules. They are even more complicated

  • Zeg
    Zeg   1 months ago

    I don't get why this couldn't be another word divider like · in latin. What's the difference?

  • Birb !
    Birb !   1 months ago

    For me, the title is just rectangles. Ok.

  • Johnny Dabs
    Johnny Dabs   1 months ago

    The Irish just gotta make things difficult..Haha

  • jocax188723
    jocax188723   1 months ago

    It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out ‘Tom Scott and Ogham’.

  • Performa
    Performa   1 months ago

    If only the old Irish farmers knew how much trouble they were making for computer scientists 1500 years in the future.Makes you wonder what stuff we do now that's going to be a mess to sort out in 1500 years.

  • alis990
    alis990   1 months ago

    ᚛ᚐᚃᚓᚄᚑᚋᚓ ᚐᚂᚚᚆᚐᚁᚓᚈ᚜

  • Maulana Fariz
    Maulana Fariz   1 months ago


  • Jill Nesbit
    Jill Nesbit   1 months ago

    Honestly I'd really love to be able to read that mailing list conversation.

  • ZerqTM
    ZerqTM   1 months ago

    interpunkt... cool now i know what to call the space i my own invented runic language.Also mine has a option of doing them along a line or as regular characters... or to mach them all together into word glyphs that kinda look like Kanji (basically i designed it so i could use the same writing system to get styles similar to latin, runic, arabian or chinese type characters with the same alphabet just by changing how it's writen out a bit)Cool to actually know what my space dot is called... though technically i often break the line rather then have a blank line... then again i never wrote mine on the edge of something so i never needed to annotate spaces like that.