᚛ᚈᚑᚋ ᚄᚉᚑᚈᚈ᚜ and ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜

  • Published on: 22 October 2018
  • Ogham is an old Irish script made by carving notches into stones. It fell out of use more than a millennium ago - but it's an interesting exception to a linguistics and computer-science rule that I'd never even realised existed. Let's talk about the Ogham Space Mark.

    Thanks to all the team at the British Museum! You can visit their YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/britishmuseum

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  • Runtime : 3:52
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   1 years ago

    An alternate title for this video was "The Space That Isn't A Space", but that's a bit more difficult to translate into Ogham. Thanks again to all the team at the British Museum!

  • Golden Spatian
    Golden Spatian   16 hours ago

    This YouTube video title is basically enchantment table runes

  • KO Tenebrist
    KO Tenebrist   16 hours ago

    Somewhere, in the byzantine depths of the UNICODE CONSORTIUM headquarters, a shadowy figure spins around in his chair, white cat in lap, menacing scar on face...."The Consortium is not pleased..."

  • Michael Lederman
    Michael Lederman   2 days ago

    Of all the videos you've made that I wished was longer, this one gets the crown.

  • Matt Lovell
    Matt Lovell   2 days ago

    How are people supposed to search for this vid?

  • Benjamin Olry
    Benjamin Olry   5 days ago

    RegEx has a character class called whitespace consisting of carriage return, tab and all sorts of "spaces". I guess they should rename it to unsemantic separators : | And now in all seriousness - The way our acquired separators are coincidentally in some cases empty, blank, or white spaces mustn't determine what a proper separator representation can be.

  • Fracture
    Fracture   1 weeks ago

    I love that the ᚛   ᚜ characters draw the corner of a box edge on. Very straight-to-the-point.

  • WolfWhisky
    WolfWhisky   1 weeks ago

    I just think of some weird scp when I see that text

  • maff
    maff   1 weeks ago

    [][][] and [][]

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe   2 weeks ago

    But real space doesn't exist, there's the background and a space actually is pixels filled with transparency !

  • kev
    kev   2 weeks ago

    Nanny Ogg knows more.......

  • Wynand Lens
    Wynand Lens   2 weeks ago

    Anyone else know oghams from 2000ad’s Slaine the Horned god?

  • James Makoni
    James Makoni   2 weeks ago

    You didn't search for this video did you?

  • Andrew Gardiner
    Andrew Gardiner   2 weeks ago

    Tom, you’re getting awfully ballsy with these video titles...

  • Sam Rohan
    Sam Rohan   2 weeks ago

    ᚔ ᚆᚐᚇ ᚄᚓᚎ ᚒᚒᚔᚈᚆ ᚔᚑᚒᚏ ᚋᚑᚋ

  • Αντώνης tsilimpourdis

    Fan fact. I used to like runic languages so I downloaded an app that translated English to any runic language. I recognized the language but couldn't read it😅

  • angelorf
    angelorf   2 weeks ago

    IT is a space; it's just not empty.

  • Zoleroid
    Zoleroid   3 weeks ago

    Ah yes my favorite thing square square square square and square square square

  • Putzq
    Putzq   3 weeks ago

    From the thumbnail I thought this video was about doner kebab.

  • Roadsguy
    Roadsguy   3 weeks ago

    ᚛ᚅᚓᚃᚓᚏ ᚌᚑᚅᚅᚐ ᚌᚔᚃᚓ ᚔᚑᚒ ᚒᚚ ᚅᚓᚃᚓᚏ ᚌᚑᚅᚅᚐ ᚂᚓᚈ ᚔᚑᚒ ᚇᚑᚒᚅ ᚅᚓᚃᚓᚏ ᚌᚑᚅᚅᚐ ᚏᚒᚅ ᚐᚏᚑᚒᚅᚇ ᚐᚅᚇ ᚇᚓᚄᚓᚏᚈ ᚔᚑᚒ᚜

  • Unanimous Delivers
    Unanimous Delivers   3 weeks ago

    Non breaking spaces have been around since before Unicode. It's part of ASCII. You can type it right now with a full key board, just hold Alt and on the numeric keypad type 0160. Just Google "you can't triforce" for an example of when people were using this.

  • BlueBeanie117
    BlueBeanie117   3 weeks ago

    ᚛ᚉᚐᚅᚈ  ᚃᚐᚔᚈ  ᚃᚑᚏ  ᚈᚆᚓ  ᚇᚐᚍ  ᚃᚆᚓᚏᚓ  ᚋᚑᚇᚓᚏᚅ  ᚄᚑᚉᚔᚓᚈᚍ  ᚉᚏᚒᚋᚁᚂᚓᚄ  ᚐᚃᚈᚓᚏ  ᚐᚅ  ᚐᚚᚑᚉᚐᚂᚍᚚᚄᚓ  ᚐᚅᚇ  ᚓᚃᚓᚏᚍᚑᚅᚓ  ᚔᚄ  ᚃᚑᚏᚉᚓᚇ  ᚈᚑ  ᚂᚓᚐᚏᚅ  ᚐᚅᚇ  ᚃᚏᚔᚈᚓ  ᚔᚅ  ᚑᚌᚆᚐᚋ  ᚐᚌᚐᚔᚅ  ᚜

  • Jacob Saada
    Jacob Saada   3 weeks ago

    spam '0' key while watching, it's hilarious

  • stillFLiP
    stillFLiP   3 weeks ago

    ᚛ᚔ ᚒᚄᚓᚇ ᚈᚑ ᚁᚓ ᚐᚅ ᚐᚇᚃᚓᚅᚈᚒᚏᚓᚏ ᚂᚔᚉᚓ ᚔᚑᚒ᚜ ᚛ᚈᚆᚓᚅ ᚔ ᚈᚑᚑᚉ ᚐᚅ ᚐᚏᚏᚑᚒ ᚔᚅ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚉᚅᚓᚓ᚜

  • Tim Hawthorn
    Tim Hawthorn   3 weeks ago

    Awesome! Of all the possible subjects, this is one I would not have expected you to cover. For all of you that just see a row of boxes, it means you don't have the correct font installed. I doubt it has anything to do with the hardware or software you''re using. Oh and well done for bothering to find out how to pronounce it.

  • Eoghan Connolly
    Eoghan Connolly   3 weeks ago

    It was really cool to hear you talk about this. Not only do I speak Irish but my name is quite like Ogham

  • Dante Spekken
    Dante Spekken   3 weeks ago

    It reminds me of a certain hiking technique, in Dutch it is known as "strippenkaart", but I cannot find the English word for the technique, only the translation for the thing it is named after.

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions   3 weeks ago

    Who cares though if you write a space or a line? You do it as you wish at the time of the writing.