Dave Salmoni Scares Jimmy Kimmel with Wild Animals

  • Published on: 21 May 2014
  • Dave unnerves Jimmy by bringing out various wild animals. Johnny Knoxville's presence makes Jimmy even more nervous.

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    Dave Salmoni Scares Jimmy Kimmel with Wild Animals http://youtu.be/2nyCpVDbhGY
  • Runtime : 9:6
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  • Paul Mendez
    Paul Mendez   2 hours ago

    So cheesy how all the hosts overreact and beg to be funny

  • xs10tl1
    xs10tl1   3 hours ago

    Kimmel could be scared with a paper clip.

  • DOĞA
    DOĞA   9 hours ago

    besides theyre dangerous , theyre gorgeous man ...

  • FunkSwayed
    FunkSwayed   10 hours ago

    Dangerous object: existsJohnny Knoxville: imma touch it

  • Anirudh Puranik
    Anirudh Puranik   14 hours ago

    "When he actually sees something, he wants to eat it..." 5:29 stares at the camera man.

  • Johnny Morris
    Johnny Morris   14 hours ago

    Late night talk shows with animals are my favorite

  • Dark Seeker
    Dark Seeker   19 hours ago

    Jimmy: Can we feed him a tucan 😂😂😂

  • Bel Ess
    Bel Ess   1 days ago

    That johnny guys isnt very careful... playing is playing but extending your arm out to egg a croc.... asking for trouble isnt it?

  • Geselle Reyes
    Geselle Reyes   1 days ago

    johnny is so childish i fuckin love him lmfaoooo

  • PibKid 07
    PibKid 07   1 days ago

    The guest has a crush on the Tuscan

  • Instinct Six
    Instinct Six   2 days ago

    Lol if u look at the guy next to Jimmy at the start of the vid how long does he keep his mouth open

  • Nikko Jones
    Nikko Jones   2 days ago

    I wish he didn’t back out of eating that grape out of Johnny Knoxville‘s mouth

  • BonFire606
    BonFire606   2 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel: it's head is bigger than the rest of it's body.Me: that's what happens when you breed a cat with a cheetah.

  • Kebbe San
    Kebbe San   2 days ago

    Is it me or is this wild cat freeking overweight or something? Idk

  • Reevaa marn
    Reevaa marn   3 days ago

    Why do you invite him and those beautiful animal if you are Sooo scared........ Hhhhmmmm.........not good 👎

  • Yung King
    Yung King   3 days ago

    Laugh all you want jimmy. Im just laughing at your down syndrome lookin potato kids.

  • Daily Dog
    Daily Dog   3 days ago

    “He might think my nose is a walnut or something”

  • Batzi
    Batzi   3 days ago

    Caracals are so cute.

  • Udara Ranasinghe
    Udara Ranasinghe   3 days ago

    It was funny how Dave encouraged Jimmy to come closer, but, didn't like like Johnny petting the animals.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke   3 days ago

    dave: he has the long snout that he can use to get into crevices and thingsjohnny: hehe

  • Benjamin Taylor
    Benjamin Taylor   4 days ago

    The caracal seemed content enough, but that tamandua and croc were not happy to be out there. Better to let animals that are comfortable on stage be on stage. Much love to all!

  • mosthated lo
    mosthated lo   4 days ago

    Let Johnny pet the damn animal please he looks like when u got pet your cat and he/she leaves

  • Devin Melendez
    Devin Melendez   4 days ago

    5:32Zoologist- “when he sees something he actually wants to eat” Cat- * looks at the camera *