I got an 800 whp Supra for $36

  • Published on: 26 November 2018
  • David Patterson, ThatDudeInBlue (http://www.youtube.com/thatdudeinblue) always dreamt of owning a Mark 4 Supra but as prices climbed, they got out of reach. When he ran into a guy driving a heavily modded one during a road trip, he never expected what happened next.

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  • Chef O
    Chef O   1 days ago

    What would the top speed be?

  • Bobbin McBong
    Bobbin McBong   1 weeks ago

    So you borrowed a car for a month. WHAT A BIG ASS STORY OMG

  • WD Tripps
    WD Tripps   2 weeks ago

    Essa would be a friend for life! Essa your in jail and need bail money, no problem. Whats that Essa your broke down at 3am and need help? No problem. Dont even think about paying me back Essa. Essa, you want to marry my sister? Here she is.

  • Mike Coxlong
    Mike Coxlong   2 weeks ago

    On wish.com you could have got it for just a $1

  • wyatt
    wyatt   2 weeks ago

    That dude saved like $1,200 in parking fees at the airport by you driving it. I would let someone drive my car if it saved me $36 a day and I was going to be gone a month. Ohhhh and he had a bad ass video about him and his car on the internet. I think that guy got the better deal! Lol

  • Yo B
    Yo B   3 weeks ago

    Let me have it

  • Acecool
    Acecool   3 weeks ago

    My car was similar until about 130... At 130, it started lowering further to the ground - much more dramatically.. everything gone really quiet.. really smooth ride. RB20 in mine. Always in a closed course... unfortunately I was in an accident and my frame rail got slightly bent - not much.. Slow speed accident, but you only need 16 pounds of force to break a neck, and that's what I had. Internal partial decapitation. also a broken back. It's been sitting for about 8 years.Interested? It was mint on the inside, but now the dash has crashed. I installed the Japanese 180sx automatic climate control system and did a video on how to properly install it. I either need to move it, or sell it. I also have some off brand kouki lights I wanted to install on it for the conversion but the accident happened and my life ended. I'd love to see it moving again. I had it tuned to 400hp generally with a larger turbo but I put bigger rims on it - my mistake because they were a lot heavier so it took a lot longer to move. I should've gone 350 with a smaller turbo and tried to find higher speed rated tires for the stock rims, or found larger rims, but smaller than what I got - but the guy did a straight trade for my original rims... which is why I did it.I have a ton of spare parts, etc... feel free to contact me.

  • David Fluet
    David Fluet   3 weeks ago

    Help Me Save the 1983 Coors Light Roadster!!! https://www.gofundme.com/f/1om35uxsao Thank You!

  • Electricblue
    Electricblue   3 weeks ago

    My name is isa it is so hard to find another one :)

  • Lucky B
    Lucky B   3 weeks ago

    I have a SC300 turbo with a Supra transmission.

  • Ace ArtDepoT
    Ace ArtDepoT   3 weeks ago

    Haha I remember that vlog I was in disbelief for him shot if I had any jdm/exotic car I would definitely let thatdudeinblue drive it he’s respects the vehicles but I would definitely tell him to beat on Iraq as well he knows what he’s doing I trust him

  • Junior max
    Junior max   1 months ago

    If you go to the middle east and someone doesn't just give you a car.. there's a problem lol

  • Soul Surfer
    Soul Surfer   1 months ago

    800 dollar Supra Mark IV! #winning!

  • Gary the Fish
    Gary the Fish   1 months ago

    This was my brother's car in early 90's, he loved it

  • Matt G
    Matt G   1 months ago

    I went to school with a bunch of kids from Qatar, completely believable.

  • JimmySavage
    JimmySavage   1 months ago

    i’ve never watched a video where he doesn’t flex

  • The HOWARD
    The HOWARD   1 months ago

    Damn this reminded me of the time I was like 20 21 & I got cool with this man at the same gym I hooped @ & he traveled a lot & knew I worked @ Miki D @ the ATL airport so he use 2 let me get his 15 16 glass top Vette on Forgies cuz he didn't want 2 leave it @ the airport. Sometimes he wanted me 2 drive it 2 his Ma crib & sometimes he just called me everyday 2 make sure his whip was good🙄😅 I was 2 scared 2 go over 120 & I only did that twice😬

  • siamsurf
    siamsurf   1 months ago

    9:36 it has nothing to do with generosity, people who love their cars are also extremely proud of them, and handing the car over to someone famous in the scene to review it is probably the pinnacle for some.

  • Be a Photog
    Be a Photog   1 months ago

    Great video and story even the second time around!

  • easy nine
    easy nine   1 months ago

    Hell i couldve baught a EVO X for 500 bucks

  • BANT3R
    BANT3R   1 months ago

    So he didn’t get it he borrowed it

  • F165
    F165   1 months ago

    Where can I buy a can of Royal Purple brake fluid conditioner?