10 Bloopers with Britney Spears on Professional Recording

  • Published on: 07 June 2018
  • Here is my new video about bloopers with Britney which happened to her during the Prefessional Recording. Hope you will like it!
    There was one more from Apple Music Festival when she almost fell during the flip, but YouTube blocked it, Sorry))
  • Runtime : 6:6
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  • Lee Teiss
    Lee Teiss   1 days ago

    There is no right or wrong. The princess goes with her emotions

  • ItsChadrick
    ItsChadrick   2 days ago

    Even though she forget the choreography on hold it against me she definitely knows her timing !

  • Crystal Frane
    Crystal Frane   1 weeks ago

    haters i couldnt evn tell... just get tipsy b4 lol

  • chris herring
    chris herring   2 weeks ago


  • RedRidingHood
    RedRidingHood   3 weeks ago

    "I'm Miss American Dream since I was seventeenNo matter if I step on the scene..."I saw an awesome performer here Btw, show us how you work yourself on (with 5 inches high heels) !?

  • Julie Bryan
    Julie Bryan   2 months ago

    She works so hard and been doing this for a long time. Laugh at the bloopers. Can you dance for an hour and half for the crowds. We just need to live with it. and laugh not putting her down for a few mistakes.

  • Oopsie Daisy
    Oopsie Daisy   2 months ago

    I love Britney, I wish her life would’ve been as sweet as a person as she is. I even liked her movie lol

  • Angel V
    Angel V   2 months ago

    I think a blooper is when something funny happens during a performance.. Except for the "go up" one, all of them where just mess ups that she handled like a pro.. The vídeo when she was at concert wearing a mask during a performance and when she took The mask off and The mic ended up in The back of her head and The track kept on going.. lmao that is a blooper.

  • mahoelihaai
    mahoelihaai   2 months ago

    please Britney....awaiting you for the adult filmindustry...hottest woman alive

  • Yea, OK
    Yea, OK   2 months ago

    I've seen her concerts a few times. She is so lazy on stage. I know singing and dancing is hard, but she lip syncs, so she should give it her all. I've seen her mouth not moving at all, but her voice coming thru speakers. I guess she's just worn out.

  • maryam mure
    maryam mure   2 months ago

    54sec. Living legend you can look but don't touch!! 💅💅💅

  • Dilio Segundo
    Dilio Segundo   2 months ago

    I've never noticed she almost died in gimme more hitting the head

  • Geejae
    Geejae   3 months ago

    Her songs are so unemotional.. she's def the face of a generation and I can respect that.Not her music tho lol.

  • Caleb Ellis
    Caleb Ellis   3 months ago

    Britney wasn't feeling the femme fatale era anyway. I read somewhere she was depressed over being overworked

  • Rix sist
    Rix sist   3 months ago

    This video reminds me of the whole Britney peed on a ladybug thing

  • Janna Willemina
    Janna Willemina   4 months ago

    The bubblegum in her mouth wasn’t probably a mistake. The taste it gives helps against a cough or stomach problems. I used to be a stand-up comedian. I used that trick a lot.

  • PersonaG34
    PersonaG34   4 months ago

    I love that jacket in the beginning, i want a sky blue n black one lol

  • It's Britney Bitch
    It's Britney Bitch   4 months ago

    I love the intro cause liar was my favourite song from Glory and one of her best overall

  • Texas baby ktea
    Texas baby ktea   4 months ago

    She still looks fabulous doing diff moves. She can do no wrong.

  • Šejla Lacevic
    Šejla Lacevic   4 months ago

    Wtf is this?? Somebody was bored and make this video?

  • Jacqueline Kezema
    Jacqueline Kezema   4 months ago

    She's human we all make mistakes and she has a gruelling schedule! She's still a pro and a good sport! Love you Brittney

  • chris georgallis
    chris georgallis   5 months ago