The Dancing Plague • Puppet History

  • Published on: 22 May 2020
  • Finally, the true story of those people in France who danced until they died.
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  • Runtime : 27:51
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  • Furisca Fynn
    Furisca Fynn   22 minuts ago

    This was such an entertaining episode!!!

  • Sheri D
    Sheri D   25 minuts ago

    Ryan’s face when he finally realized what this was about reminded me of the Home Alone kid. 😱

  • Amber Howard
    Amber Howard   25 minuts ago

    I thought I hated Puppet History.... But I love it.... but then you did that little add in the middle and I'm not much for it anymore... haha!

  • James Sabolek
    James Sabolek   36 minuts ago

    Since this is the season finale I will break my habit of not commenting and say I have loved every episode of Puppet History. I'm not 100% sure what system will be used to decide what's on the rotation for next season but I really, really hope it includes more episodes of Puppet History! I would be so bummed if I had to wait more than a few months to get new episodes to watch, and I would be devastated if, much like Buzzfeed's Ruining History, this only got one season. Great finale though! Jermaine is a delight, he added a lot of humor and entertainment to this episode. The way he loses his shit when he gets a jelly bean from the professor's sack gave me my first smile of the day on a day I was feeling kinda crappy. Ryan's face as he slowly realizes that he got the first question right was such a good moment-- bravo to the editors for always catching and emphasizing moments like that. The voices they used during "all the crops died" was also hilarious. And when Ryan spoiled the episode by remembering the dancing plague! And then the way it ties together later in the episode when he REALIZES this episode is about the dancing plague! It's so good, and again kudos to the editors for nailing the camera angles and perfecting those moments. I really got some much-needed chuckles from this episode, and also from former episodes. The bit about the red shoes was also great-- I don't mean to leave Shane out of all these compliments. I also love the "God" puppet.

  • Amariyah Guerra
    Amariyah Guerra   42 minuts ago

    I love Jermaine and Ryan together I need them every episode

  • butterflix 14381
    butterflix 14381   1 hours ago

    I love how the only paid promotion I'd watch is an add made by puppets🤣🤣

  • Michelle Piascik
    Michelle Piascik   1 hours ago

    Shaniacs and Boogaras rejoice! The Dancing Plague of France!

  • Cassie
    Cassie   2 hours ago

    Jermaine’s hysterical joy when he found the professor’s jellybeans was fantastic

  • That doodling Gamer
    That doodling Gamer   2 hours ago


  • mishoru
    mishoru   2 hours ago

    I have to say that Frau is german and means Woman/Mrs.

  • mishoru
    mishoru   2 hours ago

    The dancing plague happened near where I live, Strasbourg is really fucking close. We had a museum... Thing... Dedicated to it last year

  • Marpho
    Marpho   3 hours ago

    The music bits are always fire

  • Oliver Koenig
    Oliver Koenig   4 hours ago

    Somebody please give this man a network show and a budget

  • Anna W
    Anna W   5 hours ago

    Y’all know Frau is just the German word for Mrs/Ms right?

  • Kira Finch
    Kira Finch   6 hours ago

    I have never seen puppet history before and I gotta say I really do love Shane as a puppet

  • Imsotired yall
    Imsotired yall   7 hours ago

    The dancing plague sounds like some eldritch horror type stuff. I can 100% see a Magnus Archives statement of a merchant visiting the town of Straussburg and witnessing people dancing till they died

  • MillezFaRealz
    MillezFaRealz   7 hours ago

    Ryan: goes on mind journey “Oh my God! This is the impetus where the people danced until they died in France!” Professor McNasty: “Yeah, you dipshit...”. 15:18

  • The Albanian Lorg
    The Albanian Lorg   7 hours ago

    When Shane and Watcher puts the Puppet History songs on Spotify, etc., they need to add this video’s outro music to the song from this episode.

  • The Albanian Lorg
    The Albanian Lorg   7 hours ago

    I like Ryan’s plague dance, because he was supposed to be the plague, so he had the right emotion. And use of space.

  • The Albanian Lorg
    The Albanian Lorg   7 hours ago

    Okay, God IS a masterful lyricist, but he/she/it would be, as he MADE lyrics, but, he’s also an @$$hole, but there HAVE been indications that that could be the case all along, too.

  • homicidal tourist
    homicidal tourist   8 hours ago

    Wish we had more guests like Jermaine... it seems like all the other guests weren't as interested in trying/ learning. He genuinely seemed to have a good time and wasnt constantly interrupting to make jokes. I wish guests would appreciate the hard work Shane put into this

  • Kail _
    Kail _   8 hours ago

    How did I not know about this sooner???

  • 21Units
    21Units   8 hours ago

    If Shane was my history teacher, I'd actually enjoy history classes.

  • HaleyBoBaley
    HaleyBoBaley   9 hours ago

    "these were a people only a few generations removed from the mass devastation of the bubonic plague, and it's easy to imagine that the sheer trauma of experiencing a borderline biblical event could imbue a few generations with an all-enveloping sense of existential dread."stares in corona"rough."

  • Sir Static
    Sir Static   9 hours ago

    Shane, when are you going to post some of your musical genius onto Spotify?

  • Puteri Alwani
    Puteri Alwani   9 hours ago

    10/10 would love Jermaine to come back as a guest

  • Foster E
    Foster E   9 hours ago

    *Sees god"WHAT THE FUCK"

  • Christopher Dwyer
    Christopher Dwyer   9 hours ago

    I watched this 3 times but I just now realized Shane couldn't actually see the dance off to judge it; he just assumed Ryan's was disturbing and Jermaine's was better

  • Carley Holmes
    Carley Holmes   9 hours ago

    nobody:the concubines: whooo hoohowwooo wooo hoooo

  • Mantha Boo
    Mantha Boo   10 hours ago

    whose hand is that ?God! God looks like purple muppet during the songMe:🤨🤨🤨

  • Panda Wally
    Panda Wally   10 hours ago

    I love Jermaine in a way words cannot capture, we have to protect this man at all costs

  • JustTiredMyDude
    JustTiredMyDude   10 hours ago

    I got a book about this, it also featured the frisky exploits of nuns and monks.

  • Random Person
    Random Person   10 hours ago

    I freaking live for the songs at the end of the video