Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pok√©mon Shield! ūüõ°ÔłŹ

  • Published on: 09 October 2019
  • Meet Galarian Ponyta, the Unique Horn Pok√©mon! Galarian Ponyta have been found in a certain forest of the Galar region since ancient times.

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  • Runtime : 26
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  • Mandi Willett
    Mandi Willett   2 weeks ago

    And this is the one poke'mon that made me so freaking wanting the game...I love my Galarian Ponyta! <3

  • Robert YT
    Robert YT   2 weeks ago

    I'd love to get one but i'm playing Sword. Hey if anyone wants a Sirfetch'd and a Zacian. I've got you covered. In exchange for The Sirfetch'd i want a Galarian Ponyta. And for The Zacian i'd like a Zamazenta

  • GhostTrueCapitalist
    GhostTrueCapitalist   2 weeks ago

    Weeb thing for me to do but named Galarian Ponyta - Diana and Mudbray - Akko. No regrets.

  • Sunny Dew
    Sunny Dew   1 months ago

    I can't believe bede has a garlarian ponyta

  • Gaile Oxstain
    Gaile Oxstain   1 months ago

    Now all we need is a two-horned variant and evolution with a Dark typing and we'll have a unicorn AND a bicorn (Look it up).

  • Spongebob Square pants
    Spongebob Square pants   1 months ago

    who will win? An Evolution that the fans wanted for years? (Sirfetched)Or a sparkly gal? (Galarian Ponyta)

  • Kyle Stubbs
    Kyle Stubbs   1 months ago

    Just caught one of these adorable creatures. Named it Celestia.

  • Little boomer
    Little boomer   1 months ago

    Me: ah what a nice walk I. The caveBede: I choose youMe: FoReAl You GoNnA mAkE mE FiGHt My fAvORiTe PoKEmON

  • TheGreatOrochi sweg
    TheGreatOrochi sweg   1 months ago

    WTF guys I think I just predicted the future! So couple years back I made some fakemons and one of them was called "Ponyta" and the Ponyta looks so much like the real one, especially the horns and the tail! It was even a psycic type! I have predicted so many things like sun and moon when I made concept art for it back in 2012!

  • Mares Fillies
    Mares Fillies   2 months ago

    I had no idea the next Pokemon game had the Everfree forest from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic in it! Consider this Brony sold, Nintendo. :D

  • Ankit Malviya
    Ankit Malviya   2 months ago

    Girafarig needs an evolution, giraffe is a cool animal but it was left behind. A Pokemon based on peacock would be so beautiful plzzz and no Pokemon based on kangaroo yet. Kangaskhan was good but a kangaroo fighting Pokemon would be awesome.

  • Star
    Star   2 months ago

    Bad horse

  • suiko
    suiko   2 months ago

    Super duper disappointment as to how you find it, and that it wont spawn in the open world :@ I was really exited for this and got shield for its exclusive and was looking forward to seeing the ponyta in the open world. ts ts ts ts -.-

  • Backwoods Garage
    Backwoods Garage   2 months ago

    Gamefreak put me on the payroll and let’s make a Pokemon game that will rival Warcraft i mean honestly what are y’all doing because it’s sure not listening to your fans we don’t want this crap!

  • glaceongothatdrip
    glaceongothatdrip   3 months ago

    Wait only in Pokemon shield? I can't even catch this cutie. I bought Pokemon sword.

  • Leo
    Leo   3 months ago


  • salt
    salt   3 months ago

    I wasted 24h of my life just to see this

  • kacie warren
    kacie warren   3 months ago

    dOEs anYOnE reMEmbeR tHe poNYTa wiTHOut a tAIl? jUSt mE ...oKEdit: I thought I spelled ponyta wrong XD

  • Ahsocool F
    Ahsocool F   3 months ago

    I am still getting Pokémon Sword

  • Mabra
    Mabra   3 months ago


  • max hachenberg
    max hachenberg   3 months ago

    Hey all, i catched the galar ponyta in my sword edition? Is it a Bug? Was anybody else able to catch IT in Sword