• Published on: 08 November 2018

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  • Runtime : 4:31
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  • hollywoodclips22
    hollywoodclips22   1 years ago

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  • Stanley Fedorowicz
    Stanley Fedorowicz   5 hours ago

    (Sorry about the Stanly Fedorowiz. This was my grandfather's tablet lol)I just don't get it like she sliced her knee. What does Abby do when Maddie forgets her solo? Abby comforts her and hugs her. O.o

  • Sahara Dinher
    Sahara Dinher   3 days ago

    The fact she even placed when she improved half the dance is literally amazing

  • Sue Salmon
    Sue Salmon   3 days ago

    I know I'm weird or is it just me that wants them to show Fallon's cut!!🤣🤣

  • Cogan Family
    Cogan Family   4 days ago

    Fallon: one tear drops falls Abby: ”DoN’t CrY uR gOnNa MaKe mE fEeL BaD fOr YeLLiNg aT YoU!!”

  • Rianna Mason
    Rianna Mason   5 days ago

    I’m diying at the face that Christi did when the cathey came in 😂😂Like if u argree👇🏻

  • Tracphone Person
    Tracphone Person   5 days ago

    Why tf did they not tell Abby about her knee?! LIKE SHE MISSED A SPOT ON DANCE MOMS 😭

  • Riley Dilda
    Riley Dilda   1 weeks ago

    all i can think of is...FALLON CARRINGTON FROM DYNASTY 😗✌🏼

  • Rachel Horton
    Rachel Horton   1 weeks ago

    Falcons a mediocre dancer but good. Me after video mum shut up 🤐 don’t make it obvious... falcon you just blew the worlds biggest opportunity you will ever get. Go Jill they do work harder than candy apples because they take 6 months to learn a loosing routine so shut up Cathy and falons mum you should be proud of your daughter for getting third

  • kayla.
    kayla.   1 weeks ago

    can I just clarify something? bcs I’m tired of all the “wHeN mAdDiE fOrgOt HeR soLo” comments.. when that happened to Maddie, she had been with Abby for a while so Abby knew that it was an accident. Fallon has just come on the team and this was prolly her first competition with ALDC... so Abby didn’t know what Fallon was rlly capable of and she didn’t know if Fallon could do better..... and may I add that Abby doesn’t give 2nd chances? nor does she allow ppl who have just come on the team and forgot their solo at the first competition they go to with this team to be on her team....... so..........

  • Angelic Victoriaa
    Angelic Victoriaa   1 weeks ago

    Fallon didnt forget her solo she sliced her knee so she started to improve

  • Randovmix
    Randovmix   1 weeks ago

    Abby gave JoJo a hug when she forgot her solo. And don’t even get me started on what she does when Maddie forgets hers. Really?! She tried to get her disqualified?! 😤

  • Maggie Rose
    Maggie Rose   1 weeks ago

    Fallon while Cathy is talking: 👁👄👁

  • Annette Kingsley
    Annette Kingsley   2 weeks ago

    Abby is a back stabbing bitch WTH shes horrible no wonder she ended up in a wheelchair and got sick KARMA is a bitch and it got the bitchAt.least that little girl didn't run off the stage crying like Maddie and JoJo did when they forgot their dance give her credit she deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney Paull
    Courtney Paull   2 weeks ago

    That is so sad! I know what it feels like to forget your dance. I don't know what the Mom's were talking about that was nice of Kathy to come in in and support the little dancer!

  • ant_bread
    ant_bread   2 weeks ago

    title: fallon forgets her solo and falls on stageme: SAAAAAME

    Jem FASHION   3 weeks ago

    Fallon’s Mom: sHe FoRgOt iT, sHe FoRgOt iT, yEp sHe FoRgOt iT.Abbys face: 👁 👁 👄

  • Isabel otaku random
    Isabel otaku random   4 weeks ago

    Why do i find fallons face fustrating? She just looks confused always!

  • hauwa s
    hauwa s   4 weeks ago

    No one: Literally no one:Jill: at least we dont have bubble butts

  • TIMEtoLAUGH !!!
    TIMEtoLAUGH !!!   1 months ago

    The judges probably wouldn’t have noticed if Abby didn’t tell her or the mum screamed it to the hole room 🤣

  • Noel McMahon
    Noel McMahon   1 months ago

    it is so shocking the way Abby treat her

  • Samiya Brown
    Samiya Brown   1 months ago

    Abby is so mean that I hate her and she just likes one kid and then she hates the rest of the kids and she is a bitch that she is so mean I would never would want to dance for Aldi

  • Lucy Cruz
    Lucy Cruz   1 months ago

    uugh abby is a little bi$0)

  • Anna Polak
    Anna Polak   1 months ago

    If she can improv to the third place then she should start choreographing herself. So she should find a teacher who's less of a control freak than Abby.

  • 22HeeledPuma
    22HeeledPuma   1 months ago

    I be wanting to low key choke Abby through the TV screen.”She’s just making this crap up”how you going to say that about your dancer,or somebody elses??Evil Sprited

  • Aoi
    Aoi   1 months ago

    I could’ve sworn that Abby told the girls in the earlier seasons that if they ever forgotten their dance then you should just keep going and make up as you go. Why kick off Fallon!!?!????

  • Alyssa R
    Alyssa R   1 months ago

    I HATE ABBY! 3000000000000000000 DOUBLE CHIN

  • jekeah johnson
    jekeah johnson   1 months ago

    I don’t like Cathy but I finally agreed with everything she was saying on this episode.