• Published on: 17 December 2019
  • Watch extended highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's dramatic 2-1 victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers.

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  • Runtime : 8:49
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  • samuel homer
    samuel homer   1 months ago

    Commnetor is blind clear hand ball again

  • Casey Ruatfela
    Casey Ruatfela   1 months ago

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  • 김사무엘
    김사무엘   1 months ago

    베르통언 왤케 멋있냐 슈퍼맨 세레머니~~

  • jae ppo
    jae ppo   1 months ago

    얀 한골 넣었네 좋네좋아

  • Kim Maragh
    Kim Maragh   1 months ago

    1:16 did he call Dele Alli,Dele Alee

  • Avraj Sagoo
    Avraj Sagoo   2 months ago

    Painful to watch i am placing 1000£ on u spurs to atleast beat last position do that for me please ive made that off liverpool and man city wins spurs sort me out with few quid please lol

  • Thomas Petersen
    Thomas Petersen   3 months ago

    Welcome to spain eriksen. We vait in real Madrid Christian eriksen

  • Sidney And macie
    Sidney And macie   3 months ago

    Porto United inter Madrid now he hates the Chelsea scums Jose is a yid Jose is a yid

  • Wendallson Aussie Liverpool Red

    a Good win for spurs, early days, so far so good for Mourinho. I might of got it wrong...tottenham seem to be gelling n playing with renewed passion n self belief, yeah sure Mourinho is making a difference...can`t help thinking that spurs fading away under poch, was more to do with poch wanting to leave tottenham after last yrs champions league final.As the spurs chairman, levy, flat out refused to give poch the funds to invest in the team for last years January transfer window n that was the final straw for poch n spurs players knew it felt it n faded away because of it. That`s what I am thinking happened.If Mourinho can remain calm n keep being mr cool, rather then the angry head, it`s all about me the special one...he might just keep the players n keep tottenham improving n it might just work n grow n flow n progress for tottenham????Still way to early to know n my money is still on Mourinho becoming full of himself again n completely blowing it n tottenham at the same time....time will tell?????

  • snxwyy
    snxwyy   3 months ago

    harry kane should’ve got that penalty

  • xMrBergwoodx
    xMrBergwoodx   3 months ago

    What a shitty commentator. You don't need to talk everything up man, "top corner"(nowhere fucking near) amongst others show he's absolute dogshit

  • aku dewa
    aku dewa   3 months ago

    semalam taruhan dimana? mending pindah QQhokibola aja yuk

  • Indra Wijaya
    Indra Wijaya   3 months ago

    mirip gaya inter main jan dikiri kayak chivu aurier maju kedepan jau malah lebih jadi winger son jadi striker tp kadang turun jau ke belakang ambil bola kayak eto'o

  • Arafat Islam
    Arafat Islam   3 months ago

    Spurs' defence is still need to be improved...althoughattacking is pretty much flawless..2:57..u can see 6 vs 3..even thoughraul was almost able to score..

  • Асса
    Асса   3 months ago

    моуриньо гений

  • grytlappar
    grytlappar   3 months ago

    Lucas Moura's goal, what an absolute corker! So impressive.

  • Eagle Lander
    Eagle Lander   3 months ago

    Erikson is a fucking king of goal assisting

  • Viya Vivar
    Viya Vivar   3 months ago

    English idiot fans are booing English good player 🤭 HARRY KANE IS THE BEST 👏👏👏

  • Sheikh
    Sheikh   3 months ago

    The game has changed 💟(white heart)

  • floris cliteur
    floris cliteur   3 months ago

    Fuck you spurs hate them so much from a wolves and Feyenoord fan

  • Dona Débora
    Dona Débora   3 months ago

    Lucas tá em outro nível com Mourinho. Vamos ver se dessa vez ele vai ter espaço na seleção ou se o Tite vai ficar de clubismo até a morte.

  • Jay
    Jay   3 months ago

    Tottenham till I die