how i catfish the internet (the tutorial)

  • Published on: 07 September 2019
  • i'm so fucking sorry.

    snapchat- naileax
    pinterest- who the fuck has pinteresT

    mama i'm sorry for my potty mouth
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  • Runtime : 17:44
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  • Andrea Voe
    Andrea Voe   1 hours ago

    Step 1: be naturally beautiful 💕

  • Feed me chocolate
    Feed me chocolate   7 hours ago

    Wth she started her channel 6 months ago and she has 1m subs wowww

  • Clarissa Perry
    Clarissa Perry   20 hours ago

    how does one end up with such an aesthetic name

  • memuuu
    memuuu   1 days ago

    when she said ugly i felt sad.

  • Friut Loops21
    Friut Loops21   1 days ago

    For my opinion ur so freaking cute without makeup even though u put makeup on but ur way better without it with ur curls everything looks more better and beautiful 😍🥰😍🥰

  • Demi
    Demi   1 days ago

    your so pretty

  • karen
    karen   1 days ago

    sis you need to drop your skincare routine video

  • Im tired okay
    Im tired okay   2 days ago

    Hiii can you do a video about how you edit your videos please? ;)

  • sheena mae quiambao
    sheena mae quiambao   2 days ago

    i kept on looking at her lips and i was just like fork we had the same lips but urs is just soooooo beautiful than mine:<

  • Alejna Bakiu
    Alejna Bakiu   2 days ago

    Damn she looks like Avani from the hypehouse 😂

  • Hope V
    Hope V   2 days ago

    Omg finally someone who’s like me and had curology make their skin worse

  • nimsay
    nimsay   2 days ago

    thirteen? girl, i'm almost sixteen and i look like a potato

  • Gizmo Allwin
    Gizmo Allwin   3 days ago

    You dont look like u need such a heavy med like acutane.its not without careful please

  • Xitlaly Gomez
    Xitlaly Gomez   3 days ago

    my sophomore year I didn’t want to buy a highlighter so I would use an eyeshadow palette and one day my friend asked me what highlighter I used I didn’t want to tell her I used an eyeshadow palette 😔

  • Amjed Khatim
    Amjed Khatim   5 days ago

    Bitch you look like a fucking MODEL!!! Why the fuckkkkkkkk am I so ugly? I don’t know actually that’s a question for GOD! You’re so pretty😢 I’m kind of jealous actually never mind I meant I am HIGHKEY jealous 😭. Ok BYYYYEE

  • Roselind Mongie
    Roselind Mongie   5 days ago

    hate to be another person to comment on who you look like but you look like that i’m too girl avani

  • carolina ferreira
    carolina ferreira   5 days ago

    Is ir me or she looks like that famous boy from Netflix to all the boys i've loved before just bEaUtYfUL (im not kidding she slaps boy oh boy)

  • cami duncan
    cami duncan   6 days ago


  • Nick Name
    Nick Name   6 days ago

    Why's some of her fingernails missing 😗

  • Peachy .vibesss
    Peachy .vibesss   6 days ago

    Okay but like shes talking about how she looks so ugly and i'm over here looking like a literal clown watching this

  • Ayesha Anand
    Ayesha Anand   6 days ago

    u talk tooo much,and annoying but i still love watching ur videos idrk why lmfao

  • Sash Z
    Sash Z   6 days ago

    Lol and I thought you're an old youtuber with all these subscribers ,then I opened your channel and there are just 7 videos lol, btw you're amazing 💕

  • nithya inapanuri
    nithya inapanuri   6 days ago

    2:53 WTH, my freaking profile picture is my husband because I’m insecure and this goddess calls herself ugly.