Upchurch “Fallen” ft. My Mama (OFFICIAL AUDIO) #upchurch #fallen

  • Published on: 09 September 2019
  • This is the second and last song I’ll be leaking off the new album “Parachute”. The album will release on September 24th can’t wait to see what y’all think about this one ❤️⛪️🌾 we want to dedicate this song for everyone that believes in us and who tags along with us, we love y’all. 🙏🏼

    Produced by Thomas Toner
  • Runtime : 3:24


  • Eric Stodgel
    Eric Stodgel   5 months ago

    Skinz= family no matter of blood or color

  • Tarheelnative2018
    Tarheelnative2018   6 hours ago

    Love this,Your talented and your mom sounds amazing,Mom's Rock 😎😍I love this,God bless you both 😎

  • Packin lips and grippin nips

    My home life is terrible I don’t really have anyone but this song influenced me to do better and to keep pushing no matter how deep of a hole I’m in. Thank you Church for this song!

  • James childs
    James childs   12 hours ago

    God gave you this voice and you are worth so much Brother. lots of love and many blessings to you and your family.

  • Jarrett Cardinal
    Jarrett Cardinal   1 days ago

    Don't know if you read comments but your music is pure FIRE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC ARE A BLESSING GOD BLESS MY FRIEND

  • DJ Ridgel
    DJ Ridgel   1 days ago

    Bro this is your best song by far. Featuring your mom on this is amazing. I do have to say though she took the song like someone featuring Eminem lol. I understand the story also. I listen to every detail man. I've got major respect for you

  • nurse1 America
    nurse1 America   1 days ago

    God! I'm meltin' ... Church you got the voice of a country angel. This song gave me goose bumps! It's fiiiya - for real for real 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jeremy Brandenburg
    Jeremy Brandenburg   1 days ago

    Just wanted to say I'm a small town boy with a stickered up loud truck I call monster mutt ur mom is beautiful as all mom's are I lost mine awhile back she died in my arms I love all ur music especially this song

  • Cash Landis
    Cash Landis   2 days ago

    This song is awesome on so many levels

    MERCENARYREVY   2 days ago

    Who is that lady singing? Amazing voice of an angel. And your voice and guitar so smooth and happy amazing song.🤟❤️

  • Amanda Blankenship
    Amanda Blankenship   2 days ago

    I love that he sings with his mom, I used to sing with my mom before she passed away

  • Samuel Kaucher
    Samuel Kaucher   4 days ago

    Lost my grandma 2 weeks ago this song has been helping me through this tough time

    GASS’DUP GARAGE   5 days ago

    Had to play it back. Almost brought me to tears a couple of times.

  • crazy redneck
    crazy redneck   6 days ago

    upchurch man you family no matter what and I love this song you the best fuggin all of us skins are family no matter the shit we go go though rhec

  • George Pearson
    George Pearson   6 days ago

    Thanks for making this my dude. It helped me so much. Love ya brotha

  • Riley Vais
    Riley Vais   6 days ago

    Upchurch is my idol i wish i could be country like him

  • Big Papa
    Big Papa   6 days ago

    Hey if you should find your way to Minnesota feel free to stop by and say hello!!! It would mean the world to my wife and alot to me that i could meet you! Keep on keep’n on! Much love the Kilbury Family Chad, Amanda, Paige, Rylea! We Love ya man! Just call first 😉 218-639-4332

  • Mass Kreations
    Mass Kreations   6 days ago

    Damn she got a beautiful voice! Nice job, Nice track!

  • Marie Rossow
    Marie Rossow   6 days ago

    Can't sing along with this song without tearing up. hits me in the feelers everytime. <333

  • Leann Wilson
    Leann Wilson   6 days ago

    You just destroyed country music 🎶 in one song.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson   1 weeks ago


  • wyatt backen
    wyatt backen   1 weeks ago

    My son is still little and every time we listen to upchurch he starts to dance

  • Rainebeau Ott
    Rainebeau Ott   1 weeks ago

    U. Sir. R very talented. I like everything u put out. U make me laugh, cry, and mash out like a rock star. U have something for every mood inside of me. Thank u for ur talent. When there is nothing in my day that can possibly lift me up ur music does it for me.. again thank you please don't stop bc if u did I would probably go out of my mind never getting to hear ur voice again. Btw I like all ur videos not just the ones u sing in. Like I said u have something for every mood like ur car fuckin video. Oh yeah I was laughing so hard I was crying.

  • Steve Chrisman
    Steve Chrisman   1 weeks ago

    Hell Yes great song and great sound, I like it alot !!!

  • Dale Kelly
    Dale Kelly   1 weeks ago

    First I'm a fan but I lost my mother this past Father's Day. I just want to say this is a really special song. To me I wish she us were still around so I could tell her I love her I truly miss her everyday.

  • Aaron bowers
    Aaron bowers   1 weeks ago

    i missed out on getting tickets for your april 11 show in Kentucky, hook a brother up. is there any other way to get tickets.

  • Eli gragg
    Eli gragg   1 weeks ago

    Who else does a song with their mom?? Upchurch, you are good as hell!! Keep it up skin!! RHEC!!

  • Tennessee Native
    Tennessee Native   1 weeks ago

    1.4k people who disliked what the hell is wrong with you there is absolutely nothing you can bitch about this is a top notch song💯. Upchurch keep doing what you do 👊💯😎

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman   1 weeks ago

    I am not sure what to say but I not a hater and I understand you now I don't understand rap and I am a very short temp person and I'm a fan son tell old man hay I love all of u

  • Heather Medford
    Heather Medford   1 weeks ago

    Thank you for putting this song out. It spoke loud to me, I could honestly close my eyes and feel it in my soul. Your momma is gorgeous and has a beautiful voice, y’all make the world bright together. God bless y’all. Best of luck for 2020!

  • Jay-gotti Simmons
    Jay-gotti Simmons   1 weeks ago

    I got to see upchurch and CarlyR preform at Mii 1st concert ever it was well worth the experience#plus got a ton of great fuggin pics of them🤟🏽Edited: or should I say videos ps Ryan them whiskey 🥃

  • Kimberly Cooper
    Kimberly Cooper   1 weeks ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘this is amazing

  • Frank B
    Frank B   1 weeks ago

    The best track ever to Grace the south. Holy shit I shed a tear for this shit brother!!!! I wish I could have done something like this with my mom. Grown man cries. Thank you !

  • bradly diehl
    bradly diehl   1 weeks ago

    never heard you do a song with your Mom, and let me tell you Ryan that this song is so beautiful that i cant stop listening to it. Hope to hear more with you and your Mom.