What Happened to the World's Greatest Ape?

  • Published on: 11 December 2017
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    Probably twice the size of a modern gorilla, Gigantopithecus is the greatest great-ape that ever was. And for us fellow primates, there are some lessons to be learned in how it lived, and why it disappeared.

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    Thanks to Julio Lacerda at 252MYA.com and Carlos Eulefi for both of their wonderful reconstructions of Gigantopithecus.

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  • Runtime : 7:25
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  • Autism through Sam
    Autism through Sam   2 days ago

    What I think of this? "Now I'm the king of the swingersOh, the jungle VIPI've reached the top and had to stopAnd that's what botherin' meI wanna be a man, mancubAnd stroll right into townAnd be just like the other menI'm tired of monkeyin' around!Oh, oobee dooI wanna be like youI wanna walk like youTalk like you, tooYou'll see it's trueAn ape like meCan learn to be human too"

  • Frank Hanna
    Frank Hanna   4 days ago

    Again and again I'm amazed to see how much paleontologists can extract from so little evidence.It's truly amazing.

  • APA
    APA   5 days ago

    What happened to the worlds greatest ape?It became president

  • Im Morky
    Im Morky   1 weeks ago

    You can also ride them with no saddle. They sit you on their shoulders.

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins   1 weeks ago

    They have some orangutans at the Toledo zoo in ohio. When you look into their eyes, you can see there's not something, but someone within that brain. The last part of the video saddens me... we really have to protect these guys, it's such a miraculous form of nature and so, so close to our own.

  • Lukas Lambraia
    Lukas Lambraia   1 weeks ago

    I think Humans are “the world’s greatest ape”

  • Aaron Noyek
    Aaron Noyek   1 weeks ago

    500kg? My dad must be a descendant 😂

  • Pieter Naude
    Pieter Naude   1 weeks ago

    Thank you, fascinating. And to think, a little biped, 5 times smaller is more hazardous to modern life than even the Gigantopithecus: Homo Sapiens

  • FM-Gamer
    FM-Gamer   1 weeks ago

    All the cool and big animals are extinct , now we are dealing with things like hamster 🐹😄

  • Jason Mccombs
    Jason Mccombs   1 weeks ago

    C4 plants? No wonder they are just finding teeth, jaw fragments, and hardly any skeletons intact.

  • YvngSenpai
    YvngSenpai   1 weeks ago

    Can’t we just call it “King Louie”

  • Zach Tiulana
    Zach Tiulana   1 weeks ago

    Hilarious y’all think we’re related to these animals.

  • Lord_ Khufu
    Lord_ Khufu   1 weeks ago

    Wow never think this beast was in vietnam in the past, all i see every day just dog and cat here :v

  • Tre C.
    Tre C.   2 weeks ago

    he was shot and killed in a zoo

  • Tommy Criton
    Tommy Criton   2 weeks ago

    Actually some myths go that gigantopithecus didn't evolve into Bigfoot but instead hybridized with cave men to make us homo sapiens

  • Andrew Coumans
    Andrew Coumans   2 weeks ago

    The misterious enemy in vietnamese jungle? So called 'rock apes'

  • something different
    something different   2 weeks ago

    Send them to India, we don't kill animals mostly, and they will reproduce themselves again.

  • gdcmanitoba
    gdcmanitoba   2 weeks ago

    Weren't trees bigger back then? It probably climbed, just not as well as they do now.

  • Stephen Brand
    Stephen Brand   2 weeks ago

    They shouldn’t have pulled on tigers’ tails like that.

  • Nava Moran
    Nava Moran   2 weeks ago

    a wonderful video - BUT the 3 videos I watched today were spliced too tightly, as if the speakers didn't even breathe between sentences and occasionally the beginning of a word was spliced out! it created an increasingly unpleasant tension in me.... please unsplice!!!

  • John Wade
    John Wade   2 weeks ago

    Probably related to Sasquatch or Big Foot except that Big Foot is more human like but about the same size.

  • The Chris
    The Chris   2 weeks ago

    It left the forest and started a reality tv show. Changed his name to Kim.

  • Jolly Jokress
    Jolly Jokress   2 weeks ago

    Eons is an interesting show. I've always been drawn to learn about past fauna. :D

  • Jolly Jokress
    Jolly Jokress   2 weeks ago

    What I learned: glaciers draw moisture from the atmosphere and relocate it to northern latitudes into the ice. The more arid climate promotes grasslands before forests. Yeehah!

  • Michael Grey
    Michael Grey   2 weeks ago

    Who else hates these stupid long names these scientists come up with

  • DAV
    DAV   2 weeks ago

    What i want to learn hmm🤔 what size are those dd's?

  • enfield
    enfield   3 weeks ago

    They could've travel to Central Africa where twilight forest still exist and live in worm environment.

  • C3H5
    C3H5   3 weeks ago

    I wanna walk like you, talk like you Dooby dooba do ...