What Happened to the World's Greatest Ape?

  • Published on: 11 December 2017
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    Probably twice the size of a modern gorilla, Gigantopithecus is the greatest great-ape that ever was. And for us fellow primates, there are some lessons to be learned in how it lived, and why it disappeared.

    Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios

    Thanks to Julio Lacerda at 252MYA.com and Carlos Eulefi for both of their wonderful reconstructions of Gigantopithecus.

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  • Runtime : 7:25
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  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen   16 hours ago

    Amazing what they can make up from some jaw bones.

  • Reaper
    Reaper   1 days ago

    It ate long yellow things.DuH.

  • steven
    steven   3 days ago

    anybody else get a “great apes” ad?

  • CJ Colvin
    CJ Colvin   3 days ago

    Looks like a monsterous sized Rangatang.

  • Badger State
    Badger State   4 days ago

    Speaking of teeth, I feel like chewing on some denim.

  • jj a
    jj a   4 days ago

    What if big foot does exist and they are related and big foot is the newest version just like humans are the newest version🤔☻🦍🚶‍♂️

  • Adar Campbell
    Adar Campbell   4 days ago

    Why did 2.7 million people watch this when they should be revising 😂 why do I need to know this

    SIMMZY   4 days ago

    This guy could definitely take a bear

  • Mary Burdette
    Mary Burdette   5 days ago

    We can help all the animals flourish, humans just have to go extinct first.

  • Mr Raccoon
    Mr Raccoon   5 days ago

    Trust me I’ve played ark they’re pretty dangerous .

  • Sean Chamberlain
    Sean Chamberlain   1 weeks ago

    Hes doing just great actually his name is Donald and hes currently President of the USA or Facist Corporatisms Iron Fist

  • AirVeazy
    AirVeazy   1 weeks ago

    Big apes big trees I’m guessing redwoods and sequoias were its home

  • Nathan Jarboe
    Nathan Jarboe   1 weeks ago

    Who else is here for Bigfoot? Won’t find him

  • Ezekiel Huzarski
    Ezekiel Huzarski   1 weeks ago

    We’re not close to any apes we’re not related to monkeys at all if so there would be proof of changing but yet they don’t have any solid proof or even evidence

  • Joe Kelly
    Joe Kelly   1 weeks ago

    No mention of the possibility of anthropogenic pressures during this particular 'cold snap' that drove them to extinction (despite the species surviving through several others) - that being hunting pressure from Homo species such as erectus and denisovans

  • Randy Lee
    Randy Lee   1 weeks ago

    Back in laos, they had a mythical story about this long arm creature that stood 10 ft tall and can chase down villagers and ate them.

  • markwillson D
    markwillson D   2 weeks ago

    I think those ape lives in trees or spend there time in trees coz like mabye trees are bigger in that time

  • Prince of Loarderon
    Prince of Loarderon   2 weeks ago

    I tamed it but i got raided and a giga from the enemy tribe killed it thats what happened to it

  • Kyle Choi
    Kyle Choi   2 weeks ago

    We found the actual LAST Giant ape

  • jooky87
    jooky87   2 weeks ago

    Half a jaw? That’s all we have concrete evidence for...or gravity was way less than it is now.

  • Super Geek DJ
    Super Geek DJ   2 weeks ago

    LAME talker. You can tell she doesn't know 1 thing she's talking about and READING OFF CUE CARDS. When do we start judging by the CHARACTER OF PEOPLE VERSUS people who are fakers

    BIG CHUNGUS   2 weeks ago

    No matter how much we think we're different we're closely related cousins

  • Michael Southcott
    Michael Southcott   3 weeks ago

    I love the illustration of the Gigantopithecus chasing the tiger into the river like it was a tabby cat.

  • Freeda Peeple
    Freeda Peeple   3 weeks ago

    What does a 500Kg primate eat? Whatever it wants!

  • Løst Wölf
    Løst Wölf   3 weeks ago

    I still find it mind blowing how we can figure out all this stuff out from just teeth and jaw fossils, but I love science for it.