• Published on: 07 August 2018
  • We're phobic about small holes, tight spaces, and chewing so watch us face it I guess?

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  • Runtime : 21:57
  • Dolan Twins ethan grayson facing our phobias


  • Gisele Lavigne
    Gisele Lavigne   22 minuts ago

    The trypophobia literally gave me a fricking heart attack im afraid of holes.. I CANT LOOK AT PANCAKES WITHOUT BEING LIKE FRICKING SCARED AND SICK AND PANICKED HELP ME. i also cried and had a headache and stomacache after

  • sllayxedits
    sllayxedits   58 minuts ago

    1:05 I actually thought the clap was graysons hit

  • Alena Joel
    Alena Joel   3 hours ago

    Both of you did a great job. Many with trypophobia do actually pass out but a whole 10 seconds is more than impressive and 2 min in an extremely small space with claustrophobia is over the roof. As a psych student doung that without help from a professional is phenomenal.

  • air
    air   4 hours ago

    oml I almost throw up I feel u ethan ..

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl   9 hours ago

    Ow my god Ethan has the same phobias as me

  • Madison Richburg
    Madison Richburg   15 hours ago

    Bro I have trypophobia so I was covering every picture 😂

  • Kyla Colaizzi
    Kyla Colaizzi   17 hours ago

    Who is watching all of their videos in quarantine

  • Ailbhe Doyle
    Ailbhe Doyle   17 hours ago

    I’m claustrophobic and I will ball my eyes if I even go under my quilt for more than 20 seconds

  • Emma Prudhomme
    Emma Prudhomme   18 hours ago

    That is really gross tho I would kill my brother if he did that to me

  • Sonoma Charland
    Sonoma Charland   18 hours ago

    All of Ethan’s triggered me like my stomach hurts

  • Keerti Chakravarthy
    Keerti Chakravarthy   20 hours ago

    Ok, I’m just gonna say it because I’m bored in quarantine. Who’s here in quarantine

  • Lamar Attar
    Lamar Attar   21 hours ago

    Is it weird that I have all of these phobias? I literally couldn't watch the whole video. 😂

  • Its_ Mëh
    Its_ Mëh   1 days ago

    I have both phobias 🥺I would faint if I was any of them I admire them highly😭(the first two phobias)

  • Sammy Van
    Sammy Van   1 days ago

    I admit, I’m scared of caterpillars.

  • Niel Lakiang
    Niel Lakiang   1 days ago

    What about the couches behind him that has holes

  • Wyatt Chacon
    Wyatt Chacon   1 days ago

    6:12 that is when you have something called chiggers

  • Melis Isik
    Melis Isik   1 days ago

    im watching all back in 2020 and i have the same phobias as E🥺

  • Autumn Eisenhauer
    Autumn Eisenhauer   1 days ago

    Dolan twins:No dude stopMe: Dolan twins: never mind keep going

  • Yaslin Aracena
    Yaslin Aracena   1 days ago

    And your asking now can i comment if I threw my tablet across the room and you can only comment if the video is right there well... I'm her mom and she is telling me to do write all of this.

  • Yaslin Aracena
    Yaslin Aracena   1 days ago

    I did not mean Roto choose this video but I told my mom can you choose a video fro me to watch and she knows damn weel that I have trypohobia. And she was taking tso long I think she rewind the part where they talk about it and handle it when he showed the strawberry with the hole I almost puked like I was gauging already and I threw mybi pad like to floor or across the room hand down!no started crying like I almost get something In me i just had to comment and leave so thank you! Becaus ei am teramiyied right now and I don't feel good:) because know I was mad by my mom well a little upset who can blame her... she was trying to face my fear too. And maybe a get a funny reaction out of me but she already knew what was gonna happen. I almost threw up if I hadn't moved that away from me you see why it is hard to face a fear that you at born with?

  • Tilly Silly
    Tilly Silly   1 days ago

    Me: "I think I have all of these"Grayson: "I only have one"

  • G Camp
    G Camp   1 days ago

    I have misophonia too so I have to skip over that one good luck😂

  • Tolga K
    Tolga K   1 days ago

    I have megalophobia, apiphobia, aviophobia & claustrophobia

  • Lil Hedgey
    Lil Hedgey   1 days ago

    I have trypaphobia too and Ethan is NOT being dramatic

  • TJ Crazy
    TJ Crazy   1 days ago

    I had to skip the last one because I couldn’t stand it Ethan I definitely know what you’re talking about with that phobia

  • Amelia Grace
    Amelia Grace   1 days ago

    Who else also has the same phobia as Ethan and had to click off at the end😂🤦🏼‍♀️