• Published on: 07 August 2018
  • We're phobic about small holes, tight spaces, and chewing so watch us face it I guess?

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  • Runtime : 21:57
  • Dolan Twins ethan grayson facing our phobias


  • Lucy Roseblade
    Lucy Roseblade   2 hours ago

    I have all those fears and spiders are the worst

  • Amy Harvey
    Amy Harvey   4 hours ago

    I have trypophobia that was so hard to watch

  • Sadarious Butler
    Sadarious Butler   14 hours ago

    Mean boy: you can't be a little #$@&#@$# Grayson.Grayson:IM OVER IT! &$#@ this @##&!

  • Viviane Fong
    Viviane Fong   14 hours ago

    am I the only other one who has trypaphobia

  • ShushOrIWillKissYou
    ShushOrIWillKissYou   15 hours ago

    Aww i feel kinda bad for you guys.. you’re taking a way too big step for the first time. If you do it gradually you can overcome phobias mostly (at least that worked with mine)

  • Blackbeary.
    Blackbeary.   1 days ago

    “Grayson I quit the Dolan Twins”-Ethan 2018

  • Jouske Higashikata
    Jouske Higashikata   1 days ago

    Ethan: no one wants to watch you suck honey off your fingers-Grayson: oh there's someone out there😂😂😂😂

  • Linda Vargas
    Linda Vargas   1 days ago

    you can see Ethan mimicking Gray's eating with the honeycomb because he's disgusted HAHAHAH

  • Kim Manning
    Kim Manning   1 days ago

    im also claustafobic i scared of being in a small class room

  • 『 MacieGL_YT 』
    『 MacieGL_YT 』   1 days ago

    Omg the chewing one got me hard i wanted to strangle him through the screen

  • Dino BOY
    Dino BOY   1 days ago

    If u are Clausraphobic its like soooooo bad if u try to be in a so small space. When my brother do IT to me for like only one try to Get out and cant do IT i just go crazy! I cant sit in a small room for like 10 sek!!!

  • smikkel beertje
    smikkel beertje   1 days ago

    Anyone here after the video with Shane? And watching old videos because they don’t post once a week anymore?

  • Erin Cegielski
    Erin Cegielski   2 days ago

    i olso when in the gymnastic fom sqeres and i got stuck in the middle i was sweting dso much and i felt light headed

  • spongebob
    spongebob   2 days ago

    had to skip past ethans part 🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Adelaide Atterberry
    Adelaide Atterberry   2 days ago

    Okay so about last year I watch this video and I had a mental breakdown started crying and throwing up because he threw up in the video cuz I have the biggest fear of vomit🤡😂

  • FairyyTail
    FairyyTail   2 days ago

    The Mac n Cheese one got me 😭 I hate when my sister chews with her mouth open and it’s disgusting so I smack her across the head 😂😰

  • FairyyTail
    FairyyTail   2 days ago

    I also have claustrophobia and it’s terrifying I was playing hide and seek once and I hid in a box not knowing I had it (just like you) and then I didn’t know it could lock so I started hyperventilating because I couldn’t get out until like 20 minutes later someone finally found me and I was crying and really sweaty plus trembling and all those other symptoms. Ya that’s my story 😰😭

  • FairyyTail
    FairyyTail   2 days ago

    8:45 actually scared me 😭😭😭😭 omg when I saw the holes I was like 😰😭😭

  • Desi Hill
    Desi Hill   2 days ago

    1:04 & 1:05 Grayson tho 😂😂😂

  • Tatsiyana Cisna
    Tatsiyana Cisna   2 days ago

    In the Grey moving one me and Ethan made the same noise and face at the same time

  • Kristen K.
    Kristen K.   3 days ago

    I have the hole phobia too it’s awful

  • Baby dolls’ Stuffy’s and more

    My brother tried to put me in a suitcase before I start freaking out punching at the suitcase on top I’m very claustrophobic

  • Alexis Panyavong
    Alexis Panyavong   3 days ago

    I have trypophobia and I couldn’t look at the screen when the frog video was on 🤢

  • MaffSlarf
    MaffSlarf   3 days ago

    The couch they were sitting on...Had holes in it!

  • Archie :3
    Archie :3   3 days ago

    I have joined the Mesaphonia Club!

  • amy joy
    amy joy   4 days ago

    WTF! i didn’t even know that was a thing...i was fine until the slide after the tubes...and then i got chills and nausea and i almost hyperventilated...i couldn’t make it past the face...